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Would you buy a Ferrari or a Toyota?

  1. Skydweller profile image58
    Skydwellerposted 8 years ago

    What would you do, buy a Ferrari in installment or a Toyota in one Go?

  2. Misha profile image77
    Mishaposted 8 years ago

    neither smile

  3. packerpack profile image61
    packerpackposted 8 years ago

    None if I have to BUY!

  4. Eaglekiwi profile image80
    Eaglekiwiposted 8 years ago

    Never driven a Ferrari but used to drive a Toyota XS, loved it smile

  5. fierycj profile image75
    fierycjposted 8 years ago

    Lamborghini Embolado and a Maybach, for shizzle!

  6. profile image0
    Sidney Rayneposted 8 years ago

    I would never buy a Ferrari...or any other sports car in this class...not in most places in America at least. Those cars are meant to be driven at high speeds and not in stop and go traffic. Beyond mechanical issues...talk about painting a target on your head.

    Beautiful cars....have driven quite a handful of them while working car auctions years ago and would love to be able own one in the proper environment...but I would much rather spring for the reliability of a Toyota...you need speed that bad...there is always a Supra which has an endless array of upgrades.

  7. JunkerBob profile image57
    JunkerBobposted 8 years ago

    I would have to pick an older Toyota 4x4. 2nd gen Supra would be nice too.