Are krugarands the best way to buy gold for a small investor? What is the marke

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    shazwellynposted 7 years ago

    Are krugarands the best way to buy gold for a small investor?  What is the market price and can...

    these be bought over the counter at a bank?

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    humagaiaposted 7 years ago

    When buying gold coinage it is probably best to consider modern one ounce gold bullion coins as they are guaranteed by a government not a refiner. Mass produced coins are available at competitive prices. Coins are universally recognised and on resale may obtain a premium due to collectibility. The premium is more likely with sovereigns, Swiss Francs etc than for Kruggerrands.
    Kruggerrands are usually the cheapest of the one ounce gold coins and therefore are probably the best buy if only the ownership of gold is of consideration.
    It can also be a matter of the country where you live. Other gold coins that could be considered on location criteria are:
    US Gold Eagle, US Gold Buffalo, US Double Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, China Pandas, Austrian Philharmonics, Australia's Mice series, Australia's Lunar series, Australian Kangaroos, Gibraltar Angels, Isle of Man Cats and many more.
    The market price of all of these is related to the current price of spot gold with a premium according to certain basic criteria. The Kruggerrands have the least premium and if they are bought in quantity the premium decreases.
    Hope this assists.