What is total minimal fee if location is not constraint in karnataka for B.ed c

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    harihari2810posted 7 years ago

    What is total minimal fee if location is not constraint in karnataka  for B.ed course for 2011.

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    prasadjainposted 7 years ago

    The fee is as follows:
       1.For Government seats-i.e. those students who apply for allotment of seatsthrough 'Central Admission Cell' established by govt. Rs.10.000/- plus university eligibility fee
       2.For management seats-i.e. seats directly allotted by the concerned college without any necessity of applying to govt.agency. Rs.38,000/-plus university elegibility fee.
       But ,due to competition, management seats will be available for lesser fee, ranging from Rs.18,000/- to 25,000/-
       University elegibility fee differs fromm one university to another.Usually it is as follows-
         a) for students within the jurisdiction of the same university
             Rs 1,000/-
          b) for students outside university jurisdiction, but within Karnataka-Rs 1500-2000/-
           c) for students outside Karnataka-Rs.3,000/-

       Eventhough students allotted by govt have to pay pay Rs.10.000/- colleges collect about five thousand rupees from them also as it is not possible to maintain with that govt.prescribed fee.