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Hi... Mam I really cant understand what freelancer means ? what qualification o

  1. ramyaprithvi profile image50
    ramyaprithviposted 7 years ago

    Hi... Mam I really cant  understand what freelancer means ? what qualification or what skills needed

    to work as freelancer? what field is freelancer? Do I need to invest amount to earn money ???????????

  2. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    A freelance writer works for themselves.  IF you are a freelance writer, you are basically self-employed as opposed to working for someone else.

    Freelance means that you have to find your own assignments, and do your own submitting to get published.

    You do not need to invest anything but time and you need a computer with a word processing program.  It is very difficult to earn a living freelance writing but a lot of people are dedicated enough to do it--but it requires discipline, a lot of time and motivation.

  3. wychic profile image88
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Sorry for the delay in my reply smile. Okay, I'll try and break this down a little bit more:

    A freelancer can be in any field, it simply means that they are hired for specific projects or tasks and are not employees of those who hire them.

    Online freelance opportunities often include writing, transcription, data entry, answering services, research, translation, graphic design, online marketing, etc.

    Skills depend on the type of freelancer you are, and may range from phone etiquette, organizational capabilities, an understanding of SEO, the ability to execute efficient searches and determine what is relevant information, proficiency in more than one language, writing skills in an in-demand language, design skills, etc.

    Check out some freelancing marketplaces such as Elance.com, Guru.com, or oDesk.com to see some of the types of jobs listed there, that should give you a more complete picture of what people are currently hiring for.

    As for investing money -- some of the sites have subscription fees, though I know Elance has a free option that offers enough flexibility to get started and earning before any money has to go out. Unless they've changed it, oDesk was even more open on that. Guru lets you open an account for free and familiarize yourself with the site, but you can't really do anything for submitting proposals without a subscription. You might be able to find some worthwhile free freelancing sites with a search, these are just the ones I'm familiar with, though make sure that they all offer some sort of Escrow service to make sure you get paid for the jobs you do. Hope this helps smile.

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    headhunter007posted 7 years ago