Give me three good reasons to invest in stocks of IT companies.

  1. vinodsajnani profile image60
    vinodsajnaniposted 5 years ago

    Give me three good reasons to invest in stocks of IT companies.

    It companies have leased offices, depreciated computers and software. If they are out of  business, they can not give back even a penny as their assets are not worth their stock value in the market.  I feel they are over priced and would like to know whether it is wise decision to invest in the stocks or mutual funds holding substantial stocks of IT companies.

  2. CapstoneTrends profile image76
    CapstoneTrendsposted 5 years ago

    Interesting perspective... I'll try:

    1. I think the growth of cloud computing makes IT very important for the next decade
    2. Costs are coming down, so software/hardware assets will be more fluid
    3. Billing of mainstream corporations will continue "as a service" rather than as hardware/software -- the more agile companies will thrive in a utility model

    I do agree -- software IT giants are doomed if they don't move fast enough... Microsoft and Oracle scare me. They might be too big and weighed down to make their cloud dividsions matter. That said -- they do have the money to just acquire any company that's kicking their butts... Watch, even at an $18B+ USD market cap get bought out by someone before we get too far...