Why it's to hard to move up when you have nothing?

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    Ice Oicadacposted 9 months ago

    Why it's to hard to move up when you have nothing?

    Sometimes you need a break from a difficult situation. You want to replace this situation something new and life changing. Sometimes we also put in a time frame as your target but most of the time you fail. You're almost on the target but nothing happens. Like earning money or looking for a better job but you don't have time anymore to pay your bills and other expenses? What will you do? Are you going back to the old times where you are on that difficult situation or you'll just do everything to move up and leaving bad memories behind?


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    the unknown guyposted 9 months ago

    well. i would say that as far as my life is concerned i would say that i don't want to delete any memories other than one or two blunders.. because good days are here to cherish and enjoy whereas bad days are important to keep us motivated and grounded at the same time..my advice to you would be to spend some time with your friends and family.. and if possible visit an orphanage or old age home sometimes if you see someone having a lot bigger struggle than you.. you tend to respect your life even more and thank god for what he has given you... take care miss

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    mygoblinposted 9 months ago

    i have that kind of issue. i'm a single mom with 3 kids though only 2 of my kids are my dependents and my only son is with his dad. the expenses are too much. i work graveyard shift so i pay a big amount for someone to take care of my youngest daughter but what's hard though are the debts that are piling up because though i have a big salary, it still isn't enough. it all started when i got hospitalized for 2 weeks 2 years ago then now i am confined at home again and it is my 4th week on unpaid leave. every time i try to move up, something happens. all i really need is ample money to pay all of my debts and start fresh.