Money Help Please

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    JTreposted 2 months ago

    Money Help Please

    Hi All..  I am a father of three, struggling to make ends meet. I have been working full time for the last 20+years, hwoeevr have found myself struggling in the present cliamte to make ends meet. I am asking for a kind sole to assit me and loan me $5000AUD over 12months at a repayment of $460pm which = $5520AUD at loan completion.. ANy help would be so very much appreciated.

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    Rochelle Frankposted 2 months ago

    Since you posted this under "Government Help for Debt" perhaps you should ask your government. Don't ask the US government, it is already overdrawn.

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    threekeysposted 2 months ago

    If your children are old enough maybe they could(with you) create a kickstart campaign to raise money. Money can come in fast. You just need to tell your story. There are a number of these sights. See which one suits your family and tech needs.
    Dont panic.
    Just do the best with what you have and practise optimism.