SSI requirements

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    Anabella monzonposted 7 years ago

    SSI Blue book-requirements to be granted your SSI
    I have a friend trying to get in SSI, he got denied, and went to second hearing and he got denied again. The review of judge reason was there was no decompensation, or deterioration periods lasting 2 weeks every 4 months, plus the GAF or Global assesment of functionality was 55, when you apply for SSI and go to their SSI Doctors he gives you a test to see if you are functional,if you can pick blocks and put them together and anwser a few questions you are determined functional above 55, you need to have a psychiatrist mark you as total impaired,or give you the letter they have in mental health with impairment marked, you need to be 50, thats why they call it 51_50. Also  your Doctor needs to state your condition is not likely to improve in 1 year's time.

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