Since this is kinda off-topic and kinda not...

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    Sunny Robinsonposted 7 years ago

    If you know how to deal with adsense for your own domain sites or adsense that's not just for hubpages, this is the question for you!

    Instead of posting in the help thread (which I already did for another question which would make me feel bad asking yet ANOTHER silly question) ... this one is about my website.  So it is kinda off-topic since it isn't Hubpages, but it has to do with Adsense and things of that matter.

    So far, I'm seeing page impressions on my own domain site on adsense.  Here's where I'm uncertain: I got over 200 page impressions which is more than my individual hub will get.  There is not a single cent or dollar coming out of that. 

    Typically, on my adsense earnings, I will see a few cents and dollars from page impressions on my hubs.  For example, a hub today had about 54 page impressions and I got 3 cents.

    So, I made sure my site is verified with Webmaster since Hubpages is kind of automatic in regards to that.  Then, I checked my ads on the site to see if it absolutely had MY adsense publication code in each unit.  I think they do. 

    Another thing I'm really uncertain on, though, is if I registered site properly on Adsense.  It's a yolasite, so I put  But initially, I had put in my full URL in there, then I remembered how hubpages worked with that, and changed it to, since Yola is affiliated with Adsense.

    Sooo, now I'm kind of left wondering if I did everything wrong with my site and my adsense account here.  What all do you do to make sure it all works?  What up there really raised some red flags and what do you advise?

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      GeneriqueMediaposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      From what I can tell, and see in my head from reading, this all sounds good.

      A quick google search netted me this for you:

      How to Set up Google Adsense in Yola

      Hope this helps; looks like lots of visual information.

      If not, lemme know.. smile

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        Sunny Robinsonposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Hmm.  Wow, I'm braindead to not even think about googling that shiz.  Thank you SO MUCH.  I'll have to check it out at a later date since now I'm off to go cooking! (Yes, at 8:23 pm). 

        Any other stuff I may need to know from people experienced at doing this would be great, too. smile I like coming back to a lot of replies.