Allied Irish Banks Navan Fraud

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    theirishobserver.posted 6 years ago

    AIB Navan fraud
    Most customers of AIB Navan feel secure when using the AIB ATMs on Kennedy Road and Trimgate Street, the CCTV cameras positioned over-looking the ATM area gives customers the feeling that their transactions are safe and secure. However, this is not the case, AIB customers who have accidentally left their AIB bank cards in the ATM have found that their accounts can be accessed and their money taken, with AIB denying responsibility or compensation. To add insult to injury the CCTV cameras do not show whom has carried out what transaction, in other words if you leave your card in the ATM by accident, your account can be cleaned out and the Gardai have no way of identifying who accessed your account at the ATM. AIB are perpetrating a fraud on their customers by creating the illusion of safety and security, when in fact customers can be robbed in broad daylight and AIB simply deny any responsibility for the failing of their security systems.
    AIB customers are being forced to pursue AIB through the offices of the Financial Services Ombudsman in order to have their rights ventilated, this is outrageous and unacceptable at a time when Bankers who have bankrupted our country are walking away with multi-million Euro pensions and bonuses, the bill for which is being paid by the hard pressed workers of Ireland.
    If you feel that you have been cheated by any Banking institution please contact the Financial Services Ombudsman.