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How to Make Money Online

Updated on July 31, 2013

Everyone wants a piece of the internet pie.

Who doesn't want an extra income stream or two? The internet lends itself well to mass marketing, but how do you start the money train rolling in? Here are thirteen ways that you can make easy money online without having to know the technical details of running a website.

Unlock the extra freedom that money awards us. Let's get started!

Take beautiful pictures.
Take beautiful pictures.

1. Sell Stock Photography.

Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist you should consider selling stock images online. The internet generates a massive demand for stock photos. Businesses need pictures to help sell their products and your photos could fit the bill, literally.

Here are some websites you can make money selling your photographs:

To take beautiful pictures I recommend Canon's DSLR cameras. You can view a list of Canon's best selling camera's on Amazon.

2. Sell on ebay!

It's fast and easy to create a seller's profile on ebay. Have an old hobby like baseball cards laying around collecting dust? Old games? Spare computer parts laying around? Don't let it depreciate. List your merchandise on the internet's most widely visited auction site.

If you are wondering how much your auction-able item might be worth, search on ebay for it yourself and check out the buy now values!

3. Sell on Craigslist.

Some items just don't make any sense to sell on ebay. Anything too expensive or unwieldy to ship like exercise equipment makes more sense to sell in person. I've sold furniture, my old tv, some dumbbells, and a coffee maker all on craigslist.

To sell on craigslist just take a couple pictures of the item you are selling, list it in the area you live in with the price you want, and add your contact information. It's entirely free to use. You can remove and edit your listing at any time.

You should keep an eye out for great deals as a savvy reseller too. Sometimes people have to move out and list their items on the cheap. You should haggle down their listed prices and take advantage of situations when they present themselves. Then re-list it yourself and/or sell it on ebay.

You can even find yourself a job on Craigslist.

4. Blogging

If you are passionate about an industry or hobby and you enjoy writing, blogging is a great way to bring in a line of revenue. If you grow a large user base of followers you can sell space to advertisers on your personal blog.

Or if you don't want to front the costs of your own website, don't want to worry about anything technical related to your own website, and would prefer to start with an established community on a highly ranked site; you could join a website like hubpages. Sign up with hubpages!

You can use Google's Adsense to monetize your information. Adsense will pay you for displaying ads related to the content of your particular article. You make money any time someone views your webpage.

5. Want a quick five bucks?

Coming in at spot five is a website called fiverr.

Do you have a talent? If you have graphic skills, technical wisdom, marketing know-how, or a great voice for voice acting; offer it to someone at! You might get a lot of attention, and you could make some nice little money on the side doing something you love.

Maybe you know someone that could take advantage a site like that and pass the tip along!


6. Create a website selling your craft.

Start your own website selling crafts and homemade goods that you create. Whether it be baked goods, jewelry, or whatever your hobby entails, you can promote your very own website / online store.

Having your brand out there is key. Web hosting is cheaper than ever at about $4/mo with the following providers.

The two best and most popular website hosts are Hostgator and iPage.

7. AdFly.

If you have a website or spend a lot of time on social media, you can get paid to share your links with AdFly. is the website. If you dont have a account, feel free to use my referral code. Just copy and paste the link.

AdFly is a link shortening service that takes a user to a brief five second ad before they are redirected to the link you shared. Every time someone clicks your link you get paid!

Also you can become an affiliate with AdFly and earn 20% of your referral's profits for life. That is definitely one of the more generous affiliate programs out there.

8. Are you a designer? Design a T-shirt!

There are a lot of companies that will sell your T-shirt designs and give you a share of the profits.

One popular website is Threadless. They have challenges and categories that hopefully will inspire you. They sell over a million shirts a year! Seems like a fun way to make some extra cash!

CafePress is another good site for monetizing your shirt designs.


9. Invest in safe dividend stocks

I am heavily invested into the stock market. I prefer less aggressive strategies such as low risk dividend stocks: General Electric (GE), Johnson and Johnson (JNJ), Intel (INTC), IBM (IBM), and Disney (DIS). You should always research your own stocks before buying a particular stock. I do own these and while these companies are fairly established there's no guarantee these stocks won't drop in value.

GE is up 11%, JNJ is up 20%, INTC is up 20%, IBM is up 6%, DIS is up 26% YTD. Using DRIP (dividend reinvestment programs) with your broker you can pick up more shares in your dividend-granting stocks without having to pay a transaction fee.

Historically stocks do much better than holding your money in a CD or a savings account. You should keep some money in a savings account though for an emergency fund. I recommend the online bank ING Direct.

10. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate links allow you to receive commissions for sales you generate at other websites. Average commissions usually range from 5-10%. Amazon has a popular affiliate program with a huge library of products to sell.

Instead of signing up with each different company to become an affiliate with them you could join Commission Junction. Commission junction becomes the middle man so you can have all your earnings from a wide spread of affiliate programs pour into one account. It's a good way to find new affiliate accounts you might not have known for products you like to promote.


11. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a place where earn extra cash. You sign up as a worker and you can take on a plethora of different jobs. They usually don't pay much individually but you can find some that pay well.

One of the common decent paying jobs there is audio transcribing.

You can sign up at‎.

12. Become a Language Translator

Know another language well enough to translate? You can offer your knowledge as a service. Some websites like offer jobs for language translators. You can make over $15/hour using your expertise.

13. Customer Service

Companies are always looking to save money outsourcing their customer support. Certain companies offer support over live chat. If you excel in customer support you can sign up to handle live chat support for various companies at The pay rate is typically commission-based, but there's always demand for jobs such as these.

Do you have a passive income stream generated over the internet?

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I hope one or more of these ideas inspire you. I urge you to go for it! Remember, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

For more ideas you can check out Reddit's subreddit beer money on how to make a quick buck or two.

As always, if you have suggestions or comments let me know in the comment field below.

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