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The best mid cap funds

Updated on August 2, 2015

Picking the right mid cap fund can boost your returns

The standard definition of a mid cap stock is one that has a market capitalization of 500 million to 5 billion. (That’s the total number of shares of a company multiplied by the share price of a company.) A mid cap stock fund is a mutual fund that invests primarily in this range. Not all funds classified as mid cap funds are true mid cap funds. Many of these funds buy large small and mid cap stocks. Some dabble in global investing. Others could almost be classified as a balanced fund.

I am rewriting this hub first published in 2010 to reflect changing times. Fund managements changes and so should your investments. Some of the funds I recommended in 2010 are still fine investments while others are not. These funds have excellent track records and fit very well into an investor’s portfolio. Many of these funds are good choices for a beginning investor who wants a broad diversification in just one fund. An individual can start investing in the Gabelli Asset Fund with as little as 250 dollars if put into an IRA through Gabelli. This is an outstanding way to start investing!

Picking the right mid cap fund can boost your returns

The authors choice for mid cap stock funds

The Gabelli Asset Fund symbol GABAX

I have owned this fund for years and I still like this fund. This fund continues to be one of the most diversified funds available. The fund has been run by the funds founder Mario Gabelli since 1986. This fund averages just over 500 individual holdings some of them are closed end funds of other fund companies giving even more diversification. This fund invests both in US based companies as well as companies from around the globe. This fund invests heavily in mergers and acquisitions, meaning they invest in companies in the process of being acquired. This fund can hold a significant number of fixed income investments. As a result this fund is less volatile than most funds acting at times similar to a balanced fund. In the last 10 years ending September 30, 2013 this fund is up 10.35 percent per year. Since it’s inception in 1986 it is up 12.45 percent per year. With returns like this and lower volatility this remains my favorite fund.

For closed end fund investors The Gabelli Equity Trust symbol GAB trades on the New York Stock Exchange. Both funds have similar holdings and have had similar returns.

The Akre Focus Fund

This fund is a concentrated portfolio fund having nearly sixty percent of the funds assets in the funds top ten holdings. Like the Gabelli fund this fund is a global fund with a clear majority of the fund’s assets in North America. This fund is run by a very experienced and successful manager who started this fund in 2009. This fund is up 18.28 percent per year since its inception .The fund has gained almost 22 percent per year in the last three years. I purchased this fund in 2010 with no regrets.

This fund contrasts with the Gabelli Asset fund having only 29 holdings. The Gabelli Asset Fund is available through Gabelli or most other brokerages. The Akre Focus fund is only available through brokerage houses such as Fidelity, Schwab, Ameritrade and others.

The Scout Mid Cap Fund symbol UMBMX

A fund started in 2006 and still run by its present manager this fund has performed well. Over the last three years this fund is up 17.42 percent per year. his fund is more of a classic mid cap fund. This fund holds about 150 stocks in the fund’s portfolio. This fund is available from brokerage houses and as with all fund on my recommended lists it is a no load fund.

Funds dropped from the list:

The Janus Orion Fund symbol JANRX: This fund has had a manager change and has not performed as well as in the past.

The FMI Common Stock fund symbol FMIMX: This fund has done well but is now closed to new investors.

For most investors the author recommends the investor develop their own asset allocation and invest in the best funds in those asset classes. Once the investor has their asset allocation select the best small cap, mid cap, large cap , global, bond, and even concentrated portfolio funds for their portfolio.

Regardless if you are investing in your IRA, 401K, 403B or taxable account invest your money wisely. How you invest is equally as important as how much you invest.


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