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transunion free credit report

Updated on January 3, 2011

Free Credit Scores

Transunion free credit report-What is it?

Transunion free credit report

Transunion is one of 3 credit reporting agencies Transunion,Experian and equifax.
According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act we are all entitled to a free report of our credit from each of the credit reporting agencies. One report per year.

Each of these agencies rates our credit rating independently and our average score amongst all three is our actual credit score.So it is not enough just to get a Transunion free credit report we need to get the report for all three...

Instead of applying to all three agencies there are companies such as the one advertised to the right that get your credit score from all three agencies.

Get Your FREE 3 in 1 credit report here

Transunion Free Credit Report

Transunion Free Credit Report Plus Experian and equifax
Transunion Free Credit Report Plus Experian and equifax

Effect of a Low credit score

Getting turned down for a loan is all too familiar for those with a low transunion credit score. Being rejected for applications for vehicle financing, home mortgagesetc can be terribly deflating. If you do get approved for a loan the if your credit rating is poor you will find yourself paying higher interest rates too so maintaining a good credit score is extremely important.There are ways for you to change things, improve your credit and start enjoying the benefits already being offered to those with good credit.The first step in this process is to get your Transunion free credit report.

Credit Scores Explained

7 Steps to improve your credit score

1. Get your transunion free credit report, Experian Free credit report and your Equifax free credit report.

2. Make sure there are no errors in your credit reports such as outstanding demands that have already been paid. Make sure your personal information is 100% correct. If you find any mistakes contact the agency to have them corrected.

3. Consumer credit law requires agencies to remove accounts over seven years old. If you find any bad accounts over 7 years old have them removed.

4. If you are late making payments and they show up on your reports make a plan to start paying them off.Contact the lenders of these loans explain your situation and how you intend to resolve your debt to them and ask them to remove their claim against you.

5. Communicate with lenders and ask them to help you plan the repayment of your loan.

6. If things are getting on top of you seek legal advice and help from financial experts.

7.As you try to improve your credit, keep your current finances clean and up to date. Avoid late payments and becoming overdrawn on your credit cards.

Credit scores and your mortgage

Rebuilding your credit rating

Once you have improved your credit score protect it from that moment on. Your credit score determines what you can buy on credit and the interest rate you will have to pay. From now on borrow with the intent to improve your credit score making regular on time payments.

A great way to rebuild your credit is to use a prepaid credit card or a bank card that is guaranteed through your savings account.Buy your groceries, pay your utilities with this card and pay off the card within one week. Keeping the card balance low should help you build better credit.

Get started with a Free 3 in 1 credit report here

transunion free credit report

transunion free credit report plus equifax free credit report plus experian free credit report
transunion free credit report plus equifax free credit report plus experian free credit report

Transunion Credit Score - Conclusion

OK so you've seen how important it is to have a good credit score and the steps you need to start taking to improve your credit .It's now up to you to take action and get control of your finances. Start by claiming your Free 3 credit reports.

I hope this report on the transunion free credit report has been helpful and wish you all the best in your pursuit of a perfect credit score.


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