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Why You Should Become a Freelancer ASAP

Updated on May 8, 2017
Aron Mejias MD profile image

I expect a better-educated society will create a better world. Only when we decrease our beliefs, we can be free.

Why I became a freelancer and you should do so, too.

By: Dr. Aron Mejias, MD.

We live in an ever-changing world. Nowadays there is not such a thing as job stability or a way to guarantee you will receive steady earning and social benefits from your current or any future job. Not matter how well prepared you are, how many years of experience you have, your educational level, your excellent work, and the enormous profits you make for the company, we are not indispensable for any job. On the contrary, we all are disposable. There is always someone in the world, who can do the same job, or just a mediocre job, but just ok to keep the company running for a small fraction of your salary.

Working in an office, commuting, and meeting deadlines suck the life energy from every one of us. Free time is just a myth. We barely get some time to keep us in acceptable working conditions. We have become modern-day slaves. We work to pay bills, the more we work, the more debts we get. Most of us will spend 35 to 50 years working for others. Very few of us will be lucky enough to become debt-free seniors citizen. Those who will be financially successful might be sick and tired by that time. There is little joy in most people life.


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The main reason to start looking for an extra income

The not so promising future, and the inability to reach a real balance between work and life. The fact that my sons were raising by strangers, who surely don't have the same educational plan, love, patient, and values as I do. The need to follow policies I disagree with, and the hypocritical work atmosphere. All of them made my mind, and I decided to become a freelancer

Looking for jobs


How I started looking for info and getting projects

I did some internet research about best freelancer portals, best online site to work by hours, etc. I found numerous options. Initially, I only registered in free websites with secure payment policies. I applied to hundreds of job’s post without any response. Most of them didn’t even read my proposals. I offered my services for lower prices than my competitors did for the first 5 to 20 awarded projects in every portal. Luckily, after a couple of months, I receive more job’s proposals and interview invitations, than my time allows me to perform.

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Working from home


Where I work

I do my freelance jobs from my home during my free time. I start every month with a minimum financial goal. I usually reach the preset amount in the first week of the month. Therefore, I am more relaxed the others three weeks. My freelancer services are English to Spanish translation, medical writing, and creative article writing. I have clients from every corner of the globe.

Fraud alert, Scamers around


Time is money


My best advise

My best advice is that you start ASAP to spare some time during the day, or during the weekends to do freelance jobs. You don’t have to wait until something terrible happen, or life challenges you. The best time to start looking for your financial freedom and a better lifestyle is right now. You have to make time for it while you are working full time or part time. If you start looking for freelance jobs while you have a secure payment, you will be more relaxed. You will have enough time to create a freelancer profile and build a good reputation. Your reputation is paramount to get better offers and more projects.

You may feel insecure about not having any particular talent or skill. You don’t have to worry about that; there are hundreds of unskilled jobs. You can start with some filling spreadsheets, organizing some necessary data, virtual assistant, answering emails, matching pictures with words, etc. You can find any job you can imagine. Additionally, you can do some online courses. There are hundreds of free online courses to learn about Photoshop, MS Office, video editing, online writing labs, apps development, programming, etc.

Working as a freelancer is a fantastic way to earn money. Many freelancers make six figures salaries. Thanks to the internet, you can work from home or any place at any time during the year. You should stop complaining about your job, or the way your boss makes your life miserable. You need to start making time to do freelance jobs. Like almost anything in this life, you need to be patient and dedicate your effort to create an excellent reputation. You need to find the best place for your services and create a professional portfolio to show to your prospect employers. Once you have a regular income from your freelance job and a constant workload, you are free to quit your 8 to 5 job and pursue your dreams. I recommend you keep both jobs for the longest you can to achieve faster your financial freedom.

You can free yourself from modern slavery. You can enjoy life and have time to share with your family. You can be creative, and explore the endless possibilities this world offers.
Your own business and financial freedom are waiting for you, just around the corner.

Your opion matters to me

Do you want to become a freelancer and increase your income?

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© 2016 Dr Aron Mejias MD

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