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Updated on February 16, 2011

The Discover Card was introduced in 1986 and was one of the first credit cards to offer cash rewards to their customers. At their official website, card holders can access their Discover Credit Card account online, quick and secure. If you do not yet sign up for your account, you can register and verify your account information for the primary cardmember online. When completed, you will be able to access your card account information online. You will need to visit their official website at

If you use credit cards, then it may make sense to have a cash back and bonus rewards card to help minimize your costs and put some cash back into your pocket. When you enter their website for their Discover Rewards Cards, you will notice the convenient layout and design of the site. You will be able to navigate around the site easily and find the information you need. At the top of the page you will also see some of the product and service options and include their consumer cards, small business card products, gift cards, student loans, savings and more. If you have recently applied for a card, you can check on the status of your credit card application online.

Discover Credit Cards - Cash Back Rewards

Many may hold these rewards card just for the cash back. Some others will like the additional bonus and travel rewards they can receive as a cardmember for using the credit card for their purchases. Some of the benefits you can learn about from their website is the 5% cashback bonus on travel, gas, restaurants and groceries. You can also read about how to take advantage of some of the account's built in benefits. Also, for the cardmembers who like to analyze their expenditures, you can learn how to use the Spend Analyzer that is there to help track and compare your expenditures and purchases.

They offer several different card products online. You can peruse the features, interest rates, bonus rewards and benefits of each card over the internet and then complete your online application when you are ready to apply.

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