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Updated on May 21, 2012

Looking for a quick and secure way to send money to just about anywhere? That is what the MoneyPak GreenDot card does for it customers. You can send money just about anywhere. You can reload a prepaid card with cash, add money to your PayPal account without a bank account or credit card and pay your bill payments to major companies. The Money Pak was developed by the Green Dot Corporation, a well known name in the retail based financial services industry. Your personal information is secure and private.

Green Dot Corporation was started in 1999 and provides consumers access to various financial products and services through retailers across the U.S. Some of the nationwide retailers that honor the GreenDot products include Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, RiteAid, Radio Shack, CVS/pharmacy and Kroger. The company headquarters is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Green Dot MoneyPak

This product is a cash processing gateway from consumers to businesses. It is a convenient way for some people to add cash to their prepaid cards, to add cash to a PayPal account, to add cash to different types accounts, to use cash to make purchases and to pay bills without a bank account or a credit card. This funding card is distributed across 49 U.S. states at more than 50,000 locations.

When you purchase a Money Pak card, you can put different amounts of cash onto the card. At most retailers you can put any dollar amount you would like to add from $20 up to $500. At Walmart you should be able to add up to $1,100. To purchase the card, find the GreenDot or prepaid section of products in the store. The MoneyPak should cost less than $5 and then add the amount of cash that you would like to add to the card. So, you are loading a cash value onto the Money Pak card. It is easy to find retailers and locations across the U.S. You can also find them at Walmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Kmart, Radio Shack and Meijer stores. Once you purchase and fund cash to this card you can use it at a large list of companies. See the entire list and complete details at their official website. Make sure and read all terms, conditions, any restrictions and uses before making any financial decisions.

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      megan 7 years ago

      i found i cant use my moneypak for nothing and i was wondering if i was able to transfer money from the car to my saving account????