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Updated on January 5, 2011

Do you have bad credit and looking for an option to always having to use cash when you shop? For some people a prepaid debit or credit card may be an option. Often though, many will think that they can not get a card because of their credit rating. This is not the case. You can get prepaid debit cards that are guaranteed approval without a credit check. While these types of cards are not for everyone, they can be appropriate for some.

Vision Prepaid cards can be an alternative to traditional credit cards and banking accounts. With these pre-paid accounts you can quickly convert your paycheck into cash. One nice feature is that you use these cards just like traditional credit cards, and no one will no the difference except you. You will no longer have overdraft charges or interest charges either, since you can only spend the amount of money that you have in your account. PreCash was founded in 1998 and provides consumer payment options by the traditional personal finance companies. The PreCash network is nationwide and are processed at more than 35,000 retail locations around the world. PreCash is a private company with its corporate headquarters located in Houston, Texas. Their official product website is at, with quick access, online account login and signon capability.

Vision Prepaid Visa Debit Card

At their official consumer financial product website you can see specific details, terms and conditions. Three of the key areas of the site include card benefits, a savings calculator and card comparisons. Some of the features and benefits of these Visa pre-paid debit cards include direct deposit, online shopping, easily adding cash to the card, pay bills and build credit, online account access, online login and sign in, account alerts and safer than cash.

The three Visa pre-paid cards available are the Premier paycheck card, Preferred Load n go card and Platinum free transactions forever card. All cards are available with 100% guaranteed approval and no credit check. You may want to peruse the requirements and positioning of each card, and also read the specific details and pricing for each type of card. There are several different companies offering pre-paid card solutions, and it is important to be comfortable with all of the terms, costs and conditions before making any decisions.

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