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Updated on March 3, 2012

Are you in need of a prepaid debit card? This can be a good financial option for some people, but not for everyone. There are several providers of prepaid Visa and Mastercard products in the marketplace. Netspend is a market leader in this personal finance area and they provide consumer pre paid debit card accounts and solutions for thousands of people. At their official website you can access your account in order to manage your debit card and other issues online. If you have not yet created an account, you can register one for online access.

With prepaid Visa and Mastercard debit cards, they are generally guaranteed approval and 100% acceptance, which is true with Net Spend. There are no credit checks, you do not need a banking or checking account, and there are no overdraft fees or interest charges. If you already have a new account, you can activate your card as well quickly. You can also search for and find a Net Spend reload center or facility near you for quick cash reloads to your prepaid debit card. While there are other competing personal finance companies offering similar products, many people do use this provider. The official website is at, where you can check account balances and manage your prepaid card.

Prepaid Visa and Mastercard Debit Card

These accounts are safer than cash because if you lose your card or it is stolen, you only lost your card not the money and you are protected from unauthorized transactions. They also provide access to the savings plan where you can earn interest on your money. So, you can let it sit there and watch it grow. One nice feature is that you can access your account online 24/7, whenever you want to manage your money or check your balance. To reload the card you can have income checks direct deposited or you can always add cash at the reload centers. For more information on reload center locations, you can see their website to find them all.

It is important, as with any financial arrangement, to fully understand any fees or charges that may apply to your account and any potential charges for any transactions and how all of that works. You can get this information from their official website. You can also contact their customer service for additional questions too. If you still do not fully understand the specific terms, get someone you know or a financial advisor to help you understand and get professional advice.

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