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Updated on April 3, 2011

This class action lawsuit was started by NVLSP, the National Veterans Legal Services Program and is known as "Sabo v. United States." The lawsuit specifically deals with Veterans with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It involves veterans who were in the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Air Force or Navy and who left service between December 17, 2002 and October 14, 2008.

The broad requirements to be included in the class action lawsuit involves veterans from the above mentioned branches of service who served on active duty and were found to be unfit, by a Physical Evaluation Board (PEB), for continued service due to their PTSD. The service member will also have been assigned a PTSD disability rating of less than 50%. Specifically, the service member would have been released from active duty, retired, separated or discharged after December 17, 2002 and before October 14, 2008. Legal notice would have been sent to veterans who meet the above criteria. Specific details, dates, key facts, rights and options are available from the official website.

PTSD Veterans Class Action Lawsuit

All veterans that meet the requirements to be involved in this class action lawsuit, should have received a legal notice by mail. The mailing will describe the intent and purpose of the lawsuit as well as the legal right of each service veteran to participate and join the case. Veterans who decide to join the PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder class action lawsuit case, must complete, sign and return the "Class Action Opt-In Notice Form". This form is included in the official legal notice. You can see a copy of this notice at the official website under the "Documents" section of the website and is titled "Authorized Class Notice".

PTSD Lawsuit Deadline Date to Join: November 10, 2010.

If you did not receive a legal notice and you feel that this class action case should apply to your situation, the official website has instructions on how to request the legal notice and the "Class Action Opt-In Notice Form".

You can also send a copy of your PEB report and findings to NVLSP.

National Veterans Legal Services Program
c/o Sabo Screening
PO Box 65762
Washington, DC 20035
Fax: 202-223-9199

For questions you can call: 877-345-8387.

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    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      Great information. I just wrote a hub about fraudulent drug research. Hope you won't mind me linking to your hub so I can share this great info with my readers.

      voted up and very useful


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