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A Short Explanation of Global Warming Statistics And Its Connections To The Industrial Revolution

Updated on December 18, 2010

From the start of the earth, climate has changed from decade to decade. The reason for this is that volcanic eruptions caused a change in the orbit of the earth and by this they also changed the sun's energy which is linked to earth's climate. But in the middle of the 20th Century the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases (these are gases which absorb and emit radiation) that are caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation caused the temperature to go up more than ever before. In the following paragraphs I will give a deeper insight in this topic and display some very important statistics.

The Industrial Revolution and how it links to Global Warming

As I mentioned before, the start of the modern topic “climate change”was in the middle of the 20th Century. But why exactly does it have its roots there? The answer is easy and logical: The Industrial Revolution which started in the 18th Century and revolutionized the modern world by giving it the means to produce a lot of goods without the effort of doing it all by human work. It caused a lot more of fossil fuels to be burned than in the past because the heavy machines that were invented at that time made it possible to burn massive amounts of fuels. One of the most important ones was probably the “steam machine” which was invented by James Watt. This enabled rapid development of semi-automated factories and therefore it was used all over the world shortly after.

The Climate's change and a short insight into the future


Although global warming only changed the overall temperature by 1.33 ± 0.32 °F (0.74 ± 0.18 °C) over the 20th century (data from 2007) it caused politicians to act and start campaigns to raise the awareness of global warming in the population. It included TV campaigns which suggested to viewers that it would not only be a good idea to save energy because of economical reasons but also because it could help to stop climate change. Also, there were successful movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” which showed that global warming can cause fatal changes in our daily life. For example, this movie showed how New York was covered in so much snow that people had to be evacuated from it. Although these movies may not show the exact problems which await us, it shall be noted that global warming will have an impact on our lives in the future. As German studies show, the temperature (especially in the northern hemisphere) will have risen up to 12,6 °F (7 °C). This may not seem much but something like this can change the weather a lot and is especially for farmers a huge problem. To put it all in a nutshell it is essential for the future to watch your habits regarding the use of electrical equipment and how much gasoline you use. Maybe it is a good idea to look out for a car which is working only with the power of the electricity, which is just an example what is possible to save energy.


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    • GNelson profile image

      GNelson 7 years ago from Florida

      It seems so simple to me. We have one planet. It makes a lot of sense to take care of it. Let's treat this planet like we don't have another one to move to when we are finished with the earth, because we don't.