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5 Most Interesting US Presidents

Updated on September 7, 2017
Painting of George Washington
Painting of George Washington

5. George Washington

We all know George Washington as the first president of the United States and as one of the Founding Fathers. He is known as a national hero, being the only president that was unanimously elected, and has received many honors because of this. For example: did you know that the ceiling of the White House is painted with the gods of the Roman Pantheon with Washington perched up among them. His favorite color was, apparently, red, as he loved blood and all things red. In a letter to one of the army composers he said that the army music at the time had been terrible and that he would have preffered something with a harpsicord, rather than an entire band composed of drums. But isn't it odd that widely revered figure was once a marijuana farmer? When he was a farmer in his early life he grew hemp, a form of cannabis, on his estate!

Picture of President Lincoln
Picture of President Lincoln

4. Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president, Lincoln was the first to hold office with a beard. He was never fond of people calling him Abe and had instead preferred to be called Lincoln. He is, of course, famous for his top hat, in which he stored his valuable documents. He often stated that his favorite foods were bacon, apples and, interestingly, gingerbread men. Being the first president to be born outside the original thirteen states, he battled depression for much of his early life and he had even seen the death of his mother, who was killed by poisoned milk. Even more interestingly, a strange set of coincidenced seems to have happened between mr. Lincoln and JFK that seem almost fictional. More about that in Kennedy's panel. Recognized for his ending of the civil was, his contributions to the end of slavery and his hard work for a better America, he will always be remembered as a legendary figure more than anything else

President James Carter
President James Carter

3. Jimmy Carter

Being the 39th president, Jimmy Carter was the first to be born in a hospital. He was one of the six presidents to be named James. He is widely known for claiming to have seen a UFO in his childhood. In his early life, he was a peanut farmer, which caused one of his fingers to be permanently bent in an accident. He was the first southerner elected after the Civil War and had restored American citizenship to the president of the Confederated States of America, Jefferson Davis. He often stated that the most important and influential person in his life was his wife, Rosalynn Cater.

Woodrow Wilson in 1902, shortly after he had become president of Princeton University
Woodrow Wilson in 1902, shortly after he had become president of Princeton University

2. Woodrow WIlson

Even though he took office during the 20th century, President Wilson had actually experienced the Civil War. As he was born in 1856, he had the chance to see Union troops march into his town. He became the second president from the south after he won the 1912 elections, the first to have a Ph.D. He held the office of president of the University of Princeton, even though he couldn't read until he was ten! Woodrow died in 1924 (at the age of 67) and, even to this day, is the only president to have been buried in Washington D.C. Shortly before his death, he became the first president to make a live radio broadcast to the entire nation.

One of John F. Kennedy's most iconic images
One of John F. Kennedy's most iconic images

1. John F. Kennedy

Truly one of the most successful and most popular presidents in US history, John F. Kenndy (or JFK) if famous for multitudes of things. Besides his shocking assassination and the moon landing, Kennedy was America's first catholic president. He was rather sickly, so he was given his last rites an incredible three times before he died, on three different occasions. Just before WWII, he had attempted to sign up for the military, but he was disqualified because of his illness. Having won a Pulitzer prize with his book "When England Slept" when he was 22, JFK was a scholar outmatched only by Woodrow WIlson himself. Now, about those coincidendes: both JKF adn Lincoln had become congressman and president exactly one hundred years apart. One was shot in the Ford theater, and the other in a "Ford" car! Crazy, right? Even more so, they were both seated in a booth, both with their wives to their right! They were both shot in the back of the head as well!

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    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 4 months ago

      I think Franklin Roosevelt is a bit interesting as well as Teddy Roosevelt. There are many negative things documented about Woodrow Wilson. Ever hear of the eugenics movement? Jimmy Carter failed economically and militarily. Ronald Reagan did some very good things. Oh, well, it is your opinion and it was well written.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 5 months ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Fascinated that you included Jimmy Carter in this group. I'm from Georgia, so fine by me. But he is so underappreciated as a one-term president, it was surprising.

      JFK's Profiles in Courage won the Pulitzer. I'd love to ready Why England Slept. Didn't know about this book.

      Interesting hub. Thanks for the work.