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2012 ~ Will it really be The End or could it be A New Beginning?

Updated on January 26, 2012

There are certain groups of people in influential positions around the world who want the masses (us mere mortals) to FEAR 2012. They spread propaganda and disinformation in the hopes of convincing the majority of society that we are approaching the "beginning of the end" when in fact we are approaching the beginning of a NEW AGE. The truth is that we are at a cross roads, and it could go either way. The main determining factor will in fact be the state of mind of the masses. Let me try and explain:

2012 has been widely publicized as the ‘end date’ of the Mayan calendar. However 2012 rather marks the end of one age and the beginning of a new one. The Maya believed the theme of an unfolding civilization was influenced by the position of the Earth relative to the center of the galaxy. But the real genius of it all is that The Maya used a calendar which is based on the phi spiral or fractal time.

Cutting edge physics is beginning to shed light on the actual structure of space and time. This would take a thesis length comment for me to explain, so I will simply suggest that you read up on Noetic Science, Torsion Wave Theory, Fractal Time Theory and the Tetrahedron Matrix and Complexity Theory.

To simplify things (extremely simplified lol) - YES, there are things happening out there in the cosmos that are affecting things on earth, but the beauty of quantum physics is that it has taught us that ALL kinds of matter affect each other, and ALL kinds of matter are in fact made of exactly the same basic stuff - the difference is in the different frequencies. Everything vibrates, or "sings".

We think of ourselves as made up of "solid matter" when in fact we are made up of LIGHT! Hard to believe I know, but we are made up of light particles that vibrate at a different frequency. It is our SENSES that tell us we are solid. Further more, matter that we cannot see, has a much greater affect on the matter that we CAN see than most people could possibly imagine! Bare this in mind as you read through the next paragraph:

Never before in recorded history has the old cliche "the power of thought" been more poignant. As I have already mentioned, we are at a cross roads, and the main factor influencing whether we sink back into the Dark Ages again or instead are propelled into a Golden Age filled with Love and Light will be the collective state of mind of our global society.The good news is that we are actually much closer to realizing this Golden Age of global enlightenment and wide spread spiritual evolution than many would guess or consider possible.

On a more serious note however, we still have a LOT of hard work to do. We ALL have to do our bit to bring about this much needed and long awaited global paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of our world's society.Between now and 21 December 2012, our ability to infect the quantum field and bring change will be at its most potent.

That date marks a number of MAJOR astronomical events, on a lunar/earth scale, sun/earth solar scale, solar system size scale AND a galactic scale. Certain events occur every 11 years, others occur roughly every 6,000 years, and one of the big ones occurs every 26,000 years. Some scientists speculate that we are approaching the completion of a Galactic Year too.

A Galactic Year is the time it takes for our entire solar system to orbit once around the Milky Way's Centre (which is a super-massive black hole). Estimates of the length of one orbit range from 225 to 250 million "terrestrial" years (earth years).

More relevant however is that 2012 is thought to be when our solar system lines up with the center of the Milky Way. This will affect multiple matter (energy) fields and many scientists predict that this will in fact boost our capacity for enlightenment and a foster a deeper collective consciousness. Combine this with the viral effects of social networking sites such as facebook, and the great numbers of intellectual activists engaging in many campaigns of an "enlightened" nature, and you can see why so many are convinced that humankind is entering a stage of unprecedented spiritual growth.

Using complexity theory, scientist Ervin Laszlo describes 2012 as a ‘tipping point’ in space-time.He says “Mankind will have to choose between two separate possible paths, one leading to a period of great evolution and enlightenment, the other leading to chaos and destruction.”

Scientist David Wilcock states: "2012 appears to be largely dependent upon our focus and how we choose to go into it. We’ve got multiple parallel futures we can choose. This is taking the concept of creating our own reality to an entirely new level. Perhaps it’s not that we’re the victims in this 2012 event. The main deciding factor could be human consciousness itself. What happens could depend entirely on us, and who we think we are when the time comes. This could be the best opportunity we’ll have in 25800 years to change our world for the better."

I know what I believe! But I admit that I am an eternal optimist LOL. Never the less, we ARE at a cross roads, and one cannot take an opportunity if one does not recognize it! So SPREAD THE LIGHT! If we miss this chance, humankind will not get another opportunity like it for another Galactic Year!

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  • Grant's World profile image

    Grant Handford 

    6 years ago from Canada

    wow you really nailed it I think. I agree with you.

    I wonder though if this situation hasn't happened in earth's history already and humans weren't thrown back into the dark ages.

    Ienjoyed this hub and am sharing with my followers.

    "socially shared"

  • L.L. Woodard profile image

    L.L. Woodard 

    6 years ago from Oklahoma City

    Very interesting. I like the way you've put together various theories and demonstrated how they work together.


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