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Survival: Economic Collapse

Updated on January 10, 2018


E.M.P. are letters for Electromagnetic Pulse. The EMP can be generated with solar flares or by a nuclear blast in the atmosphere. In either case, an EMP can cause devatating affects on electrononics and electrical devices, including cars, trucks, motors, communications and especially the electrical grid. The survival of you and your family depends on what you do and learn today !

Disabled Electrical Grid? Can it happen? Revolution ?

The EMP from the sun comes when Coronal Mass Ejections are spewed from the sun in the form of fast moving electrically charged particles, radiation and light. When these are directed toward the earth, the energy charges the earth, the wires, the electrical components and coils. The energized circuits, transformers, coils and wires heat up and in some cases melt and short out.

The EMP's that come from a nuclear bomb comes when a nuclear bomb is burst in the atmosphere, at a certain height above the ground, sending an electromagnetic pulse throughout the area. According to FEMA, if a nuclear bomb were to be denated at 500 km above Omaha, Nebraska, the EMP could reach the contiguous United States.

Solar Storms

There will be increasing solar flares, solar storms and Mass Coronal Ejections from the sun. Mass Coronal Ejections are explosions of solar wind, magnetic particles and plasma that happen on the sun. Solar Flares are explosions of energy on the sun's surface that contain electronically charged atoms and ions. The resulting clouds of energy result to become solar storms. When these solar storms are directed toward earth, there is great potential that the earth's delicate electronic systems and electrical grid will be damaged by the charged particles.

Any energy absorbing metal or electrically conducting material can be a receptor of the incoming electrical charge. The metal or material can then become an antenna for concentrating the resulting charge. Solar flares also create radiation and heat as the solar storm particles enter the atmosphere of the earth. The electrical grid transmission lines, the railroad tracks, the water pipes and metal towers become the massive antenna receivers that can cook and fry the electrical systems, computers, transformers and the energy grid.

Fuel Disruptions

Without electricity, there are no pumps or substations to distribute the gas, fuel and petroleum products. Whether the EMP comes from the sun or from nuclear blasts, when the energy grid goes down, there will be a disruption of the flow of fuel. PERIOD !!!!!!

Without fuel in the United States, the country stops. The transfer trucks, the trains, the food, the tractors, the refrigeration trucks, the subways, the cars and the buses stop moving. This nation runs off the fuel and electricity. Without electricity and fuel in the United States, we would plunge backward to the turn of the centrury or earlier. Because of the massive population, there will be mass confussion, civilian unrest, murder, chaos and shortages of life giving items.

Within a matter of hours, the supermarket shelves will be totally wiped out and the hope of any replenishment will turn to vapor. The electrical grid keeps the infrastructure going, which includes the growing and transportation of food, the purification and delivery of drinkable water, the treatment and sanitation of sewage and supplying heat for survival of the people.

Water, Food, Heat and Shelter

Water, food, heat and shelter are the basic necessities that are needed to survive. In the event of an electrical outage like the electrical grid going down, these basic necessities and services are gone. There will be no electricity to keep the food from spoilage, no electricity to pump the fuel, no trucks to transport the food, no pumps to supply the water to cities, no treatment plants to treat the sewage going into the rivers, no heat or air conditioning for the buildings and anything else that runs off electricity STOPS.

In the event of an electrical grid failure, within hours, people will begin to panic and literally strip all merchandise off the store shelves, commit acts of crime, panic to the thought of not being able to use the credit/debit cards, being able to get money out of the bank, not being able to purchase needed items from the stores and civilian unrest will be rampant upon the streets.

A person needs about a gallon of water per day just to survive. This does not include cooking, washing and cleaning purposes. This is for drinking only! This water has to be a drinkable quality that is not polluted or contaimated. A person might be able to live up to three days without water, so water is the most important item that is very necessary in the event of a power outage. In the large city, especially in the sky scrapers and high rises, water is pumped up to the higher floors, so without an electrical system, the situation would become very critical very fast.

Food is the next most important item that has to be need for concern. A person can live about 30 days without food, depending on the physical condition of the person, the type of weather, the environment and the physical demand/exercise that the person is having to do. Without electicity, the food shipments would cease to come into the cities. The way that the companies have set up the delivery chain is that the ordering, delivery and communication happens in what they call "JUST IN TIME". When the shelves are about depleted of stock, an order is placed to the warehouse, which places an order to a truck to deliver the goods. This usually takes place within a 3 day turn around period. At any given time, there is only a three day supply of food in the city, so if there is any disruption of services, fuel or electricity, there will be major problems.

Heat and shelter go hand in hand, in that without heat and shelter there may be a good chance that you will die in a short while. In the cold climates, where the temperatures go below freezing, heat and proper shelter will be the keys to survival. Hypothermia, which is the lowering of the body temperature below normal, can cause death in a short time. The temperatures, the climate, the race of the person and the sex of the person have different outcomes of the extent of the hypothermia. In order to survive in colder climates, heat of some kind is essental. In warmer climates, shelter is equally important to shelter from the environment, insects, animals and the weather.

Disasters, Floods, Economic Collapse, Emergencies Come without Notice


The earth has always had war and rumors of war, battles and conflicts and today is no different, except that war fought elsewhere can and does affect the rest of the world. This world is so tightly knitted, that any disruption, conflict or embargo affects everyone and every nation.

Many nations on earth now have weapons of mass destruction and if not, can be obtained or bought on the black market. Technology, greed and corruption are abounding in every corner of every nation and every crevice. Fallout from nuclear weapons, computer hacking, weather weapons, biological agents, electrical frequency devices and scalar weapons are present around the globe and each use will affect the earth and the people of the earth.

Our society and technology relies on electricity, fuel and communication to keep the infrastructure in balance and flowing. Any disruption in electricity or fuel, the delicate mechanisms that threads our infrastructure of supplying food, water, electricity and basic necessities flowing, comes to a halt. Our vital supply chain of water, food and electricity depends on total co-operation of each agency, company and resource. Any breakdown of that chain means that the service and line is lost, whether it be food, water, sewage, communication, fuel or commodity.

War is just that! War efforts try to cut the infrastructure and the basic chain of supply of food, water, electricity, sewage and basic comforts. War tries to weaken the people by taking away what is needed to survive and thrive. Even in a far away nation, the effects are still felt on the other side of the globe.

Economic Collapse

The other countries problems can become another's nations problems in a short while. Each nation is inter-connected to the other countries and nations with trade, money exchange and companies residing in the countries. Many foreign countries have borrowed from other nations and countries and any default and shortage of money comes back to the lending source.

The greed, corruption and dishonesty of the corporations, politicians and leaders, shortages of money and wealth could present itself at any moment in time. It is a game of cover up, stealing and skimming the wealth. Even with the bail-outs, the corporate leaders took the money, giving themselves hefty bonuses, even though the companies had created the problems themselves. The same dishonest leaders are governing the countries, states and nations, keeping the money flowing from one account to another to avoid a total meltdown of the economic systems.

Printing money is the big lie. There is nothing behind the money but consumer confidence. There is no gold, no silver or solid matter backing the money that the United States uses from day to day. It is only what the consumer believes it will buy. When the bread is thought to be worth one dollar, then this is what the consumer will pay for it. Part of the belief is that the supply and demand relates to the money. There is no standard backing the money. One pound of hamburger is not equal to one dollar, unless the consumer believes it is, but when there is a shortage, the consumer will pay more for the product.

What to Do to Prepare and Survive







1) MUST HAVE DRINKABLE WATER- A PERSON CAN LIVE ABOUT 3 DAYS WITHOUT WATER. A person must have about a gallon of water per day to live.

2) MUST HAVE FOOD- A PERSON CAN LIVE ABOUT 30 DAYS WITHOUT FOOD. Many forms of food can be eaten to survive.

3) MUST HAVE SHELTER AND HEAT- Due to extremes in the weather, a person can die of excessive heat or cold, so a person must have protection and heat source.

4) PROTECTION- IN THE EVENT OF SOCIAL BREAKDOWN, PROTECTION OF VITAL GOODS AND OWN SAFETY IS CRUCIAL. Whether it be a hidden shelter or weapons, a place of safety and protection is essential.




So what does this mean?

In the event of a total breakdown, due to war, civilian unrest, social disorder, government collapse, economic breakdown, biological outbreak, chemical release, solar storms, shortage of fuel, electrical grid collapse or EMP, what steps should you take? The steps should be to be like the boy scouts' motto of being prepared. Preparation should be the foremost thought. The mindset of thinking something could happen and being prepared for it should be in everyone's mind and thinking.

First off, the back up of the water and food sources should be the first on the agenda. People should take in account that each person will consume about one gallon of water per person per day to survive. This will take a lot of preparation to fill bottles, but the knowledge and information to obtain clean, fresh, drinkable water will possibly save someone's life. The next item on the list is the food supply. The food should have long shelf lives, high in nutrition and easy to prepare, possibly without an outside heat source. If a person wants to heat or cook the food, a good cook stove is desirable. A shelter or retreat would be high on the list, depending on the location, situation and population.

In the timing of a real event, time is like playing Russian Roulette with your life. Seconds count. For every second that a person decides what, when, where, and how to, the opportunity to seize the chance to escape, to obtain needed supplies or to take advantage of hunkering down might be the one second to the end of your life. The people in the large cities have to realize that there are thousands of people that will be hungry, thirsty and desperate to survive and to stay alive at any costs. In a matter of hours in the large city, the anarchy of authority will be changed to those who have the most power. The central government and security forces could quickly vanish and let the civilians fend for themselves.

Have some basic items in a backpack or bag that would provide water, food, shelter and some change of clothing for emergency situations. FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW TO SEE WHAT IS A BUG OUT BAG AND HOW TO PREPARE ONE.

There are many situations that would require different preparations, so the basics would be essential to start with, then build the emergency bag around these. Water and Food are essential for survival. Water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon so it would be wise to carry enough water to get started, but then include some way to purify or filter the water found. Chlorine and iodine can be used for water treatment, but both of these are very toxic chemicals and can be deadly if used wrong.

The food that might be considered for the emergency situations include freeze-dried foods, dried fruits, powdered energy drinks, nuts, energy bars, MRE's and just add water instant packages of foods. Keep in mind that the bag should be light enough to carry, have the basic essential items to survive and some other items included that would allow you to be able to continue to survive more than 3 days.

Some of the extra items could include a knife, hatchet, matches, lighter, candles, saw, tinder, fuel, hiking stove, medicine, water jug, flashlight, radio, blankets, tent, important documents, pots, pans, soap, towels, razors, toothbrush, floss, rod and reel, hooks, line, rope, striker, magnesium for starting fires, firearms, ammunition, mirror, flares, CB and shortwave radio, rain jacket, long johns, extra socks, extra shoes, snake bite kit and insect repellent. These are some of the common items that people list as necessary items.

One of the very important considerations is where you are located. The South emergency essentials bag would differ from the North emergency essentials bag and likewise, the one in the big city would differ from the one in the wilderness. Being prepared means that you could survive an event with what you have where you are located. The people and your environment will be the test of what could be thrown your way. Whether your survival consists of snakes, bears and bees or villains, muggers and looters, the contents of your survival bag should have the essentials that you would need to get you through the tough part of three days and longer.

The information that you receive might save your life. Not too long ago, there was a Tsunami warning for the Oregon, Washington and California coasts. The warning came from another country and it actually gave the governments the authority to broadcast the warning or not. The warning was not given for the people in these states, but the Tsunami did not happen either. This Tsunami was generated in Papua New Guinea by a really big earthquake under the ocean. It seems that sometimes the warning is not given and this information could be enough to save thousands of lives.

By the time that some events happen, there is not enough time to go back and gather what you would need. Preparation for the events that could happen is now. Earthquakes, volcanoes, car wrecks. chemical leaks, EMP's, war, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods happen. The best way to survive is to be ready for the events. Information, knowledge, water and food storage, skills and preparation are the keys to survival.


Fuel and Stove



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    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, Deborah Brooks, for your comments and suggestion. Share it on Facebook, if you think it would help. Let people know of what could happen and the people can be more prepared. Thank you again, Deborah Brooks, for stopping by.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      wow this is so interesting.. and it needs to be shared on facebook... Debbie

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you Virtually Bored, for bringing more information to the attention of me and many others. I hope to keep writing more about corruption, greed, dishonesty, insights, knowledge and what is happening. I just hope that many more will get on the bandwagon and start writing about what they know, are finding out and what they question especially while we do have the freedom of speech. This is one right that we still take for granted, until we are banned from writing. Keep up the good work and never say never. We are all in this together now. We all need to investigate and search for answers and the truth. Thank you again, Virtually Bored, for the inspiration and the insight!!!

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      You give me encouragement to continue writing and rely on the power of knowledge, awareness and people. As I keep saying these days, "we're all Greek now". Make sure to write a few articles on what you learn. If nothing else, you will raise issues which warranr more attention and investigation from the masses.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you Virtually Bored. Thank you for getting me and others started in the direction that will lead to truth and exposing the truth! She got my attention and I will finish the whole video. Thank you again !!!

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      Lauren, you can skip the first 7 minutes as it's just some guy making an introduction. Listen to the woman speaking and within 3 minutes, she'll have your attention. I'll be happy to provide other equally disturbing information which requires investigation. I believe that once people have the information, they will make up their own mind.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you Virtually Bored, for your comments and your fantastic link. This is a very long youtube, but it is a wonderful start for what is going on. Thank you again for the information!!! Now for the trails and getting educated.

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      Lauren, the above link is a good start. After that, just follow the trail and see where it takes you. Educate is key to survival

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you Virtually Bored, for your wonderful comments. I do believe that events could and can happen that we need to be informed and prepared for, like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, EMP's and the such, but like you said, there are other events that could happen. Could you explain more about what the Government has planned? So much is in the secret and darkness that it will not come to the surface unless someone comes farward. Again, thank you for your comments.

    • profile image

      Virtually Bored 5 years ago from Ireland

      To be honest, I don't really buy into the dooms day scenario but I do believe there is an agenda. You need to be more afraid of what your Government has planned for you than anything nature will throw at you.

    • LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

      LAURENS WRIGHT 5 years ago

      Thank you, dmop, for your wonderful comments. Some people are beginning to get prepared and get ready. Sounds like you are prepared for the unknown and you seem to know the in's and out's of survival. Congratulations !! I do believe that the Masses from the city will be the problems to the surrounding areas and also to the cities themselves. Thank you for the "up" vote and again for your comments!!

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I live in a rural location, and know I could survive for months with no outside help as long as the creek nearby doesn't become contaminated. The biggest problem out here would be other people trying to escape the cities. I think I got that covered too. Great article, as you just never know what each day will bring. I voted it up and useful.