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Creating an Important Emergency Survival Grab Bag to Go by Laurens Wright

Updated on October 18, 2016

Large City Survival During Emergency or Collapse

You Need a Bug Out Bag or Emergency Kit in the Large City !!!!  Protect yourself in 2012 & 2013
You Need a Bug Out Bag or Emergency Kit in the Large City !!!! Protect yourself in 2012 & 2013 | Source

In the next 10 Minutes, What Would you Need to Survive 3 Days?

Disaster? Can it happen? Disabled Electrical Grid? "REVOLUTION"?

When we hear of different disasters on the news, we think very little of how these events could ever happen in our lives, but think again. With the increase of earthquakes, the military actions of foreign countries against the United States, fires, H5N1, the increase of solar flares or storms and volcanoes, and the continued collapse of the economies around the world, there are many reasons why we should be prepared to take action. These are some of the big reasons that concern all, but there are also localized reasons snow, storms, floods, adverse weather and traffic accidents. SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU DO AND LEARN TODAY !!!!

So, if an emergency were to hit and you were given 10 minutes to evacuate your home, what would you need to survive 3 days and what would those items be? In the event that a solar storm or an nuclear attack producing an EMP, most likely all the circuits, transformers, transistors, coils and satellites would be fried or melted. This Electromagnetic Pulse would even cause some of the cars, trucks and transportation vehicles not to run, so the added burden of maybe having to carry the items would cut down on the weight of the most important items that would be in the survival bag.

The items for the emergency bag would depend on what the emergency or disaster is, but the problem with this theory is that we usually do not know until it actually happens. If we had an emergency bag, which is sometimes called a "bug out" or "get out of dodge" bag, in our car or vehicle, we would not know until the event happens just what we would need for our emergency. Many people have run off the road and not found for many days and some have been stranded in massive snow storms. The emergency bag may not contain everything that we would ever need for every disaster or emergency, but would keep us alive for three days, or better, 7 days.

Could the United States actually have a disaster of a magnitude that could affect the rest of the country or the rest of the world? The United States and the rest of the world have become so integrated and intertwined, that anything can disrupt the dealings here. Whether it involves monetary declines or defaults, biological outbreaks, war, embargoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, attacks, strikes, severe weather damage or heavenly happenings, the United States can be affected in many different ways, in a matter of minutes.

The economy is built on certain rules and basic instinct, which includes the supply and demand rule. This rule of business means that during shortages and demands, the price of items and services will go up and more can be demanded for the merchandise and service. Many people stockpile food, clothes, medicines and commodities because they know that when a major event hits, the basic items that will be in demand will be much higher, if the items can be found. This idea would be the same for any survival situation, but may vary from items or services in demand. An outbreak of H5N1 or biological agent would kill many people in a short time period, so food and water, while still important, would be second and third on the list after the medicines that would heal or cure could be obtained. Gold, silver, food, water and money is not useful to the dead. The priority on the need list of things to pick is very important in the survival of the person.

As one puts together an emergency or bug-out bag in a back pack or carry sack, consider what is most important to stay alive, not for comfort. The two top items that almost everyone would agree on are water and food. The body can not survive without these two substances for very long. As the list goes past 2, there are many differences of opinion, but many agree of shelter or clothes, in order to stay warm. The differences here would matter if you are going to be traveling in a vehicle, hiking, bicycle, in a cave, or going to someone's house to stay. Added to the list of importance might be car keys, if the vehicle is serviceable, important papers or documents, matches, fuel, knives, guns, ammo, blankets, cash, bicycle, flashlights, batteries, radio, lanterns, portable cook stove, food bars, can opener, candles, space blanket, bottle water, personal items, hatchet, shovel, spade, axe, extra shoes and clothes and maybe more camping equipment. This emergency bag can not contain everything, but just enough to survive long enough to get by to get more supplies or help.

Each person's emergency bag would be different as each person is different. The first two items, which are high energy food and water would be also different depending on the person's tastes and dislikes. OK, now what is next? There are many items that have been suggested, but the main concern is to assemble your emergency bag with what will be used by you for survival.

The monetary money and money systems around the world are very unstable, which can collapse overnight, leaving the people of the US to find out when they wake up, only to find out that their 300,000 dollar bank account is now worth a total of 5 dollars. Some people say to back up your US dollars with silver and gold, but I see some flaws with this. Silver could be a medium of exchange, but during an economic collapse or problem, gold would be worth too much to exchange for everyday useful items. The face value of silver coins could be presented as common exchange, but the purity of gold or silver bullion could be balked at and questioned and refused. Items for exchange and barter could be useful items like coffee, sugar, cocoa, alcohol, medicines, guns, construction supplies, ammo, food and toilet paper. These would be needed and in great demand during any time of domestic upheaval or civilian unrest. The reason for the extra items of barter is in case th 3 TO 7 days of emergency situation turns into a longer period.

Events that could cause the use of an emergency bag are nearer than one would think. There are 4 states that are above one of the world's most explosive volcanoes, which now is called a super volcano. Iran and Israel are everyday threatening each other with nuclear destruction, with Iran committing to attack the United States if Israel attacks Iran. The world could change at a moments notice, with hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, solar flares, solar storms, power outages, comet hit, economic collapse, biological outbreak, biological, chemical, nuclear terrorism or Earth disruptions.

So what is an emergency bag, a bug out bag or a get out of dodge bag? It is a pack pack, bag, trunk or container that has the basics to let a person survive long enough to get help or for help to arrive. If the disaster is massive enough, the emergency personnel will be trying to protect and evacuate their families and love ones, not others. This emergency bag essentials list would start with the two basics of water and food and continue with what is most important to the owner. A survival check list should be included in the bag, to replenish any items that have expired or had been taken out. The bag should have needed items to survive off the electrical grid and possibly a medical first aid kit.

Reconsider where you live, whether in the city or country. Decide if you want to stay where you are to weather the storm or plan the escape route and an alternate one, if that one is blocked. One word of caution is that sometimes during major storms, trees across the road may completely block all the escape routes. There are only about a 3 day supply of food and supplies in a given city, but during an emergency, these items disappear in a matter of hours, so do not wait to assemble the emergency bag, Check your priorities, supplies and test what is in the bag. Find food that won't spoil , easily kept and what you will eat. There are many sites on the Internet that explains what to do in an emergency situations and suggest items to have during an emergency. Do not wait, it might be too late. These bags should be ready to go at the home and one already prepared in each vehicle.


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