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8 Great Qualities of Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Updated on September 7, 2016
Violence is a big nope.
Violence is a big nope. | Source

1. We aren't cruel to other living beings

We don't, murder, torture, rape, and we're not cruel to animals. We can't even stomach the thought of it.

Taking the low road doesn't feel right to us.
Taking the low road doesn't feel right to us. | Source

2. We're the first to notice when something is ethically dubious

Does a friend want you to help them blackmail somebody? Does the government want to make cuts to social programs or does your boss want you to lie to get someone in trouble? A surprising number of people wouldn't see the problem in any of those things (at least, not at first). Highly sensitive people have a more finely tuned moral compass, and we're usually the first to notice red flags.

We are that friend.
We are that friend. | Source

3. We make the best friends

What's better than a friend who not only sympathizes with your pain, but actually feels it? Empaths make trusted friends because we actually feel the pain of others, so we know how badly someone is hurting, and can support them accordingly.

Emotionality = creativity!
Emotionality = creativity! | Source

4. We make great artists (also great counsellors, therapists, etc.)

HSP also make the best artists because of our sensitive nature, greater perceptive abilities, and how easy it is for us to tap into our emotional selves.

We're usually at either end of the spectrum, not so much in between.
We're usually at either end of the spectrum, not so much in between. | Source

5. We feel not only great pain, but also great joy

Ours is a life of extremes; we have very low lows, but that also means there are very high highs. The level of bliss we experience is unlike anyone else's - our whole beings reverberate with joy!

Listen carefully!
Listen carefully!

6. We intuit quickly when something is wrong

As empaths, many of us experience strong gut feelings that alert us to danger or dishonesty. Whether this comes in the form of a pang in your gut, a little voice in your head, or a prophetic vision, we often know the truth before others do.

Oh, I have to be fake today? Bring on the tension headache!
Oh, I have to be fake today? Bring on the tension headache! | Source

7. We cannot be fake (because it's too exhausting)

So we're forced to be honest with ourselves and others. The effort of putting on a front is so exhausting that it's simply easier to just be ourselves. A lot of people respect and depend upon this kind of honesty (just don't work in sales!).

All about that 3rd eye/sensitivity.
All about that 3rd eye/sensitivity. | Source

8. We are more spiritually/psychically inclined

With greater sensitivity in general can also come greater spiritual sensitivity. HSP are often psychics, mediums, and intuitives, with various abilities.


It can be incredibly difficult to live in such a violent world when you're a HSP, but that's exactly why our sensitivity is so important. I hope this list will be a starting point for you to think of your sensitivity as a strength and an asset, rather than a hindrance.


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