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My Son's Glucose Moniter Isn't Being Paid For By ObamaCare?

Updated on December 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of A Mom with a Child With Medical Complexities

Let me start by saying this hub is not aimed at blaming anyone person or party. It is not meant to be divisive in anyway shape or form. There are many good people working in government today although those who follow my work have probably fallen over reading this statement. I rarely talk about the good in government but it is there. It exists. They aren’t the people you see often but the people who slave away in basements under fluorescent lights without breaks. There are those people who are the fabric of our government with without them our nation would crumble. They are just few and far between.

My son is medically complex as well as having autism. I doubt you could separate the two and I have the feeling that down the road medical science will provide a biochemical explanation for autism. They just haven’t be able to do so yet. With my son’s rare conditions he can have exceedingly high blood sugars well in excess of 500. And after his blood sugars max out they drop like a rock. So my son not only has hyperglycemia but hypoglycemia. But his A1C is still good. This means he is not a diabetic. The claim was the state of Florida only provides glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes and not hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

I live in a Republican strong hold. I am certain my followers have also fallen out in reading this because I hold many views that a Democrat would keep. I am a slave to no ideology instead I rent the ideas I need. I keep what works and move on in the event this do not work. As I was ordering my son’s glucose monitoring supplies I was informed that Obamacare has denied my son glucose monitoring supplies. Of course this was by a Republican.

Now I realize I write many anti-government things but I can I use to work for government. If I can write then who can? Besides I write very pro-Republican things as well as Pro-Democrat things. I have every faith in my readers that they can make up there own minds. But not for one minute do I believe Barack Obama would deny a child a glucose monitoring kit. And so I told the Republican well Rick Scott runs the state and he is Republican. It is Rick Scott’s birthday today so he was on my mind. This person insisted Obamacare was killing all the children. I said, “I will have the state of Florida call you!”. One thing about the State of Florida is that they are definitely not partisan people. We see all angels of the arguments and there is a humility about being a Floridian that transcends other states because we are all into his together.

Several hours and several telephone calls later. I had the corporation send me ten free test strips to get us by on that you corporate America!! And then I had the state of Florida call and ask for the number if the medical supply store. They were gravely concerned about political points being made in the name of withholding medical supplies. The State of Florida is also sending enough supplies to me until they can straighten out the medical supply company. And I was assured that no one would allow my son to be without his glucose monitoring supplies. That while the State did not full comprehend the disease that there was more then adequate documentation that these supplies were a medical necessity and would be provide.

And then I cried. Because I may not be able to reach everyone and teach them about my son’s rare medical condition I at least received the affirmation that the State understood I was trying to take care of my son. And that my child was not a political pun in the 2012 election cycle. And for a moment and even as I write this tonight I have a glimmer of hope for my son. It only took me all day. I had everyone on speaker phone while I typed my articles on hubpages because I am determined to be a productive member of our community despite all the hardships we endure daily but it was accomplished. It is a never ending battle trying to obtain the simplest things and when I get something as simple as glucose monitoring supplies it is a small but important victory. And each day we take these little bay steps towards success. We reach out and we try to be successful in all our endeavors.

And with each little success we regain a bit of hope for humanity in the world and especially here in Florida our home. And I knew Barack Obama would never do that to my son who absolutely adores him even though Barack is Democrat.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for reading and commenting mary 615.

      I appreciate it.


    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      6 years ago from Florida

      As a Mother, my heart goes out to you and your son. You are a strong woman. Goodnight.


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