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Barack the New FDR

Updated on November 14, 2015




Do you believe Barack is the new FDR? FDR represented a unique time in presidential history which only he could occupy. My grandmother (the only class Democrat in a long line of Republicans was a fierce ally of the women's suffrage and supported FDR's campaign. Before FDR there was a class of wealth and then everyone else and after FDR the wealth had been redistributed through Social Security entitlement programs to care for the sick and elderly. Is that what we have in Barack, a new FDR?

Republicans would say, "No". and to the best of all the economic evidence he hasn't taxed the wealthy in the name of the weak and elderly. He has made it through his first term without touching entitlement programs. With FDR it was a matter of "The General Welfare" of the constitution and if Barack is the constitutional lawyer he claims to be then he will have to redistribute wealth throughout society through another entitlement program.

I believe Democrats supported Barack because they believed in the redistribution of wealth but much to the Democrats surprise Barack is more Republican than he first let on. To socialize wealth is to be FDR and Barack has all the traits of an elitest. Has he forgot his own roots? Has living in the White House curved his enthusiasm for change? It would not be surprising at all if Barack changed Parties and became a Republican. It would be a political first for a sitting president to change parties while occupying the White House but there can be no doubt Barack is more republican than he is Democrat. And "The General Welfare" clause of the constitution is all but a joke at this time.

Barack Multiple Presidential Terms

Do you think Barack Obama should have as many presidential terms as FDR?

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Redistribution of Wealth

Do you believe Barack Obama will redistribute Wealth to the "The General Welfare"?

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Barack Republican?

Do you think Barack will run as a Republican candidtae?

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Is there even a race in 2012?

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No New FDR?

I don't believe in New anything in government. It is rather recycled old bad policies. All I am asking for is government to be original. After all originality is the only true sin.

It would be interesting if GOP nomination became FDRish. That would really be a signal to the American public.

That might be change everyone could believe in.


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