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Blocking My Blog And My Related Web Experience

Updated on September 24, 2012

Not only can I not get my emails out, but I cannot get ONE reply from anyone on social websites, one whom I know has been waiting for my email and said so. It is for this reason this hub is important to me. In addition, should I also email a copy to the Federal Bureau of Investigation? I have a lawsuit against them (this is public information) so is this the reason I am unable to have the same rights as everybody else on the Web? In addition, I tweet virtually in my own world. (I actually have more followers on Twitter but they are being prevented from getting my posts [see explanation below]).

I cannot get my articles out in circulation so I decided to do a hub about it. It started last year when I began blogging about what the “collectives” are doing in employment, healthcare and politics; and what I have written – all of it – has been said before by other news reporters, so it was not like it's news to a public. However, because I am involved in a legal matter, and wrote about it, could it be the "collective" association maligned with my adversary that is keeping me from making a living, and interfering in my employment, and also preventing me from getting my blog and website up and running? Is it my government? And, if so, could it be because I have something to say?

Moreover, though I am writing in my hubs and on my blog, and although others on Facebook have followed me, I am not and never have been made aware of it on my blog (the “Follower” button doesn’t work (is this a mere glitch?) except when others contacted me through Facebook who told me they were unable to contact me. Moreover, my friend tried to leave a comment and could not. The "Follower" button was functioning when I first started my blog, and it appears as functioning on my page, yet why is there not one comment or follow? Where are my comments?

It must be because those that have tried to reach me or comment on my blog (I have not received but one comment the entire year I had it up) have been unable to do so. I can surmise this as the fact since when I try to email or "Friend Connect" with conservative media, I am unable to do so; and the one comment (which was hostile) I got was from one of the “henchmen” of the "collective" regime (yes, regime), who posted my radiological photograph of my burst appendix on Google, and then wrote underneath it, “YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. JUST YOU”! I thus wrote a reply (see Targeted: Targeted: The Truth About Medicine and Follow Up t... ) that resulted in some Twitter followers, most of whom petered out when they were unable to get subsequent Tweets since I am blocked from tweeting others too. I have come to know that I am virtually in my own Tweet world on Twitter. In fact, I was emailed by Twitter to let me know of one follower or another, yet when I looked on my “Followers” list, they were not there. [You must know that while I am not a computer geek, I nonetheless know how to set myself up to have others follow me.] What can I possibly be doing wrong? [If you think I am exaggerating, you ought to have seen the look on the computer technician's face who saw my mouse move by itself while I was trying to get my computer fixed!]

I am also being harassed, not only on the web, but also in my employment search, which includes interference in my job submissions and securing a job. Invariably, as I wrote on my blog, once I start in a position, my supervisors start yelling at me for the most inconsequential things imaginable (see my hub "What We Have Forgotten" as an example). Thus, by preventing me from contacts on the web and employment, they are determined to not “silence” me, but to discredit me. Why? To all those who think they understand fully what happened to me, what I have written on Hubpages and on my blog, please know it is just the tip of the iceberg. However, should there be doubt as to the fact I am blacklisted and harassed by collectives. Evidence is in the fact that I have worked in the legal industry for over 20 years, and that not one lawyer will cross over the proverbial “line” and hire me in New York City – EVEN FOR A TEMP JOB! – which shows how “collective” they are (if I EVER had a person before me that others were blacklisting, you can bet your a_s that I would cross the line, no matter what), which is of course most of what I write about on Hubpages. This “collectivity” evidences a politic of mind not seen since those days in pre-World War II Germany, if you ask me, and as the advertisements make clear on my blog: This is discrimination of such momumental proportions since so many are involved in it – and this too they do not like to hear said because they know it is true. If it is not true, why not let me blog and tweet about it?

I had an interview with a magazine about my story. The interviewer agreed with me that I am being blocked on the web. But her take on it was that I was writing about a “taboo” subject. Oh, really? I do not know of any medical subject that it is “medical” stuff that is taboo on the web; rather, it is what the collectives are doing with medical care that is taboo. And THAT is what they do not want exposed.

Let me say folks, if a person cannot stomach medical science, that is a personal dysfunction. I can understand the medical “privacy” any individual wants (everyone wants that), but when that silence becomes something to exploit for a power grab – well – at least I am not going to be silent about it. What I do not understand is what people find taboo about ANOTHER’S medical care if the individual wants to talk about it. Why is it that what I say is more so than any other medical case? I just don’t get it. I guess it is because I grew up with doctors that I am absolutely AMAZED by it. It is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! The truth is though that a lot of people want to hear about it – BUT THEY’RE BEING BLOCKED FROM HEARING IT.

Now I am trying to get on to Google Analytics and EBay on Hubpages and having the most difficulty. I tried to get it started but was unable to do so. As those of you who use it know, one must put their phone number down so Hubpages can call you to confirm your identity so the account can be activated. They call back and an automated voice asks you to press “1” to confirm your identity. Well – lo and behold – for the first time in all the years I had a phone, when I pressed “1” it did not work. Then I got a pop up that said “You were unsuccessful too many times, please try again in 24 hours.” Well – we’ll see what happens. [Please note: this has nothing to do with Hubpages but only the collective "geek" interfering with my getting my articles read.] [I must interject here this edit, which is that after writing this hub I am now on Google Analystics, which means that if I can get public attention to my situation it would help expose the great control and interference potential collectives have on others' lives.]

Incidentally, on my blog,, all the ads posted were not through efforts by me. One would think that anyone who has a website, a Twitter account (with Sean Hannity as a member), would at least see some activity in their Google account, like maybe .50 cents insteads of .3? Obviously, SEAN HANNITY would not be following me if all I ever got were 4 views in a month. On Hubpages, I average about 30 views an article, even though I have "friends" that read my blog and articles in a greater number than what is presented and who have heard of my “” blog spot and others (including a relative of a friend who read my article on Facebook and shared it (and all I got was 30 views?). I even saw my blog mentioned by an on-line magazine with the journalist commenting “I like this blog,” in reference to my various posts. Where’s my traffic?

No one I know – even the lone individual I know who writes daily about how she struggles with a serious medical condition, who writes about her difficulty going to the bathroom – has such little traffic and views than I do. And she has over 50 followers. With the views and traffic I have, readers on the web would have to be making a concerted effort NOT to go to my webpage, which would of course create more taps if only for curiosity reasons!! Go figure. I can only surmise that I must be writing some truth, for if it were anything less, there would be no need to stop me.


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  • cynthtggt profile image

    cynthtggt 5 years ago from New York, NY

    Yes it is blatant. When I was in Canada, one of its physicians called it "Ridiculous" because he was on the receiving end of a call about my being followed there. I went there to receive medical care because I could not receive any in the U.S. I am blacklisted from medical care and employment. I do not know, however, my government's full involvment; but I do know it is involved from court documents. What the collectives try to do is an old maneuver really. Communications today make it easier to carry out though, that's all. Blatant? What is happening to me is indeed blatant and incredibly hostile. Only an incredible hate can be behind it. But like I have said on my blog, my mother's brother was a doctor and a collective and he kept her ill her whole life. This kind of thing cannot happen in Canada because it does not have a divided country. Healthcare run by collectives is a power grab and from my own experience is not for the good of a people. By all observations, it is not "socialism" they want, if you know what I mean, and I think Canadians ought to be very concerned what is happening in America.

  • moonfroth profile image

    Clark Cook 5 years ago from Rural BC (Canada) & N of Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

    Cynthia -- I need to think about all this some more, read your Hub again--the usual stuff a thinker has to do to work thru a problem. I'm not an American, so I clearly do not live that direct experience. In Canada we have quite strict controls on what govt. agencies can do to citizens. I'm not naive either--of course our govt. will break its own rules in very serious cases--but it has to be VERY sneaky about it, because it knows what it's doing is wrong, and penalties are severe if it gets caught. What you are describing is blatant!