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We can change the world if we all change our minds to love one another!

Updated on January 19, 2014
Stock Photo Description: Stock image of hands holding the earth portray cooperation and peace on earth. Composite photo. Earth image courtesy of NASA satellite imagery available on public domain.
Stock Photo Description: Stock image of hands holding the earth portray cooperation and peace on earth. Composite photo. Earth image courtesy of NASA satellite imagery available on public domain.

I can write this, because I live in a country with fair Constitutional Rights. No, it is true, they are stepped on and muddled out little by little but there's a few, that really would just let other people handle it, and those are the people you can thank for letting your rights go away little by little.

What has prompted me to write this hub is my fascination with documentaries. Yes, I'm fully aware that all they show are tid-bits of the truth and some propaganda, and some flat out lies.

It's a matter of learning and deciding which to believe, who to believe and when to believe. I'm going to use one person who used the motto "Can't we all just get along" because it holds so much truth. We know who said those words, if you don't. Look it up.

The man that spoke those words was brutally beaten by the police. But what the media DIDN'T show you was the police told him TO STAY DOWN! STAY ON THE GROUND and he did not. Regardless of how many times they told him to stay down, he attempted to get up. Thus, that gave the police the right to force him to STAY DOWN. When the camera shows this beating, it was brought to our attention on how the police beat him, never giving thought to the fact that the man was told to stay down and he did not listen to them. Had he STAYED DOWN as told, it's possible he would not have endured the beating he got.

How are the police to know if he was struggling to get a gun or weapon to harm them?

How many of you thought about that?


In my recent documentary viewing I chose to watch one about North Korea. I was in awe that some of the people I was referring the documentary to about Seoul is they believe it's in North Korea when it is in fact South Korea. It is indeed very close to the line, but still, in a Democratic South Korean area.

  • People in South Korea believe they live in a Democracy. Do they? You go find out.

People in N. Korea are forced to BOW and PRAY to a man's portrait. Forced to believe he is God. Look over at your walls, you see your photos of your family. They are allowed two photos which must be kept perfect. Their dictator Kim Jong IL and the family Dynasty run the country. They do not elect a President, it is handed down from father to son. Next in line, son Kim Jong UN.

I think the main thing that bothers me about their country, isn't who runs it, it's HOW they run it. I don't like seeing children worked to the bone nor going hungry.

Our country throws away mass amounts of food, and in the outer cities of North Korea children eat what they find on the ground. Many have no parents or even an adult to look after them.

Do you care?

  • Africa. It thrives more than you think it does. Sure there are poor parts, but a lot of them are very very WISE. They know how to live off of the land and do not want government intervention.

Yes, I've been there, I know.

China. Did you know North Koreans try to defect to China in hopes of a better life?

China sends them back where they're either killed or beaten until they wish they were dead. They have no remorse.

I'm an angry at this atrocity. At world leaders who could change this. But I am just one. What can I do to put food in the mouth of a child in the street? I can't fly there, I can't visit there, I cannot adopt one or 10 of their children that live on the street.

When I was in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, I was hungry. Not because it is a lot of sand, lack of crops, but only because I only knew America's food. I ate small chocolate bars and a few crackers. I ate ketchup with a spoon. I couldn't eat the fish while it was looking at me, but then again I knew there would be light at the end of that tunnel. Our trip would only last two weeks and I'd be back home to the land of hamburgers and french fries!

I'm sure that brought a smile to someone's face! I would know now, how to get the meat out and had a bit more to eat, after all who doesn't have some ketchup with their fish sticks now and again.

Turn your head, leave my page.. or do something? | Source

While there is a crises of some sort going on every place on the planet, heads turn as not to see, hear or care.

I'm not going to. When you lay on your comfy bed, and you rest and wake to feed your children, send them off to school making sure their lunch is packed or you've given them lunch money there is another child - maybe just a few miles away who is hungry. Maybe they are being made to practice for hours and hours until their small thin bodies are tired and hurt just to please a dictator for a day. They curse you for making them not have lights because they can't keep them on.

I sit by candle light because it gives off an air of silence, solace softness, relaxation. They curse candle light because 50ish years ago there was a war. It had nothing to do with me, or you. But they hate you and blame you. Do you care?

Are your prayers being heard? Do you even pray for them, or do you thank for the food that goes into your mouth each day? When you light a candle and see the glow around it, do you realize it's a luxury to you as it's a necessity to someone far away?

When you get dressed in the morning and deciding what to wear, are you aware that you have many choices when some have no choice.

My challenge to you is to not turn away from this hub, take the smile off your face for one week and put on a spandex body suit and practice throwing a ball into the air and catching it behind your back for 8 hours. You may stop once for one bowl of rice. Plain, without butter. No yummy flavors. No raman noodles. One small drink it must be water. Oh, almost forgot. You MUST smile as smiles show happiness.

Have you ever thought of how a smile should be the universal greeting of happiness, but it's used as a cover to make the world think you are happy or suffer the consequences?

My bet is, oh, please bet me please! You have never thought of this when you were busy snarling up in someone's life what is really going on in theirs that they'll never tell you?

You're on. You've lost before you've begun.


I haven't eaten yet today. But I will. My government, the man whose photo I do not have to worship. He gave low income families $50. food vouchers to replace food that had gone bad during our power outage after the hurricane battered the East Coast. So I will eat today.
My roof still leaks, and my water is still broken. A lot of my things are ruined that I'll never get back. My government will not fix my leaking roof, and maybe, when my insurance gets to me they might. But later when my stomach growls and when it rains again, I'll put a tub to catch the water, and I will light my nightly candle (because the rain shorted out my electric) and I'll be glad to be an American, but my heart will still bleed for those who cannot even have an extra bowl of rice, or a soft place to lay their head.

I bet again.. that replies will be thin, if any, below. But when you eat your food today, think of that little boy and the millions like him that will be lucky to find anything to eat. Before you light up that next cigarette or take your next dose of prozac, hear my voice in your head telling you to shut the F up.

Have You Eaten Today?

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  • kenneth avery profile image

    Kenneth Avery 

    3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

    Hey, Katharella,

    Super job! I loved this hub which was so well-written and organized that I just had to give you props on how well you presented your topic.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lost in America

    Hi David, thanks for stopping in! I have been inactive on just about all my places. As per our pain, I took a flying leap down the stairs, two days later my foot went through a loose floorboard. But yeah like you say your pain puts perspective on the pain of others, I TRY to remember them, and especially these past couple of weeks I haven't been able to get around. Been trying not to eat much but somehow still managed to put on 20lbs!

    Got kinda barked at by my Dr. how "most" accidents happen in home due to hurrying. Which I was. One of my best girlfriends in my home state was in a car accident, she has a fractured spine and they're not sure about the intensity of her brain trauma.. Needless to say yeah, with my new found pains it angers me more that this was a girl (I'm making a hub about her) who is young athletic, has ran miles for causes from hunger to disease. Now she's fighting for her life. Now I'm laid up trying to heal back to my "normal?" pain so I can go be with her even if it's moral support. I think I may hurt, but I can steal read to her, just be at there. What's mine compared to what life took from her. I try as I know you do, to be glad we can type, walk even if in pain, comprehend and have emotions.

    Oh, I was reading up more, warm drinks help too. Hey don't give up, there's hope for them, there's gotta be for us too. Good to see you again.

  • David Warren profile image

    David Warren 

    7 years ago from Nevada and Puerto Vallarta

    Hi Kat! This was a very moving hub. Haven't heard from you recently although I was a bit inactive for awhile. I hope the day finds you well. On a day that I could choose to whine about my neck pain this really puts things in perspective.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from Lost in America

    Hello again feenix, thank you for posting. I REALLY want to be proven wrong about the amount of posts this hub would get.

    I knew some would know Rodney King's 'half' story. I wanted them to search it out, take the time. LEARN IT. Learn that he didn't complain, and that's why I quoted what he said about the incident. He didn't bring it up, he wanted peace. Although he could have been hit in the head and not even realized WHO was hitting him, or that not every policeman there hit him. So much went unsaid about that. He didn't want an ordeal and they didn't give him that either.

    There's another man, from Detroit my hometown. While it was true he was on cocaine, it still gave the police no right to beat him to DEATH. He had internal injury and trying to get up was a valid "grasp for help." His name was Malice Green. Look him up if you get time. Just because he was drugged, he still wasn't robbing anyone, he was laying on the side of the road, so what harm was he causing! NONE! So why didn't they cuff him and take him to jail properly. LUCKILY those policemen lost their jobs although I don't know if they were sent to prison (I bet not though) for murdering a helpless ALREADY DYING man. They should of been finding out WHY was he down.

    This is America, and if enough of us fight these atrocities, we have constitutional rights to stop them.

    N. Korea and China weigh heavy on my mind - and heart. No human should endure any of these things. N. Korea does have a website wanting world trade. Oh, they show jewelry on the front page, but there is no where to buy it IN the site. So, those of us who would want their poor fed cannot even buy. I'm not against buying "made in China" items, it feeds someone. Maybe a little but it does.

    People say there are a lack of jobs here. I tell them they are full of crap they are just lazy.

    I fell last week and haven't been able to walk well. I hit my head and both knees. I would gladly trade something for someone to clean my kitchen floor. But I'll do it in parts. I'll be getting another adsense check soon and I would pay someone generously to take my laundry. It's a job, a trade. We have that, they do not. The whole "no jobs" makes me want to scream.

    FOR ANYONE READING THIS, DOWNLOAD "GOOGLE EARTH" take a look at the photos of N. Korea's arena. All that talent and work is for one man, the children practice hours until their little hands hurt turning cards to make the photos. They get to live in a tiny bit bigger apartment, but they are not paid, nor do they get "15 minute break time." PLEASE I beg everyone to learn of NORTH Korea. Kim and his dynasty. Evil right this minute while we "have lost towels and candles due to a storm" I'll not give up my fight.

  • feenix profile image


    7 years ago

    Hello, Katharella,

    This is a useful, awesome, beautiful, interesting and thought-provoking post. And thank you very much for writing and publishing it.

    You did an excellent job of citing some facts that many are unaware of, such as the full story about the "Rodney King incident." I must add that there were three other men in the car with him when he got stopped by the police and those officers did not lay a glove on either one of them because they did not act threatening or try to resist. But most of the major media never mentioned that.

    Also, you did an excellent job of pointing out just how fortunate the residents of this country are, including the ones who are designated as "suffering."

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Hi Carol, thanks for commenting. Yes it is appalling. Their only, and I mean ONLY hope is their Dictator to have some revelation that changes his heart. The only way we can ever begin to make change for those people is through him (Kim Jong IL) and his dynasty. There is no other way.

    The few that have made it past into China go with hopes of making it to Mongolia, but they usually send them back. Doing otherwise would show softening of their heart, and at this point they are not willing to do that.

    I have to say it angers me at those who whine about "over crowding or droughts in America" I want to push a map in their face and say MOVE OUT OF THE CITY if you don't want overcrowding! Think of those babies feet when they are scrounging for something edible on the ground, and tell them, DROUGHT? EVER HEAR OF A WATERING CAN? One by one, walk your dirty bath water into the rows of a field and water the plant that will bring you food. Whining is so easy.

    I live IN FARM LAND country. I see them pulling spray hoses(hoses with holes) down rows that cannot be watered. Sure I see some crops do not make it, but where are they when truckers are made to throw away food because their haul is too heavy for the road? Most likely home complaining that the drought left them without an extra potato.

    I'll be the first to say it, I am not thin by no means, but I do not complain when my store isn't supplied with "sunkiss" oranges because Florida had a drought.

    Actually this past month my truck has not been running and while it's not good for me, I LITERALLY (I swear and can prove) I have a loaf of bread, and I have butter and I'm down to two left over cans of ravioli from hurricane Irene. Well, in time my government will take care of that, there's light at the end of my tunnel.

    IN N.Korea there is a guard with a gun at the end of their tunnel. I'm talking a literal tunnel. Above Jim said it so wisely, and it's not lack of love for those around him, I believe him to be a good man. He's a praying man, and said he will add these people to his prayers.

    Even if you don't pray, or your pray to a different God, or you are Buddhist, sending the positive energy to that one mans heart could be a step to change the entire world.

    North Korea has a website. Buy from it, show them that we are not "evil Americans" maybe our money can buy his heart? I don't know, I just know we must start somewhere.

  • carol3san profile image

    Carolyn Sands 

    8 years ago from Hollywood Florida

    This is a very hard subject for me and it breaks my heart. It is unbearable to see people suffer when there actually is an abundance of food here. Clean water, shelter, clothes, and food are the basic necessities for all humans. I know of organizations that work to provide the children with these necessities. I can donate to those organizations but I can't gaurantee things will change much. I've heard that some of the foreign governments actually blocks the delivery of help coming into their country...or, they will only allow a limited amount of help to go through. This is appalling.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Hi Susieq, China and North Korea are worlds apart. How kind of you to feed someone hungry, when I know you are not rich yourself, but you're rich at heart. In Kenya, and 3rd world countries, places as such, you seen, they used the money wisely and prospered. You cannot even visit N. Korea, their only hope is for Kim Jong IL's heart to be softened and let help come. Pray for that. Pray that he'll dream of what hunger feels like. As I say above he is not a thin man. Their guards are not allowed to blink for hours. Only the relatives of the dynasty past get a tad bit more than the average citizen. They are the masses that make the shows until their fingers bleed only to bow to a man. Your heart is in the right place Susieq! :)

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Hi Katharella. My late husband and I supported a boy from Kenya for 10 years. We sent a whopping $21.00 a month. Not much, really. During those years his family grew from 2 kids to 6 or 7, he kept in touch thanking us for the little we gave him and his family. He purchased a goat, a couple of chickens, some clothing, a few sweets, that they probably wouldn't have had otherwise. We received letters and photos often and felt good about helping him and his family. I showed videos at my church and encouraged others to help, and some did, thank God. I'm feeling your discouragement and even anger over the worlds poverty and their religious and other restrictions. Keep in touch! God bless, Katharella.

  • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Lost in America

    Thank you Jim, out of all the suffering in the world, and there is plenty, nothing compares to North Korea. If anything pray that Kim sung's heart softens to the people. Thank you for replying, thank you for thinking of THEM.

  • TheManWithNoPants profile image


    8 years ago from Tucson, Az.


    This gives me pause to think. I have to be honest, I'll have to let this sink in a bit in order to give a heart felt response. I WILL say this. I love passion. It moves the world and forces change. You have that, and you made me think. I DO need to add in people other than those close to me in my prayers. I don't do enough of that. I promise I will as soon as I quit typing here.



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