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A proposal for a New Politico -Economic System

Updated on October 13, 2012


I must essentially bore you with my thought process, in order for you to understand how I have reached my conclusions and why these ideas can work. My test case will be the United Kingdom where I live and I shall give you practical illustrations on how concrete and feasible my proposed solutions are. However, please remember that this idea also applies to every other country in the world.


The starting salary of a London policeman today is 384 times MORE than the same policeman a hundred years ago and specifically in 1914. Is the purchasing power of a policeman of today 384 times more than his counterpart of 1914? Of course it is not. What will be the salary of a London policeman be in 2112?

Inflation is eroding our purchasing power on a monthly basis and the results can been seen in every country for the same reasons:

· Inflation creates wage rises.

· Higher wages mean fewer profits for those who control our lives, whom I call “The Controllers” and their minions.

· The latter take their manufacturing concerns to countries with cheap labour, like China and India

· This creates unemployment at home, but relative wealth in these other countries….,

· Which allows these countries to buy the products of the manufacturers…,

· Thereby increasing the sales of manufacturers in China and India.

· Manufacturers open more and more manufacturing concerns in countries with large populations like China and India, in order to take advantage of the low wages to produce goods with a lower cost to sell to the local market as well as to export back home.

· Inevitably, unemployment at home reaches such high levels that it becomes a cancer and even sales of food begin to drop.

· When people cannot afford food, the result will be revolution.

The Need for Survival

We are all ruled by three basic primal survival instincts which will not be denied and for which we would be ready to kill. They are our need for:

· Food

· Shelter

· Reproduction

Once we ensure the above three, we begin thinking of medication to cure our ills and pains and subsequently of ways and means to create comforts for ourselves.

Since we no longer live in caves and we do not source our own food from the wild, we need to have a job which will provide the financial ability we need to satisfy our basic needs. However, the ideal would be to work for ourselves.


Taxes are NOT the personal property of politicians, as the politicians appear to think, but the property of the people and taxes are supposed to be used for the promotion of the peoples’ interest, for the common good, NOT for the interest of the conglomerates and their profits which are partly derived through their desertion to countries with cheap labour cost.

For example, when the UK government refers to the necessity of Britain to annually spend billions on its military, they claim to be protecting “Our strategic interests”. Since you should never believe what politicians are saying, let us consider this claim. The possibility that a north European island state, the UK, will be invaded by a foreign power is less than feasible. So what are the island’s “strategic interests” in, say, Indonesia? Very simply, it is the interest of BP and similar conglomerates. So the taxpayer is essentially paying to ensure that BP remains a global energy power ensuring the profits of the shareholders of BP. But at the same time, the government leaves sufficient windows in its tax laws that allow such shareholders to pay only 1% in taxes. Such a window was in the news lately and the Prime Minister himself is on record as saying that it is impossible to close such windows. He is not telling the truth. It is possible to close all such windows.

MY PROPOSAL – (The Economic Part)

So we come to the gist of the matter at last and I thank you for your patience. What I propose is, in fact, the reverse of the current international religion of GLOBALIZATION , into LOCALIZATION but without changing international agreements now in place.

I propose that the government uses tax-payers money to invest in needed productive enterprises which will employ large numbers of people and after these enterprises are up and running, to sell them back to the tax-payers, starting with the employees of the enterprises themselves. So LOCALIZATION - but with a twist, so please see the examples below:

· I am the UK Government

· I have 2,500,000 unemployed

· I wish to create productive businesses to employ at least half of them

· Each business will have a budget of £5 million (or increments of £5 million)

· £4 million will be in a main productive industry and £1 million in a secondary productive unit

· Each £5 million investment will employ a total of 1,000 people covering a three eight-hour shift format

· Each investment will require two years to show its respective profit from start to first profit.

· Agricultural land in the UK is very cheap, about £4,000 per acre.

· For every industrial facility created for the main £4 million investment, another £1 million will be invested in agricultural land for the purpose of producing food. This food production facility will belong to the employees of the industrial facility and they will be given the option of purchasing this unit through salary deductions. They will be asked to look after their investment by offering their labour to the unit for free in the operation and harvesting of the produce. Their free labour will be given during their free time and they may take their families to help them, if they so wish.


· The worldwide pharmaceutical market is valued at $600 billion

· Dozens of pharmaceuticals lose their patents annually and can be copied freely by anyone

· Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of death (including premature death) in the UK and 1 in 5 men and 1 in 7 women die from this problem.

· Simvastatin (statins in general) with Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid) are the pharmaceuticals used to preventively counter this problem

· An FDA approved pharmaceuticals factory able to manufacture Simvastatin and Aspirin, along with other medication whose patents have expired, can be built for just £4 million. This factory can produce £1 billion’s worth of products per year using a 24 hour three shift format.

In the UK, an NHS patient with a prescription for Simvastatin from his doctor contributes £7.50 towards the purchase of medication. If the patient is over 60 the medication is shouldered exclusively by the tax payer.

To purchase a month’s supply of 20mg Simvastatin outside the NHS with a private doctor’s prescription, the selling price by the retail drug stores is £5. Even assuming an unlikely mark up of 100% by the retailer, the factory sale price of the product in the UK will be £2.50.

What is the manufacturing cost of a month’s supply of Simvastatin 20mg tablets? Hold on to something solid, as I am about to shock you. It is only £0.44. This is not a typing error. The manufacturing cost is just £0.44.

The manufacturing cost of a month’s supply of Aspirin (Enteric-Coated) 75mg is £0.116 and retails for over £1.00

THEREFORE, I (the UK government) use tax payers’ money to invest £4 million in the construction of a pharmaceuticals factory whose main products will be Simvastatin, Aspirin and miscellaneous analgesics.

Covering the local market and with exports, the newly formed company can expect to sell £1 Billion’s worth of products per year. It’s estimated net profit will be in the region of £500 million per year. (In addition, the government will save billions over the long run on current annual expenditure for the same products).

Out of this £500 million profit

1. 10% (£50 million) will be held in reserve to be used for future expansion AND for the creation of an ETON STANDARD school for the children of the employees and the neighbouring residents. The school will operate on a twelve hour basis, covering homework and sports besides normal teaching, creating relevant employment for teachers.

2. 2% (£10 million) will be given to the employees as a bonus (£10,000 per year each) with the right to invest this money in shares in the company at the company’s market value on the day of purchase.

3. 80% (£440 million) will be re-invested in new manufacturing/productive ventures with the same original £5 million budget (examples will be provided later on)

Let me now refer to the £1,000,000 to be invested in a secondary productive unit for food production. Each factory will buy at least 100 acres of agricultural land to produce food for sale, either to the employees themselves or to supermarkets. Let me give you an example of how this may be done.

On my daily walk I pass by a house with a huge fruit tree in its garden and the branches overhang onto the pavement. Every year it produces at least 200 kilos of a type of miniature plum which is one of the most delicious fruits I have ever tasted. I do not know what it is called, but I steal a couple of fruits every time I pass by. Unfortunately I do not find this fruit in the supermarket. Instead I find a lot of imported fruit which have consumed a lot of fossil fuel energy just to get to the UK.

I would plant the 100 acres of the first £1,000,000 to be invested in a secondary productive unit with such local fruit trees, meaning 5,000 trees.

In addition, I would fence off the area and have at least one million chickens graze freely on the land. Free range chickens sell here for about £2 per kilo, so we are talking of a selling price of about £3,000,000.

The sale of fruit will pay for the chicken feed and since the pharmaceutical factory workers will be taking care of them without additional labour costs - considering that the chickens will belong to them - we are talking of at least £2,000,000 net profit for the factory workers. Out of this they will pay off the government for the initial investment in land/trees/chickens and after that they will each have at least £2,000 extra annual income on top of their salaries.

Each employee will naturally pay relevant taxes and social insurance contributions, thereby alleviating the financial burden they placed on the state as they were previously unemployed.

The School

The factory will contribute to the common good by creating a very high quality school on the basis of Eton. The children of its ‘Plebs’ will join the ranks of the 7% currently enjoying the luxury lifestyle that goes with an Eton education. Since the school will be local, the children can sleep at home, but the most important part will be that teachers will sit with them and help them with the homework that possibly uneducated parents might be unable to do, preparing them for university. In addition, sports will ensure a healthy lifestyle for them and the habit of exercise for as long as they live THEREBY SERIOUSLY REDUCING FUTURE HEALTH COSTS TO THE NHS.

It is important to note here that the other manufacturing/productive units referred to here will also send their children to this new Eton, if they are in the same area.

The Factory

The currently unemployed will not only be given work, but a real opportunity to own their place of work, becoming self-employed IF THEY SO WISH. The annual bonus of £10,000 described above will make this a real option for them, should they wish to exercise this option.

The Secondary Productive Unit

The UK has an incredible amount of delicious native berries that few people get to enjoy. By owning a food producing unit as described, multiplied many times over, and by planting local native fruit on an industrial scale, the cost of fruit imports into the country will be reduced. Combine each 100 acre site with the raising of chickens or sheep and the benefits are obvious.

The owners of the Secondary Productive Units can have access to both inexpensive fruit and meat products which they can either consume or sell, thereby increasing their income. Furthermore, the employees – who now co-own their place of work - will create a family business atmosphere with their co-workers and their families during harvest as well as through taking care of their unit throughout the year.

Re-Investment of Profits

As described above, the £440 million to be re-invested will start up 88 new ventures with 1000 employees each, thereby creating that number of new jobs, meaning 88,000 jobs in all.


The politicians will tell you that pharmaceuticals are the exception and that you cannot solve a country’s problems in this way. They would be lying as usual. Help me work the following idea out:

The sports shoe maker NIKE has annual sales of $24 billion. It claims to spend $1.7 billion in research and development, which I do not believe for a minute. They probably spend these amounts on fees to professional sportsmen not already under contract to one of its competitors, to “research” their products.

We pay $200 - $200 on a pair of NIKE shoes for our kids; some of which are designed by youngsters who are employed right out of design school. Material costs are the same wherever the shoes are made, but NIKE chooses to make them in countries like China, where the labour cost per shoe is less than $1.

What if we spend one set of our £4 + £1 million in creating a mini competitor to NIKE, employing a professional who is qualified in this field to run it? Buy shoes from all the competitors, cut them up to see what the supposed “research and development” is all about and get young shoe designers to come up with alternatives?

The worldwide free publicity such a project will generate will be worth the NIKE’s annual budget for the UK.

It costs them less than $1 in labour cost to make. So it will cost us $10 in labour cost to make because we will be making these shoes in the UK, France, Canada, the USA and elsewhere where people are paid decent salaries, but the materials will cost the same. Imagine the advertising effect this will have on consumers who will know that the company that makes these shoes will belong to its employees at some stage and that the employees are working hard to ensure a perfect product which will ensure their own very existence. We would be able to sell a wonderful product at much less than NIKE provided the idea is marketed as described.

We will not need $24 billion sales. Just being there and offering an option, taking advantage of our free advertising and pushing the envelope. But most importantly we will be creating independent business owners from the people who make the products; free from the slavery of those who now rule us.

Smaller, Less Profitable Units

Let us assume that the smaller resulting units will produce only £100 million of profit. Out of this £100 million profit

· 10% (£10 million) will be held in reserve (each group of ten factories will combine their income to do exactly as the more profitable pharmaceutical factory has done in the first example above).

· 10% will be given to the employees as bonus (£10,000 per year each) with the right to invest this money in shares in the company at the company’s market value on the day of purchase.

· 80% (£80 million) will be re-invested in new manufacturing/productive ventures with the same original £5 million budget (examples will be provided later on).

· This means that each of the resulting 88 ventures from the pharmaceutical venture will now be instrumental in creating 16 new ventures worth £5 million each, creating 16,000 new jobs.

· Those 16 new ventures will each use their profits to create new ventures with budgets of £5 million each, with job opportunities for 1000 new employees for each new venture, and so on.

In this instance, TEN factories will pull their resources together in order to create their own New Eton for the total of their employees’ children. For the nit-picking bureaucrats, the numbers can be adjusted to accommodate needs that are considered to be crucial.

· Maths: 1 original venture x 88 new ventures x 16 new ventures = 1,408 ventures x 1000 employees each = 1,408,000 new jobs.

Non-Profit Units

(Remember that this idea applies to the US, Canada and other countries, not only to the UK as referred to here)

Hundreds of factories have been transferred out of the UK to countries with low wages, for the simple and ‘logical’ reason that their owners wanted to make more profits.

I remember a time when London was bulging at the seams with factories of all sizes, manufacturing clothing and employing tens of thousands of people. Tourists used to fly to the UK to buy clothes. Those factories of old not only covered the local market, including the tourists, but also exported clothes the world over. Now the factories themselves have all been exported to countries with very low wages.

Imagine a cooperative specifically created to organize either large or small clothing factories around the country which will provide work for both women and men in the industry.

Because of foreign competition, such factories will work on a non-profit making principle, removing the profit margin from the equation, thereby making the products competitive with foreign imports.

With an investment of tax payers’ money worth just over £6 billion, the Government can turn the UK into a self-sufficient country within two years, which is the time required to put up the various businesses and for those business to start making a profit.


Another Means of Reducing Unemployment

Instead of paying the unemployed to stay at home drinking beer and watching TV, the Government can also offer the following additional solution to the unemployment problem:

At the moment companies are reducing staff to the bone in order simply to survive. Many companies know that they could be more efficient and more productive if they could afford to employ more people, but we are going through such a serious crisis that for many reducing staff is the only viable means to survival.

What if the government made the following proposal to employers?

Up to 50% of the taxes of every registered company in the UK will be discounted to cover the cost of employing additional employees to improve their productivity. For example, if you are a large conglomerate paying (say) £50 million in taxes, you will be given 50% free allowance if you employ 2,000 extra people at an average of £24,000 per year AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOURSELF!

If you are a small company paying £30,000 per year, you can have £15,000 discount to help you towards employing an additional employee for the same £24,000 salary, or you might employ a much needed cleaner for the amount the government has discounted.

This way everyone wins:

· The employer gets additional help to improve his performance and profits

· The employee gets out of the misery of government hand-outs and earns enough to support his family with dignity

· The government wins twice: First they do not pay unemployment benefit to the person employed and second it collects taxes and social insurance contributions to cover the payments to those who are unable to find work.


A company which is created with an investment of £5 million and ends up making a profit of £500 million in two or three years can be sold at least £50 million on the stock exchange. With these kind of margins a number of wealthy businessmen will be tempted to copy this system, selling the shares to those employees interested and the rest on the stock exchange.

This will create more employment and more wealth for the working class.


· All 1400 productive units created in this fashion will be joined in a cooperative agreement.

· Each 1000 member unit to elect a leader through a democratic vote, but with a difference.

· Instead of one vote, each person will be entitled to cast two votes for two different names.

· Everyone will automatically be a candidate

· Names will be written down by the voter personally in full. One vote could be for a person the voter admires and one could be for the voter himself. If the voter does not wish to vote for himself, he can choose a second name from the group, or simply vote for just one person.

· 1400 representatives will result.

· The elected representatives will rotate from factory to factory in groups of 100, so that they will all become known to the electorate, giving the electorate the opportunity to get to know them in actual working conditions.

· A year after the first election, another election will be held, again with the same system of voting for two persons.

· Those who will end up with the most votes will be put forward by the cooperative as candidates for Parliament.

· The prospective parliamentarians will elect a leader with the same two vote method, who will lead what will now be a new, true DEMOCRACY.

· Those elected, individually or collectively, will undertake to resign if 75% of their cooperative vote for them to do so.

Employees of large corporations will be invited to participate in this method of choosing a leadership. So will any citizens who live close to factories created through my proposal.


Once the wellbeing of all concerned is ensured and the education of children is on the right path, the cooperative group will vote on whether all ventures will operate on a Cost+10% basis.

This will mean that everything produced and sold internally will be sold with only a 10% profit margin only. This will reduce the cost of living for everyone and will control inflation.

Insane? Perhaps.



In the meantime, some food for thought


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    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      Garifalia - Thank you for passing by and for your kind comments.

      The solution to the Greek crisis is not only feasible, it is very simple. Read the following and you will understand:

      Unfortunately I cannot write in Greek. If you want to help, feel free to circulate these articles to your friends, in teh hope taht someone will translate them and get people to act on these ideas.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dear friend, while your proposals seem to be air tight and people like myself tend to wonder, 'why didn't the politicians of the world think of this?', I have this gut feeling telling me it was all a plan long ago laid out to rid of the middle class and harness human kind. Beginning Monday, here in Greece, there will be a series of documentaries shown which are from around the world dedicated to explaining poverty and giving solutions. The title is "Poverty--Why?". It will be interesting to see if your wonderful ideas coincide with any they will propose. WELL DONE.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      John, is it not wonderful how like minded people gravitate together? I often feel isolated because I at times I believe in different things than the majority, but I am also pleasantly surprised on occasion at how many people there are out there who think the way I do ;-)))

    • Shadesbreath profile image


      6 years ago from California

      I'm with you on having lost faith in all politicians. In my opinion, anyone who WANTS power is not going to be a good leader. Look at your guy up there Kolokotronis, he didn't want power. He had it, but he didn't want it. He didn't spend a life seeking it. It wasn't his aim. It's just how it turned out. He was elevated. George Washington did the same thing. They wanted to make him king after the revolution. People like that make great leaders. Not perfect ones, but great ones.

      As for the whole thing falling in on itself, I think it's inevitable, because it always happens. Every civilization gets reborn into something new. Always have, always will. I think the important thing to do is to be damn happy we got to live at the height of Rome, try to be good humans in our time.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      Friend aguasilver,

      1.- The emphasis of all true leadership must be to become redundant. Now THAT I can fully agree with ;-)

      2.- I have lost faith in all politicians, especially eloquent ones, as they are the most dangerous. As a result, to me, Godla Mier's come back is just another eloquent politician trying to score points with voters.

      2.- As a confirmed atheist, I do not plan to observe the forthcoming Armageddon from anywhere and for this I am grateful.

      3.- I only hope that my love of our humanity might somehow influence someone through my writing... ;-)

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      The aim of any true leader should be to make themselves redundant, as new leaders of the same opinion replace them, in other words we should always be looking to get those we lead to assume leadership and bring others on towards leadership.

      Golda Mier, was told by the then POTUS "Golda you are fortunate, you have to rule over 3 million citizens, I have so many more to account to" to which she replied "Yes Mr President, but I rule over 3 million Presidents!"

      The emphasis of all true leadership must be to become redundant.

      At 62 years young I also do not expect to see it come about, and as a Christian, I expect to watch from a safe distance if it does come about, but I doubt very much that I would be more than an activist in bringing the change, my days of participation are over!

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK


      There is ONE bloody butcher that I rather admire ;-)))

      He is Kolokotronis, the military leader of the Greek revolution against the Turks, in 1821. At the time when he controlled the army he could have made himself a military dictator, or at least acted as one for the duration of the revolution.

      However, the first thing he did when he became Commander in Chief of the Greek forces, was to organize and to bring together prominent and respected civilians to create a civilian government which would order him about.

      Now THAT is what I call a democratic mentality.

      Let us hope that a gifted personality will come along who will be a TRUE believer in TRUE democracy and that he will practice what he believes in.

      If the alternatives I propose are not implemented, then I have no doubt that a bloody revolution will come sooner or later. But it will result out of hunger and I do not think that we have reached the absolute hunger stage as yet.

      I just hope that I shall not be around to see it - and I am old enough to expect my hopes to be realized... ;-)

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      LOL! You have more faith than me De Greek, and anyway the normal route for dying billionaires looking for immortality is to call the Vatican!

      Revolution is always bloody, it entails deposing those who hold power and resist change, the problem is whether those who depose them assume the same draconian power struggle, and history shows that they normally do.

      But that does not mean we should not remove the cancer we see, for it will give at least remission to the body, even if the cancer returns.

      The answer of course is to teach ourselves how to be healthy and equally spot the first signs of the 'disease' starting again, and deal with it before any new 'virus' of the power elite became epidemic.

      But either way, not a good outlook for us all right now.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      Shadesbreath and Aquasilver,

      Our options are limited:

      a) - We shall either have a bloody revolution, or

      b) - a dying billionaire who believes in the afterlife willing to finance the experiment.

      One or the other will come first - and it will come.

      I simply do not know which of the two will materialize first. Personally, I hope that it will be the dying billionaire looking for immortality ;-)))

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Thanks Shadesbreath, you explained that a whole heap better than I did, but then I am (as in the film) "Mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more" whereas you displayed reason and common sense!

    • Shadesbreath profile image


      6 years ago from California

      Aguasilver's call to eliminate the 500,000 who have it all speaks to the very, very, very brief blink of a comment you made at the end of the first section or so, about people who can't afford food revolt.

      I love you man, and your business mind shines like an arc flash in this series, but what you are suggesting requires tearing it down first. You think the Rothchilds are going to go along with anything you are suggesting? You think big pharmacological interests are going to let Joe London crank up a generics factory? ... Really?

      Home Depot and Walmart (and even Amazon, who seems so kind in making it possible for me to sell novels) all use the power of massive wealth to undercut pricing to keep the little guy (or even big but not big enough guy in the case of Amazon) from ever, ever making it. Your Joe London Heart Medicine factory would last exactly as long as it took Pfizer to decide they were going to bury them. A few million bucks of advertising cheap prices (commercials with dying babies being saved) and selling at half price, and Joe London Drugs goes tits up. Game over, back to the regular plan, as always.

      Furthermore, even if you did get the revolution you are calling for (that your plan needs), the new leaders would be all kind and benevolent (look at the signatory US constitutional peeps... most really did commit to it), and in two hundred and twenty-ish years, we've already totally f-ed it beyond recognition.

      Marx was right. Not the lame version that dumb people have of what he said, but what he actually said. Greed is greed, the plebes ARE stupid, because they just want the first three tiers of Maslow's pyramid. THe guys who push for the top levels always end up... well, on top.

      And nobody with a giant screen TV, a car, a Netflix subscription and enough beer and fast food to keep them going is ever going to grab a gun and fight to support Joe London's Drug company, even though the genius of our (US) founding fathers saw to it to make sure we had the Second Amendment for that exact reason. Our idiot people actually fight over the value of that while they get raped by The Controllers who laugh at them and pay to make sure all gun violence is hyped up on the media.

      I love what you are saying here, totally and unequivocally, but, frankly, it's just not going to happen in this world with these people sitting in front of these reality TV shows eating all this surplus genetically engineered food. They have just enough to not care what you are saying. The Controllers get that. In fact, getting that is the essence of being a controller. Only the Controllers who lose sight of that in history get the proletariat uprisings.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK


      It looks like there is just the two of us ;-)))))

      I am actually very pleased because a few people whose opinion I respect have contacted me privately to voice their support for these ideas.

      In fact, a highly respected economist has called them 'excellent and innovative' and promised to try to promote them. But he is a civil servant and is restricted by politicians ;-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      We just happen to have some land sitting on the edge of our harbour that is currently being bid on so another corporation can pillage the people in this area. A firm in NJ thought it would be viable for a large container terminal. In their report, they cited the mines closing and the steel plant shutting paving the way for cheap temporary labour. Some may be lucky enough to get jobs loading and unloading cargo. It made me sick. Why would they want to build here? Cheap access to European and Middle Eastern markets. I'm going to rant for a few more minutes so bear with me :)

      The Canadian European Trade Agreement would make it so we no longer have control over our own communities, not even where our drinking water comes from. Last year, there was a tour across Canada and still the deal is on the table. Have a look and see how far our Straussian NeoCon PM has already taken us. I kid you not.

      I live in an area where the young people have no choice but to travel to Alberta to work in the tar sands. There is nothing here. Unemployment is in the double digits and housing prices have skyrocketed (another story of greed and false inflation). If this project goes ahead as planned, it will seal our fate forever, turning us into much worse than a third-world nation. At least with emerging nations, there is hope. Here's the glossy view, which I'm confident you can see through quite well:

      The problem we are facing right now are the municipal elections. One particular candidate has already stated he will put a charter in place to allow him to make decisions arbitrarily by passing a law to eliminate requiring permission from the provincial government. He is a dangerous man whose words slip out like oil but he sways many people who don't understand the implications. I will stop now before I have a heart attack LOL.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      Canada is a big place Alexandra. Can you not get some government land on long term to try some experiments? I have some ideas ;-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I just watched the video on Barefoot Economics. While there is much bad news on the table right now, the good news is that those living in poverty are creative, resourceful, and happier than their wealthier counterparts. This indicates to me that the change will come from there... from the grassroots. Young people here are discouraged, angry, and feel left out of all decision-making and are completely justified. These same young people will work tirelessly for a cause they believe in - possibly the very people to build such a system. Yes, there are many here in Canada who don't bother to try and live off the system but I truly believe the root cause is a feeling of hopelessness. What motivation is there in trading your life for $10 an hour and not having enough to pay rent and buy food? What kind of future do they see? Perhaps if there were a better future in store, an opportunity to excel and use their talents, these same young people may surprise us with their contribution.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      drbj Sweetheart, I know exactly when these ideas will rule the world. When it snows in the Philippines in July ;-))))

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      6 years ago from south Florida

      I commend you, Dimi, for your research and potential solutions to our current political/economic situation. Your ingenious ideas have merit. Would they be accepted by the people they would benefit?

      Probably not.

      Speaking for the U.S. population, our citizens have been thoroughly brainwashed by exposure to what they see on the Internet, television and films. Under the current administration, many young folks believe they are entitled to benefits (food stamps, free cell phones, subsidized housing, etc.) without having to earn them by actually working.

      I am not denigrating your proposals by any means, just suggesting how difficult it may be to implement them.

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK


      I shall follow your career in the police reports of nine 0'clock news with interest... ;-)))))

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      "I am a devoted admirer of Gandhi, so I tend to lean towards more peaceful solutions"

      Me too De Greek, but on the other hand, if I ever discovered I had cancer, the well being of the cancer cells would not be my priority, and destroying them would over power my kindly regard for all life.

      There are times when survival of the majority outweighs the right of life to the minority, especially when the minority in question have an avowed policy of carrying out a eugenics program to reduce world population from 7 billion to 500 million (slaves, servants and middle management) souls to facilitate their existences.

      Hitler was another good example... If I had killed him in 1933 I would have been a murderer, do the same thing in 1943 and I would have saved countless deaths and been hailed as a hero.

      As one of the 6.5 billion marked out for elimination (as a 'useless air breather') I reserve the right to eliminate the cancer of our planet, and I say that as a follower of Christ who believes in turning the other cheek.

      But even Christ threw the money changers out of the temple, and this world is our 'temple' to be swept clean of detritus on occasion, before the accumulation of garbage poisons us all.

      Interesting reading, should help your cause!

      John ;)

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK


      When you are hungry, morality goes out of the window. A person’s ‘personal attitude’ is first formulated by his ability to simply survive.

      If your only option to survive is to be a miner, a soldier or a domestic servant, then you have NO choice and you are a SLAVE.

      Both communism and capitalism - as we have experienced them - have failed. What I am proposing is PRACTICALISM, a means to create FREE citizens in a true DEMOCRACY, who are able to support themselves and their families with DIGNITY. To create citizens who have a CHOICE.

      Once this is achieved, then you will still have crooks, rapists and criminals of all sorts. We are human being and we are flawed. Regrettably, a perfect world is not possible, but those of us who think can at least try to make it a better one. ;-)))

    • SilentReed profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines

      Like R.H.Tawney, an Englishman, what you are suggesting is an egalitarian society where there is political, social and economic equality. A utopia. Capitalism, he argued encourages acquisitiveness and corrupts everyone. Criiticisng individualism he wrote " No change of system or machinery can avert those causes of social malaise which consist in the egotism, greed or quarrelsomness of human nature."

      Modern society may have created an environment in which these qualities are not encourage but it cannot secure that people will live up to their principles or precepts of moral behavior. It cannot control their actions.

      Systems are no more than the personification of a person's basic attitude. Although some may be better than others, they are not perfect. In today's worship of material possession, consumption with no thought of conservation and a higher standard of living ( what once were luxuries to our forefathers have become necessities for us.) Capitalism in the form of private enterprise employs the human urges of greed and envy as it's powerful motive. Progress comes with a price. Like the tectonic movements beneath the earth's crusts, economic tsunamis do occur from time to time.:)

      Along the line of your proposal, you might find E.F.Schumacher's "Small is beautiful" in which he writes about economics as if people matter interesting.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Okay.... probably a better idea than making all that mess... lol

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK


      The falsification of history is an important tool of those who rule our lives.

      Instead of the guillotine, let us try to give people the truth along with options on how to obtain true freedom and true democracy. PASS THE WORD!!! ;-)))

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      aguasilver –

      I am a devoted admirer of Gandhi, so I tend to lean towards more peaceful solutions ;-))

      The information you have provided is very interesting and useful. Thank you ;-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I was in shock reading about Winston Churchill! That is not the same portrait of the man who is in the school history books. Once I got over my initial surprise (and horror), I thought of all the Irish condemned to death in the 1800s while British ships containing Ireland's crops drifted just out of reach while the food rotted. Only now are we uncovering some of the truth of that time. Where is that darn guillotine?

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      6 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Alternatively, we could simply 'eliminate' the 500,000 folk who control 80% of the worlds trade and thereby abolish ALL debts, then reinstate a sovereign currency no longer issued at interest by the banksters.

      Once we had done that, your plan would work extremely well.

      55 Major banks own 1300+ trans-global corporations, who control 43,000+ global corporations who between themselves control 80% of the worlds production of just about everything...

      The 55 major banks are controlled by the Rothschild's.

      Enough said, pass out the ammunition and sharpen the guillotines!

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      Friend Christopheranton

      Your argument is exactly the same one used by the ruling class to enslave the British people.

      And because I was sorry to have upset you in a previous article, let me give you the long version of my answer in THREE parts:

      PART 1:

      a) All children will be given the opportunity be the best they can be.

      b) Some children might never be able to achieve university level academic standards and may end up as factory workers, carpenters or plumbers. But at least they will be CULTURED factory workers, carpenters and plumbers.

      c) The British people have proven themselves to be inventors innovators and discoverers. I would rather have them export ideas, inventions, discoveries and scientists instead of shoes.

      PART 2

      a) All of this writing here is the result of a visit I made to a National Trust run ‘Workhouse’ at Southwell, which is not far from where I live.

      b) I came out of that building steaming with FURY at the people who had allowed such an atrocious horror to be deliberately built at a time when Britain had 20% of the world’s wealth in its hand.

      c) The wealth of Britain at the time was such as to do away with poverty amongst its people for ever – yet poverty was imposed in order to ensure sufficient supplies of working class people to fight as soldiers, to dig mines, to work the mills and to provide servants for the ruling class.

      d) If you saw a recent BBC documentary called “Servants”, you will have seen how the ruling class tried SYSTEMATICALLY to keep the British people enslaved as ‘domestics’ in 17 hour a day jobs at minimal pay, just to suit themselves

      PART 3

      I used to be a great admirer of Churchill. Then I learned of the following incidents which turned my stomach and I just could no longer admire him or forgive him:

      a) ’DRIVE THE RATS BACK DOWN THEIR HOLES’ - This is a quote from Winston Churchill that you do not often come across and he said this about striking Welsh miners in 1911. Churchill was himself a member of the ruling Class and his contempt for the masses was typical of his class. Anyone not of his ‘class’ was expendable and unworthy of the slightest consideration – unless they were needed for a specific purpose.

      b) In 1943 Winston Churchill diverted food from India to feed people in Britain and Greece. The result was a large-scale famine which caused up to FOUR MILLION Indians to starve to death. "The starvation of anyway underfed Bengalis is less serious" …. than that of…. "sturdy Greeks", he argued. This is a historic fact, so please look it up.

      c) Also from Churchill and again please look it up: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion." In any case, according to him, the famine was not his fault but theirs for "breeding like rabbits".

      d) When you play God and you condemn FOUR MILLION human beings to starvation BECAUSE OF RACE, how do you distinguish yourself from Hitler?

      It is people like this who have ruled our lives and are still ruling our destinies even now, but they brainwash us into thinking in terms of - “How are you going to retain production in the factories and the farms when all the children are educated to "Eton" and University standard?”

      If I have answered your point successfully, please let me know ;-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I like it! That's actually a very good solution and the theory would work at every level of government - municipal through Federal. I'm looking forward to your answer to Christopher Anton :)

    • De Greek profile imageAUTHOR

      De Greek 

      6 years ago from UK

      SilverGenes – My system is not possible with a corrupt government in power. A government (under whatever party name) whose very existence depends on “The Controllers” could not possibly go against “The Controllers” interests.

      The companies you refer to were bankrupt and were saved with tax payers money - supposedly for the sake of the employees’ jobs. Instead they saved the billionaires who owned the shares of these companies.


      What if the worthless shares of these bankrupt companies were taken over by the government who used tax payers’ money to save them and those shares then offered to the employees of the companies to buy through salary deductions?

      The result would have been that

      • the billionaire shareholders who squandered the wealth of the companies would have paid for their incompetence

      • the jobs would have been saved

      • the workers would gradually pay the debt to the taxpayers and would become the owners of their own industry

      • the $14 billion in profits you refer to would now be spent on community high streets creating true wealth for everyone affected

      • alternatively, the $14 billion in profits could have gone towards paying the debt owed by the companies to the taxpayers

      Howzat!!!? ;-)))))

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      6 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      I can see one snag straightaway. How are you going to retain production in the factories and the farms when all the children are educated to "Eton" and University standard? They won't want to work at such "plebian" occupations.

      There are some nice ideas here but they don't strike me as very workable. I may be wrong though.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm coming back to study this plan in greater detail but wanted you to know that this is a very intriguing plan.

      Question: The incentive to employ more people by cutting taxes would work if major corporations were actually paying taxes, which at the present time, they are not (GM, Ford). The problem is that in spite of $14 billion in profits, both these companies expect tax refunds. How would you ensure this doesn't happen in your economic plan?

      I'll be back to study more :)


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