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Abortion From My Brain

Updated on July 24, 2015

You save Thousands of $$$'s having an abortion over an adoption.

Everyone I know has strong feelings about abortion. I understand where people are coming from on both sides of the argument.

On one side, you can't allow children that have no opportunity because there mother and father don't want the child to be forced to struggle through a life they never choose. Health of the baby, the mother, economic factors, ETC ETC.

The other side says life is life and ending it is murder. The only time it is appropriate to abort a child is to save the life of the mother.

In Roe vs Wade Writing for the majority, Harry A. Blackmun noted that only a “compelling state interest” justifies regulations limiting “fundamental rights” such as privacy and that legislators must therefore draw statutes narrowly “to express only the legitimate state interests at stake.” The court then attempted to balance the state’s distinct compelling interests in the health of pregnant women and in the potential life of fetuses. It placed the point after which a state’s compelling interest in the pregnant woman’s health would allow it to regulate abortion “at approximately the end of the first trimester” of pregnancy. With regard to fetuses, the court located that point at “capability of meaningful life outside the mother’s womb,” or viability.

That last line is a tricky one "capability of Meaningful life" Who decides what life is meaningful and what life isn't meaningful?

About the only things I have created other than mischief is new menu items for restaurants that are now closed. Has my life been meaning full? If I was born ten years later would I have been aborted because my life might not be meaningful? If I had been aborted what would have those restaurants done with my my creations? Hummmm.

Don't get me wrong I understand the need for abortion but I hate it. If some woman aborted my child I would pray the wrath of God rain down on her. But I see people everyday that are struggling with the children they have and are distraught at the though of the child they are about to have.

Because of a bottle of wine and the fact they were alone for the first time in a year they created a baby on there anniversary, now they are going to pay for it for at least 18 years raising a child they can not afford to raise properly.

I can't help but believe that if the conservative party stopped spending billions of dollars fighting Roe V Wade and put the money in to better adoption services there would be a lot less need for abortion.

Have you ever looked into adoption? If you get a child it will cost you.

A voluntary adoption of a newborn through a non-profit agency will generally cost between $10,000 and $25,000. Attorney adoptions of newborns generally run from $20,000 to $30,000.
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Why does it cost so much?

First, there are no government funds for a baby voluntarily placed for adoption, as there are for children removed due to abuse and neglect. However, the state does regulate agencies setting standards and oversight requirements for adoptions,
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In order for government to help the child has to be abused first. You can not even adopt a family member with out paying tens of thousands of dollars.

So if your sister comes to you crying because she is pregnant with a child she knows she can't raise properly it is going to cost you a minimum of ten thousand dollars to help her legally, unless of course she has an abortion.

What if instead of protesting in front of abortion clinics with signs calling people horrible names people were able to sit down with the woman getting an abortion and offer an option that both parties could afford. Maybe protest Congress until they make it as easy to adopt as it is to have an abortion.

By the way way if you ever protested in-front of a abortion clinic and have never tried to adopt a child you are part of the problem not the solution, because it is way cheaper to get an abortion than it is to adopt an unwanted child.

The price of an abortion can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand. This range is based upon a number of factors, including stage of pregnancy, type of abortion procedure, geographical region and choice of anesthesia.

So you save somewhere in the neighborhood of ten grand by having an abortion.

Maybe just maybe the conservatives in Government could use the money they are wasting on a law that seems to be perfect because nobody likes it, and spend the money making adoption a affordable option to everyone.

There are a lot of good people who would like to adopt a child but the twenty thousand dollars makes it imposable. Besides if you have twenty grand laying around wouldn't you rather put it towards your new child's education instead of lining the pockets of lawyers and supporting government programs?

The fight goes on and on and on.


If adoption was affordable

If the cost of an abortion and an adoption were the same would you reconsider an abortion?

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Abortion Reasons


Children in Foster Care on September 30, 2013 =402,378

As of September 30th Years Mean 8.9 Median 8.2 Age as of September 30th Sex Percent Number Male 52%210,738 Female 48%191,608

Children Entering Foster Care during FY 2013 =254,904

Children Exiting Foster Care during FY 2013 =238,280

Children Waiting to be Adopted on September 30, 2013 =101,840 Waiting children are identified as children who have a goal of adoption and/or whose parents’ parental rights have been terminated. Children 16 years old and older whose parents’ parental rights have been terminated and who have a goal of emancipation have been excluded from the estimate. on September 30, 2013 =101,840

Children Adopted with Public Agency Involvement in FY 2013 =50,608

Is Abortion for the poor?



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