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Why do young people turn to drugs?

Updated on December 10, 2011
Teenage Heroin User
Teenage Heroin User

Why young people take drugs

Young people take drugs for three main reasons; firstly - recreational use, secondly - to block bad memories out and thirdly - it’s all they know. It’s important to remember young people don’t just start taking drugs randomly, it always stems from somewhere. Obviously it’s much better to nip it in the bud but most time parents or care givers don’t find out until it’s too late (when they’re hooked).

It’s better to find out as much information as you can from the youth in a calm way. Finding out about his/her drugs use is very hard and you can’t expect them to easily open up. Once you have managed to gain relevant information, you are then able to act upon the situation. There are many services for young people with drug addictions you can look on the internet or in your telephone directory. In my personal opinion the best place to seek advice and a real referral is your Doctor or General Practitioner.

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Why do they start taking drugs?

Like I stated before there are usually three main reasons why young people take drugs:

  • Recreational use - This is when a person is only taking the substance socially, if a young person has stated this type of use then less support is required from outside services.
  • Blocking bad memories - If a young person is trying to remove an emotional pain, sometimes they turn to drugs as it does what it’s designed to do, make you forget your life, your surroundings. For that split second you’re not yourself. You have no cares no worries and everything is okay. If a young person is expressing this type of use then this will require more support from outside organizations (counselling, family mediation) and a lot of support from family and friends.
  • It’s all they know - It’s a sad factor but it’s a real situation that many children and young people face in their life, if there is no government/state intervention then more than likely that young person will become a product of their environment. They will follow the same path as their parents. If this is the case for any young person social services must be notified as soon as possible.

Fixing the problem


It is important to identify the route of the problem before just diving in. You need to make sure the young person is ready to take action; you can’t just force them to do something it never works!

With any drug programmes, there are certain requirements from the young person depending on the drug they take i.e. heroine for your methadone prescription you would have to provide a urine sample.

There are many different treatments available for drug users; it all depends on what suits them


·         Relaxation

·         Aroma therapies

·         Acupuncture

·         Prescription medicines

·         Sleep teas

·         Detox

·         Rehabs

·         Counselling

Facts about the help out there

There isn’t enough help out there for young people with drug abuse issues, so you need to know where best to go and what suite the young person.

When a young person especially someone your close to is taking drugs it’s easy to get angry about the situation, but remember you need to offer support and guidance. You never can get angry at them, well not to their face at least. That is just giving them an excuseto do it more.

A lot of drug dependent people, when in the process of becoming “clean,” do relapse. Always remember there’s an underling issue, so once again give more support and don’t get mad!

Many Young people succumb to taking drugs and they always have a reason. Drugs are becoming a normality within society, most people won’t admit to it but most have tried some type of drug in their life time.


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    • profile image

      Anon daily smoker 3 years ago

      The idea that drug use had to stem from somewhere is a gross generalisation. I've not been pressured into taking anything nor have i had an experience to make me want to tale drugs, i've smoke cannabis at least once a week for the last 8 years and have occasionally dabbled in psychedelics such as acid and shrooms, ecstacy or ketamine at parties sometimes and every other weekend or so i'll enjoy some coke and let me tell you something, they're fun as hell and i feel

      A heck of a lot more in control on them than i do when drinking! I've seen many people be torn apart by alcoholism but due to the legal status of drugs you label them all with this "devil" like sticker open your eyes and realise its not the substance its the frame of mind.

    • profile image

      hailey 6 years ago

      this is very well wright-en but coming from one of those teens i would have to agree on that when i had started it was because of family problems i did not want to face the pain and watch the truth witch was painful no good memories of my mom and when i lived with her i did drugs with her at least then we were happy but now that i am clean i see how my choice effected the people i love and i would do a whole lot to be able to take that time i spent high and then spending time with my family the drug really does make you loose your self well nice reading your page it is very good you did not judge so thank you god bless your heart with all love your friend hailey

    • profile image

      rhino4life20 7 years ago

      As a past drug use of over a decade and losing friends, family, and self to drug use, I feel like there are may issues and reasons to why we use. I know that you try to keep it concise as to why we use, but it's much simpler. We use because we can, most of the time, the drugs we use are given to us by the same doctors that are there to "help" us. I pry that one day the world will go after the real drug dealers, the pharmaceutical companies and doctors who search for money, and nothing more.

    • Paradise7 profile image

      Paradise7 8 years ago from Upstate New York

      This is a very decent hub on a problem that's more and more prevalent, every day. I like your approach, your non-judgemental approach, to helping the kids, so much.