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Dugway Proving Ground Couldn't Control My Husband's Addiction But You Trust Them With Biological Weapons

Updated on March 24, 2016
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Brynn's early life was magical, but her love of adventure and the unknown soon took her down darker paths. Destination: Enlightenment.

Entrance to the Dugway Proving Ground.
Entrance to the Dugway Proving Ground. | Source

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm starting to hate you. And I'm not surprised you messed up.

I'm actually surprised it isn't much worse, and that no one, that we know of, has died.

For two years, my now ex-husband, Sgt. Karl Miller, worked in your lab. I refused to bring our children to Dugway because I know what you do there. Although I see the necessity of these kinds of tests, I don't have to be a party to them.

For the two years he worked at Dugway, Karl had a raging addiction to prescription painkillers. I only found this out during our divorce, when I combed through his medical records to try to find an answer as to why my family is in ruins. While he was working at Dugway, he admitted to me that he and his friend were not only using oxy as prescribed, but also crushing and snorting them. They were also drinking heavily. This combination led to the DUI he got sometime in September 2013.

I could almost forgive your ignorance, except that everyone that worked with him is supposed to be a medical expert. The majority of you are researchers, but I would think that at least one of you in the bunch could see the symptoms of a painkiller addiction. If not before the DUI, then definitely afterwards.

Even if he had been taking the prescribed dose, how could he effectively function in your lab? His prescribed dose was 4 10 mg/325 mg Percocets EVERY DAY, in addition to 3 time-release synthetic morphine tablets. Again, I know what kind of work you do in that lab. I know about the special Dugway cemetery, where the people who are so toxic to the outside world, they are eternally stuck at Dugway Proving Ground, sealed in special boxes.

How could you give so much responsibility to a drug addict? How could you not see it?

And why did you cut him loose to wreak havoc upon his family?

Additionally, Karl apparently came home with piles upon piles of sensitive research and medical records. Records marked "Top Secret" and "Eyes Only." The piles upon piles of data from cholinesterase testing. Piles upon piles of documents that contained the sensitive medical information and social security numbers from a good number of the people stationed at Dugway. I was able to send these back to you because I had kicked him out. He didn't know I found them.

When people PCS or ETS from Dugway, do you seriously not check whether they are basically stealing Top Secret documents from a post that conducts biological, chemical and nuclear weapons tests? I found them - at least 2 inches of paperwork - when trying to find more medical records so that I could prove that he is unstable and needs to be kept away from our son.

What is your excuse for not finding them when he left? (And now I remember the lady I talked to that joked about having to search everyone when they leave. Not ... really funny.)

When he was first stationed there - already in the throes of a serious drug addiction - I did research on the Dugway Proving Ground. What I found horrified me. Unfortunately, it is probably out of the realm of possibility that anyone will ever shut you down. If it was in my power, I would shut you down today.

You were complicit in the devastation of our family. You knew, in the end, how out of control he was. You probably knew how bad his addiction was. And no one warned me. You got him out of the lab and dumped him on us. You did this to his son. So you could save your own faces, you made his son a martyr.

So no, I am not surprised.

You have risked the very lives of the people who received those shipments of anthrax. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn't. All I know is: You let my drug-addicted husband run a good part of that lab while strung out on a daily dose of oxy that would make most addicts jealous. Weapons research and development is an unfortunate necessity. So if sending shipments of anthrax to unknowing recipients was truly an accident, I hope you will see this first as a blessed miracle you didn't kill anybody and secondly as an opportunity to make the lab at the Dugway Proving Grounds as safe as possible.

Without any drug addicts.

© 2015 Carrie Peterson


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      Wow, that is some heavy stuff. Not only is the military conducting research in deadly biological weapons, but they are extremely careless about it too. Interesting hub.