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Advertisement, Sells and Marketing in Wired World

Updated on September 18, 2018

Advertisement, Sells and Marketing -Selling of Revolution and Future of Society

Advertisement is essential for sells. In this world this concept along with method and methodologies are changing fast. Initially it was world of mouth first and best form of advertisement. Everything needs a sells pitch, when one goes for interview he sells himself through his Resume, his own presentation and his talk.

Products and Technology need its own sell pitch, but this concept is gone far from this simple words. The technology and media has changed it fully and it is changed beyond reorganization. Medium is the first and foremost thing to reach the audience. This medium is called media.

This media was initially very simple, world of mouth or person to person. This is the best, still works best but you can not reach globalised world.

Then different print media, books, news paper, magazines came into existence and visual media like hoarding and many more things. When media has changed reach has also changed, creativity has also changed and whole thought process which created this has changed.

But this world is changing very-very fast. Whole concept of reach is changing. Not only the methods, media, medium and thoughts are changing. The process of creating thoughts has changing.

Visual Media like Radio, TV came into every home and changed the concept itself. Mobile phone and many technologies changed it.

World of advertisement is changed to virtual world, Google along with all search engine along with online presence become inseparable thought in today’s environment. Success is measured in hits and followers.

Social Media like Face Book, Twitter are selling everything.

No not only the product but also the revolutions.


The Concept of Communication

Communication is transfer and understanding of messages from one entity to another. Animals do communications. They have their own language to communicate. Honey Bees are known for best for this in animal Kingdom. But all animals do communicate. These animals do communicate with human being also. They understand the signals, symbols and messages communicated using different means. Animals understand messages coming from nature very well. They understands if any calamity is coming, natural disaster coming using their senses.

These senses and chemicals and smell are just different medium and means of communication for animals.

Similarly Human being has developed its language and communicates using these languages. But symbols and senses remains vital part of communication. Some feelings can not be communicated in world. Some time joy and grief just do not have enough words to express.

Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another; it involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver (U.S. Army, 1983). Effective communication occurs only if the receiver understands the exact information or idea that the sender intended to transmit. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the either the direct result of people failing to communicate and/or processes, which leads to confusion and can cause good plans to fail (Mistry, Jaggers, Lodge, Alton, Mericle, Frush, Meliones, 2008).

Studying the communication process is important because you coach, coordinate, counsel, evaluate, and supervise throughout this process. It is the chain of understanding that integrates the members of an organization from top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side.

The Basics - Advertising is providing information, calling attention to, and making known something that you want to sell or promote.

More Detail - Advertising is a message designed to promote or sell a product, a service, or an idea. Advertising reaches people through varied types of mass communication. In everyday life, people come into contact with many different kinds of advertising. Printed ads are found in newspapers and magazines. Poster ads are placed in buses, subways, and trains. Neon signs are scattered along downtown streets. Billboards dot the landscape along our highways. Commercials interrupt radio and television programming.

Advertising is a multibillion dollar industry (more than $100 billion a year) in the U.S. In many businesses, sales volume depends on the amount of advertising done. Manufacturers try to persuade people to buy their products. Business firms use advertising to promote an "image" for their company. Businesses use advertising to gain new customers and increase sales.

Individuals, political candidates and their parties, organizations and groups, and the government also advertise. The armed forces uses ads to recruit volunteers. Special interest groups promote a cause or try to influence people's thoughts and actions. Politicians use ads to try to win votes. And people advertise in newspapers to sell cars, homes, property, or other items.

Technology and Social Media

Technology and Social Media

Technology has changed our behaviors and the way we talked with each other, our communication has changed. Slowly and slowly we are living in wired world where everything is in public domain. No one surely knows why it is there? How it came there?

Mobile has changed the world of doing business; yes you can do everything with mobile.

All application is available and they are handy, it is your most powerful business tool. Get connected all the time and communicate. This is not only the thing which is there, it has your life along with all your secrets stored in it.

Within our modern world, each of us is constantly on the move. The work ethic of today’s prime workforce is of utmost efficiency and potential. This has a lot to do with modern methods of communication. Social Networking, Cell Phones, Internet, you name it - there's always a way to relay a message onward. To be frank, I believe that cell phones have interrupted the very essence of human communication.

Sure, smart phones place the digital world in the palm of your hand, but are they worth it? As with all technology, it comes down to how you choose to use it. The same device that can mobilize a political movement also allows you to check your e-mail during a family dinner.

Smart Phones and the Developing World

To really examine the benefits of smart phone technology, it helps to look at its impact on in low-income portions of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. In countries such as Nigeria, smart phones continue to enable positive social, political and economic change.

Political Change

Recent Development in Tunisia, Egypt and its effect on Arab World is really the outcome of Social Media. The role Played by social media in these uprising. “A single small development in one Town has become the symbol of Change. Symbol of Revolution”. “This is what exactly social media can do, change single incident into symbol of Change.”

Revolution ……….of social media…………media…………..twitter…………facebook.

They all point to importance of communication, and how enabling communication is really the key to harness the explosive network effect of social network. Contrary to popular belief, they all talk about content, as we know them, is not the king.

It's important to find something to talk about (content), but sharing any story (communication), even as banal as talking about how the weather was, is equally or more important as the content itself because it reveals who you are as a person when you communicate

Social Media is a communications channel and not a marketing tactic!

Rather than think of Social Media as part of the marketing toolkit, it would be more accurate to consider Social Media as a communications channel. Social Media isn't a one-way advertising medium but a channel for two-way (or more) dialog; it is much more akin to the telephone or email than to an ad medium such as TV or print.

It would seem the current and future impact of Social Media is not being felt or understood throughout organizations quite yet. If it were, the preponderance of blog posts and questions being asked at Social Media panels wouldn't be framed in the context of marketing. Marketers are to be congratulated for being quick to recognize the opportunities of Social Media, but if they really want to be sure their organizations are getting a jump on this new communications trend, they need to stop thinking only from the frame of reference of advertising and start encouraging a coordinated effort throughout the organization.

Social media is no longer seen as a new technology. Rather it is distinguished as a new communication tool that allows for direct communication in a comfortable and convenient space, and a way in which to get one’s message across instantaneously.

It will not allowed when it does not suit.

Change has Arrived

Change…………peoples are hungry for change………….Waiting for Change

When Barrak Hussain Obama own the Election, he own it on one thing and i.e. Change………”Change has Arrived.” Unfortunately nothing has changed after that. World was looking for positive Change, which is not delivered and is still due. Only thing which is delivered is Noble Prize to Barack Hussain Obama on his promise to change.

Peoples are Hungry and waiting for change. If we look at uprising across world, it is very clear. Poor, Hungry and Oppressed are looking for Change. The infallible are gone in days. Tunisia, Egypt are example. Whole Arab world is facing uprising and voice of change are getting bigger and bigger.

If we look at role played by Social Media and Media in this uprising it is enormous. One just can not deny how Technology changed the game. Today challenges are bigger. To deliver…………Technology can bring the change but it can not deliver the required results. It is only human being with their efforts can changed lives of people.

The world is Hungry for Change.

How well known peoples working to changed lives of masses

Bill and Linda Gates - Aids and Health is at heart of Bill and Linda Gates Change Initiative.

Warren Buffet - Spending his wealth to become this world to be better to live.

George Soros - Financing Democratic Change across World. He spent more than 6 billion USD for promoting Democratic Change.

N R Narayan Murthy - Has extensively invested is charity.

Azim Premji - Education is his mission.

Aga Khan Foundation - Welfare without discrimination.

Mohd Yunus of Grameen Bank - Money for poor.

But Real Change is Far away, world is hungry looking for change. Peace, Justice and Equality in this world. Where no one is remain oppressed.

Man of Peace - Man of Revolution

Selling Revolution - The Social Media Way

“Selling of Revolution and Uprising using Social Media”

Change for Peace, Justice and Equality

Those today overthrown themselves are product of Revolution. They came to power for change through Revolution. Unfortunately they never delivered on their promise of change.

Change is most difficult in life.

Barack Obama came to power for change. What he delivered. Change is still to come, it will never come. This is all for the power.

There is only one way to change. Those who talked of change and revolution should change themselves first.

These peoples live needs to be symbol of change, symbol of peace and justice. Selfless leaders can only deliver change. We all are waiting.

Peace ………Justice……….Equality

Akhwanul Muslimin

Jamat I Islami

Islamic Salvation Front


All hopes are on You……… is waiting for peace and justice.

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Waiting for Change

The Departure


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