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Airport Protests Rock Nation in Support of Refugees (VIDEO)

Updated on January 28, 2017
Image at Protest Facebook Page
Image at Protest Facebook Page

On Saturday evening, a day after President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning all people, regardless of visa status, from the countries of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the US, protesters descending on many major US airports to denounce the ban and express solidarity with Muslims.

Chanting "Let them in" and "Immigrants welcomed here," protesters in large numbers took to Facebook to spontaneously organize the protests. The protests have been peaceful and many are slated to continue into tomorrow.

The following events have been posted on social media:

JFK in New York
Newark in NJ
Dulles in VA
White House in DC
SFO in San Francisco
OR in Florida
CHI (O'Hare) in IL

In related news, hours after the ban was signed, a mosque in Texas burned to the ground. Investigators have not yet determined the cause.

Mosque in Victoria, Texas
Mosque in Victoria, Texas


A federal judge has issued a stay of the Trump executive order, holding that travelers from the affected countries who hold valid visas cannot banned from entering the country. Judge Ann Donnelly wrote in her decision, in a lawsuit filed by the ACLU, that government could not ban:

“individuals with refugee applications approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services as part of the US Refugee Admissions Program, holders of valid immigrant and non-immigrant visas, and other individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen legally authorized to enter the United States.”


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    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 13 months ago from Florida

      The President puts a 120 day TEMPORARY ban up, until better vetting policies are in place... and the lunatics go nuts, when Obama did this with Iraq (or was it Iran) no one had any issues with it... People wonder how it was Jumbo Jets were flown into buildings and no one stopped them. They wonder how a whacko who had spelled out he was going to kill Americans and bought his arsenal here legally despite being on the FBI watch list was able to kill 50 people in Orlando. THIS IS WHY! Because lunatics have taken over the asylum and won't let the people put in place to protect them do their jobs.

      All the anti-American forces at work in our country, all the terrorist loving, open border factions, etc. will fight him every step of the way... and the media will outright LIE to you about what is going on... as if that hasn't been evidenced time and time again over the past few years. They don't even care about facts anymore, that is why more than half the country has just tuned ALL media from the NYTimes to MSNBC out completely. We don't have news anymore in America... we have propaganda outlets, propaganda owned and run by forces that do NOT care about what is best for Americans or America.