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Is Political Protesting the "in" Thing to Do? The Start of "Vanity Protesting".

Updated on October 3, 2017

The truth about recent media induced social hysteria and vanity protests in United States.

In the morning we get up, grab a cup of coffee, and check social media. What’s going on in the world? What’s going on in our country? Throughout the history of the United States the right to protest has brought about great change such as the end of segregation and women’s right to vote. Who wouldn’t want to say they were with Martin Luther King Jr at Selma?

Protests/marches are usually a demonstration against the status quo. The status quo of segregation was the separation of Black people from white people. The status quo of the Women’s Suffrage movement was the right to vote. More recently people have marched and protested for the right of homosexuals to marry same sex partners. All of these movements challenged an existing lack of consideration for a specific demographic. All of these protests had a goal in mind, a purpose for which they demanded social responsibility.

The recently protesting has become a social fad fueled by fear with followers who latch onto any rhetoric in hopes of drawing media attention. When questioned, protesters make vague accusations or state unrealistic/unfounded fears. This is a type of social hysteria that is fed through inaccurate information on social media or poorly represented news organizations. The people involved in these new protests and marches are not in the protest game to change the world. These people are “Vanity Protesters”, protesting to proclaim their own greatness in a false cause. When you log onto the internet you see tons of pictures of them with their signs or standing with friends smiling holding their Starbucks cups. They want to be a part of something but, all the real civil rights battles have been won.

The Women's March is going to go down in history as the largest march ever, yet the reason for the march will most likely read "people were disgruntled over the presidential election results". The history books are not going to tout this behavior as heroic or ground breaking. Half the people I knew that attended the march thought the march was simply about sisterhood. In fact I was invited to join this celebration of sisterhood. Being the person I am, I asked one simple question of the march organizers "What is the purpose of this march?" My question was met with hostility. I asked a question that no one wanted to answer. I was told that the movement was for gay rights yet the organizers listed appropriate sign verbiage as "my body my choice". I was told the march is for everyone yet, women supporting anti-abortion were told not to attend. USA Today (2017), reported that the organization Students for life was spat on by other marchers and ridiculed for carrying antiabortion signs.

Normal everyday people are not racist, homophobic, and they don’t care what women do with their own bodies. However, the election has brought out the worst traits in the American culture, people who believe their lives are threatened by the government. Unlike the civil rights movement these vanity protesters claim to be protesting what “could “ happen. If we all stood around making up hypothetical situations we could protest everyday of our lives, because hypothetical situations can be endlessly created. We can protest the possible round up of Muslims on Monday, and then protest the hypothetical reversal of Roe Vs Wade on Tuesday, Wednesday we can protest something local like the hypothetical legalization of crack cocaine. The point is you are not changing the world by protesting hypothetical situations.

What’s in it for the Marchers/protesters?

Motivation is important in understanding why someone would risk being arrested in order to protest. What are these people getting out of protesting? This type of protesting is ego driven. While each person who steps onto the street may say they have a specific reason for being there, the reality is that without a clear cause they are just participating in their own self inflated importance. By showing up these people are really saying “look at me” I’m an activist, I care about social issues, and I’m important. Yet on a level of being dedicated to a cause, none of them are dedicated or even united in anything other than their hate of anyone who opposes them, including other women.

The end result of the Women's March that professed to be about gay rights was that they allowed a speaker named Donna Hylton who was convicted of beating a gay man to death and served time in prison, to address the women at the march (Washington Examiner, 2017). Out of all the voices to have been heard that day Hylton was the most important because her presence unveiled the truth that this protest was not about the rights of all people, it was not about rights at all. If you had told those millions of people that a woman convicted of torturing a gay man was going to speak, most people would have stayed home. Instead the masses unknowingly supported Hylton in her behavior by showing up to hear speak, not about her remorse or about repentance. No Hylton spoke about women's rights and justice reform. Well obviously the man she beat to death had no rights. The next time you leave the house with a sign in hand, remember Donna Hylton and ask yourself "what and who's agenda am I promoting" or am I "just a vanity protester".

Women’s March Organizers Announce “Day Without A Woman” General Strike Next Month March 8, 201
Women’s March Organizers Announce “Day Without A Woman” General Strike Next Month March 8, 201 | Source
Berkeley protests peaceful as hundreds rally over Coulter
Berkeley protests peaceful as hundreds rally over Coulter | Source


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    • michelleonly3 profile imageAUTHOR

      MD Jackson MSIOP 

      3 years ago from Western United States


      I am not anti-feminist. I am anti-stupidity. These women were not marching for a cause. Women are the breadwinner in 40% of all households. Why? We are a culture that no longer values long term relationships. We are a culture that sensationalizes cheating, lying, and basically acting like an idiot. We do not make marriages look like a noble institution. We do not value men in their roles in the home. Men who stay married and raise their own kids are a almost like superheroes or mythological creatures. When you treat an entire gender like they don't matter, then don't be surprised when you wake up alone.

      Yes men need to get it together, but they are not alone in that. Women need to step up, be more respectful of their relationships and RAISE THEIR CHILDREN RIGHT! Single parent households account for 85% of the inmate population. That's what removing dads from the home will do for a country.

      The roles of men in the home have been marginalized by women who believe that having a career is more important than raising their children to be good people. I was a single parent for a while, it's tough. One person cant be both parents.

      As for the sexual assault, no one is for sexual assault. All women can do is educate themselves and carry pepper spray. Women also need to know the difference between someone asking you out and a sexual assault. It's not the same thing. A coworker can ask you out without it being harassment. You can't force a woman to go out with you. That is just a silly thing to say. Do men lie to get a date, sure they do and women do it too.

      Women don't need to be recognized. If we want to be equals then we need to act like it, that is not what these women want. They want special treatment from the general public. Well we use to have that, it was called manners. Men opened doors and they addressed women with respect. Well those days are gone. We can't have it both ways.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Men are not going away because you are sick of sexual assault and harrassment, that is pretty dumb. Family's stopped staying together a long time ago for a hell of a lot more reasons then this. I have watched guys do the dumbest crap to force a woman to go out with them. All you have to do is have a normal conversation. Women make up half this country and they should be recognized. I can not believe I am telling you this, because I am a man. If men had their crap together then why are we not taking care of the so called weak women and children. In your anti feminst world that should be our so called duty. Instead they no longer care if you have health care, nothing about so called womens issues, child care and no family can survive on one pay check anymore, the number one reason why family's no longer stay together. The next reason is the child support system that makes every man an indentured servant and a part of the new welfare system. At this point the best thing anyone can do is never have children.

    • michelleonly3 profile imageAUTHOR

      MD Jackson MSIOP 

      3 years ago from Western United States

      I would argue that the women's march has not helped anyone. In fact if anything it has created a divide between men and women. Something that already negatively impacts our homes. In the US 40% of breadwinners are women. That statistic is so high because families are not staying together. The women's march has not saved anyone, it has not freed anyone. It is the biggest most ridiculous vanity protest ever. At the original march the organizers allowed a woman who did time in prison for the brutal murder fo a gay man speak. This isn't a protest, its a group of followers who cannot think for themselves.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I think protesting has had an excellent effect. Thousands sit at home sick of countless garbadge and this has convinced them that there are others like them. The womens march has had tremendous effect and its not stopping anytime soon. When a racist runs his mouth I ask the person. Because I am white and an older male do you assume that I must be a racist? We have sat back and listened to stupidity for years and to avoid confrontation we say nothing. Those days are over and every lie and liar needs to be corrected with the truth. If you stick to the truth you can not be offended.

    • Jacqueline Grillo profile image

      Jacqueline Grillo 

      3 years ago from New York

      Nothing of what was done in the women's march made any change or difference,I am a woman and many times I was told I should be ashamed of myself for not attending,the march does not define me or who I am as a woman..there are other ways we can work together and unite as a whole without being offensive and loud

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      3 years ago

      Amen... I could not have said it better.

    • michelleonly3 profile imageAUTHOR

      MD Jackson MSIOP 

      3 years ago from Western United States

      I am going to start with the obvious, nothing you said was changed or fixed by the women's day march. The social issues you described have been around forever. These issues were not created by the current administration. However since you brought it up, we will address them.

      The under-representation of women senators- I'm not sure who told you we were under-represented. In the last election alone over 100 women ran for various seats in the house and senate, some of them lost to each other. We are in government. The economic gap is not going to change until companies like Walmart are held to the fire, which is nearly impossible to do since pay is confidential. Also, men ask for more money in the market place. most salaries are negotiated. It has been statistically proven that women do not negotiate salary, so until we stop settling for less, this is not going to change.

      Domestic violence is a huge issue in this country, I worked with a shelter that hides victims, some of whom barely escaped with their lives. To think for one second that standing in the street with a sign was going to change that issue is naive. You efforts would have been better served doing a drive for clothes and sundry items. Or better yet, educating young women on when to walk away from a relationship in the beginning.

      You will be shocked to know that work place harassment is not a gender issue. Men endure work place harassment just like women. It is under reported due to the fact that men are most often seen as perpetrators and not victims. This is a social issue that is governed by laws that are already in place. Women need to stand up for themselves as individuals in these cases. Too often these situations are ignored until they escalate.

      800,000 children a year go missing. In most of these cases the prime suspect is a parent or legal guardian. One out of three people killed in the United States is killed by a family member. You want to change something in this country, go after human trafficking. I lived in Nevada where 18 year old girls left to their own devices ended up in seedy brothels selling themselves, where girls were brought in from other countries promised jobs and then put to work as prostitutes. I have known these girls, their lives are ruined by a system that allows them to give away their souls. You are not fixing this by marching.

      Pregnancy leave?? I'm not sure what you want out of this situation. We can't be equal to men and then ask for special treatment. I'm for women taking as much time off as possible, in fact I'm for women not going back to work until the kid starts school. However, if you are going to take a position of equality then you can't ask for special treatment. Either you want equality or you don't. I know men are taking leave now however someone has to support families. In this particular situation it needs to be case by case and handles by the parents. Also not something that is going to be fixed by marching.

      Sexual assault has always been a problem on college campuses. This is partly due to the drugs and alcohol that are common place in these environments. However, two thirds of all rapes occur in the homes not on the street and is perpetrated by someone who knows the victim. Read that again because it means these girls are letting these guys in to their homes. Nothing justifies rape however, we do a sever disservice to young women by not teaching them to be safe.

      I was not aware that we are being extorted for hygiene products. This seems like a stretch. Anyone can pick up hygiene products at the dollar store. I get stuff from Bath and body works and there is not a pricing difference (buy 3 get 2). If we are talking about salon products well that is a consumer choice not a social issue.

      Abortion, I will say it. Abortion is legal in some states and not legal in others, it's handles on the state level. It's not eroding and it's not changing. Abortion like prostitution will always be around because it is big business. Planned parenthood's CEO makes almost a million dollars a year and that is not from a government grant. As for men in the home, how would you feel if you were getting blamed for every social issue under the sun. You want to talk about vilification, men are under fire right now. Family structure is under fire. Why would any man hang around with a woman who belittles him and his gender in the manner this march did men?? Someone tells you, you are evil all day, you probably are not sticking around.

      Laws in this country are not made for men or women, they are made for people. If something is illegal it is illegal for everybody. The notion that we need specific laws for women insinuates preferential treatment which is not equality. When you say "women's rights" you are exclusively demanding special rights for women. Here again we see where this "movement" is not about equality it is about women wanting superiority over a gender that is 1. physically stronger and 2. does not think the same way. Demanding superiority is ridiculous. Women have their own type of strength we do not need men to grant us special treatment. Intelligence would dictate that we as women should be secure in ourselves and our abilities. We do not need validation from men in the form of special treatment.

      Did you really bring up Saudi Arabia when you know the Clinton's are funded by the oil magnates of that country? Stop buying stuff from China, if you are this upset don't buy 60,000 posters that were made in China and profess your anger. It's counterproductive and wasteful. If you stop buying things from China then you are no longer supporting that system, get people together and boycott those products. The problem here is you want someone else to fix it for you, you don't want to be part of the solution. It's self righteous crap. Faith without works is dead sister, start the boycott if you are so upset. because if you are not willing to do that small thing, you have to room to complain. Incidentally we have been importing crap from China forever, this is not new and certainly not a reason to mach in the street after 60 years.

      Foreign aid? you must have had to dig deep to find that one. I can sum this up with a quote from comedian Kathy Madigan who goes over to entertain the troops in Afghanistan, they were getting a tour of all great things the US has built over in Afghanistan, roads, schools, homes, and she said "wow maybe when you guys are done over here you can go to Detroit" meaning our country is falling apart and here we are in other countries building. I'm all for charity and helping others, however that needs to take place when we have out crap together, not when we are borrowing money from China to help other countries.

      I have never liked Donald Trump as mogul. His approach and behaviors are at times completely unreasonable and certainly not as classy as one would choose in a president. That said, he is also not Satan. I would agree that their were better candidates. is impeaching him going to help? No that will leave you with Mike Pence career hard line republican. Trump is a moderate, he was friends with the Clinton's for years, he is not a hard line Republican. That said someone I know works for Trump and he has nothing but amazing stories about Trump. I don't know Trump personally. Do I think he has said some disgusting things, oh yeah. But then again so did Clinton, even Kennedy had affairs. It could be said that world leaders are not the best with women and probably do not have our backs as much as we would like. Here again, marching in the street like a bunch of pissed off school girls didn't help.

      Donna Hylton is a MURDERER. She tortured that man. This was not an accidental hit and run, you are defending a MURDERER and psychopath. It is these types of behaviors that negate your entire "movement". Hylton should still be in prison. She and her gang should have been sentenced to death. As should anyone who to tortures and murders someone. It is this kind of truly "sick in the head" thinking that makes the sane people in the world cringe when they watch you march.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I take offense. I was at the Woman's march on January in San Francisco and I did not participate for vanity's sake; nor did millions of oppressed women around the world participate on a whim.

      Ask yourself, how are you helping underrepresented women in an administration that does not address women's issues? For instance, the following are issues are silenced by the Trump administration:

      1) the under-representation of women Senators,

      2) the economic gap between men & women for the same job,

      3) one fourth pay inequity,

      4) horrific domestic abuse on women spouses in this nation,

      5) harassment, in general, of women in the workplace,

      6) the missing rate of young women presumed mutilated and dead,

      7) lack of pregnancy leave for women,

      8) sexual assault cases on college campus' (and denial),

      9) extortion of women's hygiene products (double out-of-pocket on feminine hygiene products verses men's hygiene),

      10) constant erosion of women's reproductive rights which mirrors sharia laws (I'm talking about the A-word, because men sure don't raise the kid; look at our nation of single moms),

      11) the lack of laws made for women, defending women's rights, or enforcing women rights,

      12) our international trading partner who abuse women in their nation from Saudi Arabia (just name it), China (sweat shops, aborting baby girls), Nigeria (it ain't a bris), and Pakistan-India (forced marriage).

      13) international cuts to foreign aid for women opportunity programs,

      14) and, my favorite, bigotry in general against women by a man-child President (who never apologizes for his arrogance)

      Also, why demonize Donna Hylton, when you do not mention the violence perpetrated from the thousands of incarcerated rapist and/or murdering men (with YouTube videos) whom killed women and exercise their freedom of speech?

      True, one lady killed a gay guy back in 1985, and that's evil. (Wow, a violent lady killer! That'll make the news!) But, ask yourself, what is the ratio of violent serial killer men to serial killer women? It's laughable.

      This argument needs the views from the ones you call "vain" or the sisters that fight for your causes. But, that's okay. Why risk anything when you're status quo. Just sneer at us while we do all the work. That's vanity!

    • michelleonly3 profile imageAUTHOR

      MD Jackson MSIOP 

      3 years ago from Western United States

      Thank you for your comment. The hate represented by these types of behaviors is counter productive to creating a peaceful society. There were no goals associated with any of the marches or protests taking place in the last two years. They did not wake up to a changed world the next day. While some of these people may consider themselves to be progressive, the truth is they slow down progression with intolerance for any idea other than their own. By belittling men and male roles in the home, these women have damaged our society. I can only hope that their children break out in a full rebellion against these teachings and truly treat others with respect, including men. The hypocrisy is rampant.

    • chris7800 profile image


      3 years ago from Northridge, CA

      I completely agree with this article. These protests differ from most others because these protestors aren't inspired by a cause or desire to make a change, they're inspired by hate, ignorance and propaganda. For example, many of them claim Trump is a Fascist yet when they talk about Fascism it is clear they're completely ignorant of what it means; they believe it only because they hate Trump so much they'll unquestioningly accept as truth any anti-Trump propaganda. I've yet to see anyone at these protests who seems to possess anything more than a superficial understanding of what it's supposed to be about. It's plain to see that they're just following the latest fad.


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