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Allen Fletcher's Immigration Lip Service

Updated on April 12, 2010

Rep. Fletcher's Solution for Illegal Immigration Mentions Border Once

In March 2008, then Dist. 130 State Representative Candidate Allen Fletcher vowed to voters he would lead the Texas House on illegal immigration.

In fact, the first issue listed on his Web site is, in fact, illegal immgration.

Yet, while we were prescribed a bill of goods on how Rep. Allen Fletcher would fix immigration and protect the border, we were stunned to learn Tomball legislator's only action on the issue was to co-author a single bill, HB 266.

Fletcher Misidentifies Immigration Opportunity

While surveys by the Texas Tribune and conservative pollsters at Rasmussen Reports consistently illustrate how Texans favor increased border security and closing the border with Mexico, Rep. Allen Fletcher's answer to Dist. 130 constituents comes down instead to a computer program.

The legislation would make necessary for Texas employers to use E-Verify, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's employment screening software, and bars illegals from receiving benefits.

The bill also permits only an inch to Texas sheriffs, whose hands are already tied, by allowing them to verify immigration status in intoxication arrests only.

What about the illegals who don't drink cervesa, Rep. Fletcher?

What's worse about Allen Fletcher's only immigration bill last session is the fact it calls for the creation of a Fradulent Identification Unit, which will be paid for on the backs of Texans.

For a state representative who promised Dist. 130 constituents he would also "reject any tax, whether charged to businesses or to us personally," it sounds like Rep. Fletcher has already gone the way of the establishment Republicans in Austin and forgotten his promises to voters.

Even Texas Republicans Disagree

While Allen Fletcher's handlers will tell you this election he has a proven record of supporting the fight on illegal immigration, he hasn't taken it to the border, a point that most Texas conservatives contend is where real progress will begin.

According to Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), during the BELO Gubernatorial debate with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Debra Medina, E-Verify (the system used by Hutchison, and proposed now by Allen Fletcher) isn't worth "a hill of beans."

"You secure the border first, then you can talk about how to identify individuals in an immigration situation," Perry said.

Likewise, U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-10), one of Houston's leading congressmen on the issue of illegal immigration, says the border is the most important place to begin bringing about real change.

"But we can’t lose focus on our border. We can’t let the people who want to come here illegally, and in some cases do harm, think that we’re not paying attention," McCaul said.

The Bad News?

While Allen Fletcher promised to be a champion for strong illegal immigration legislation, he's settled for Austin's best. Needless to say, he leaves much to be desired.

Not only does HB 266 fail to help Texas secure its border, it only mentions the word "border" in a pithy one-liner: "Illegal immigration...underminds the security of our borders."

In reality, all the immigration lip service we've gotten from Austin in recent years underminds the security of our borders, and in 2009, Allen Fletcher joined the lip service chorus by co-authoring this awful legislation in lieu of real progress.

Allen Fletcher and Immigration

Do You Think E-Verify is the Best We Can Do to Solve Immigration?

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    • profile image

      Royal Diadem 

      8 years ago

      Great hub!


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