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Allen Fletcher, Texas District 130: You Aren't Above the Law, Billy Allen Fletcher!

Updated on April 12, 2010

3 Questionable Actions

This election year, State Rep. Allen Fletcher (R- Dist.130) will likely tell voters he's been endorsed by this conservative group and that Republican forum, and he'll likely mention he has a 90-something percent record over conservatism.

(And, for the record, they called him a conservative, not an effective legislator.)

Aside from his failure to meet any of his campaign promises, Allen Fletcher will probably even tell you that he's done XYZ for Texas District 130, and as a result, stands on his record and will ask for your vote.

But, what Allen Fletcher probably won't tell you is that while Dist. 130 families go to work, pay our taxes, wear sunscreen, try to teach our families kids good moral values, and obey all posted speed limits (most of the time), he thinks he is above the law.

Now, I am only speculating. Allen Fletcher never came out and said he was above the law, but in my opinion, his actions over the last two years lead me to believe the previous statement.

Lawless Before Election Day

Take into consideration Rep. Fletcher's commitment to fair elections when then candidate Fletcher strutted into a Tomball polling place, armed with pizzas and adorned with campaign paraphenalia.

According to Red Ink, Fletcher was bringing the pies for the consumption of poll workers who are paid little, a noble act in and of itself. But, how a candidate for state representative would not recognize that campaign swag is not permitted past the distance markers preventing electioneering is beyond me.

Furthermore, Fletcher was allegedly steamed and threw a tantrum when asked by the Election Judge to remove the campaign buttons or leave.

Court Koenning, manager for State Sen. Dan Patrick (ugh) and Fletcher, told Red Ink a then State Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale staffer had saw the above events, snapped a picture, and proceeded to make trouble for TEAM KSEV.

"Sounds like to me you have a desperate campaign trying to create an incident," Koenning said.

Okay, maybe he was uninformed or forgot? Not likely, especially if Allen Fletcher somehow knew he would need to move the 1500 yards to become a district resident in order to run for his current seat, according to blogger Jay Hargett.

Yellow Means Speed Up

Since becoming a state representative, it appears his commitments during the campaign went out the window; instead, self serving legislation, like HB 988, came to fruition.

The bill would exempt police officers and other emergency personnel from receiving a ticket for running through red-light camera intersections, while the rest of us regular Joe's would get slapped by Jersey Village (guilty as charged) or another jurisdiction a few weeks later by mail.

Sounds innocent enough, until you keep reading the bill: such an exercise in dangerous (not to mention illegal) road behavior would not require an actual emergency, if Rep. Fletcher had his way.

Did Allen Fletcher just throw the yellow Texas Driver's Handbook out the window? For an ex-Houston Police Department officer, where is the representative's commitment to safety?

KPRC Channel 2 did a story a few years back which illustrated how red-light camera intersections have seen an increase in traffic accidents. All it would take is Allen Fletcher's bill to send police cruisers, ambulance and fire trucks zooming through on a whim, escalating the injuries when they all could have waited the 30 seconds for the light to turn green.

Furthermore, if Fletcher would write his own wife a ticket for zooming through a stop sign, why would he be willing to let off duty friends do the same now?

Could it possibly be that his own security company, Resource Protection Management, might have something to do with it? Not likely, as they aren't real emergency first responders, but its worth the mentioning.

Shining Knight for Ponzi Schemers

Finally, we come to the last stinker on our list, HB 3769, Allen Fletcher's ponzi scheme bill, which would actually reduce the Attorney General's statute of limitations to six months from four years to identify and seize assets in association with such fraud, according to Red Ink.

When bloggers and media considered the bill last May, many speculated that Fletcher's bill might have been more self-serving than for any other person's benefit as the state representative was investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for some bad business at RPM, according to Texas Monthly, Rick Casey at the Houston Chronicle and a string of other news sources.

But, as Federal officials probe deeper into ponzi schemer Allen Stanford's mess, we learn that a great number of Texas Republicans and Democrats dipped their spoons into the ponzi money, with Stanford making contributions to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Rep. Kevin Brady, among others. Money that was never returned.

Whether this has anything to do with Allen Fletcher's bill is beyond me, another interesting point as the plot thickens this election year.

Real Conservatives Do Research

In short, while I cannot verify whether Allen Fletcher believes he is above the law, his actions herein and throughout the short two years he's been on the scene smell to high heaven; is he really looking out for us, or numero uno? Or maybe he's just dense.

In less than a single term, Fletcher already accepted more than $38,000 in PAC and business organization money, according to his campaign finance statements; in his race against Corbin Van Arsdale, more than 60 percent of his contributions came from outside the district.

If anything, Fletcher was never supposed to represent District 130 with any sort of integrity. He was just a pawn for Dan Patrick to oust Van Arsdale for supporting Joe Nixon during the Senate campaign in 2006.

Senator Patrick could have thrown up a rubber chicken up there, even, and Team KSEV would have backed it up with "in-kind contributions" of free radio ads, and the pinched-nosed emperor himself showing up for his coronation. (We may have gotten better results in Austin from the chicken.)

All joking aside, before you allow Allen Fletcher to defend his record to you this election, you should research and remember his actions instead, for they speak louder than any words a man can spin.

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