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America's Greatest Idea

Updated on February 20, 2016

In order to return to its former greatness America must once again become brilliant at the basics. Obviously that is a broad and rather general statement, however here is one perspective.

For the purposes of this dialogue we’ll describe greatness as demonstrating creative leadership in the areas of economics, business, culture and political ideas that can have a positively affect on the world today.

The rest of the world would be well served as by an America that returns toward embracing its founding principles that once caused her to be the undisputed leader.

There is a place for shining new objects, but now is neither the time nor the place. It is time however for America to pitch its tent on the basic ideas and concepts that made it such a tremendous leader and pioneer in decades gone past.

Return to Foundation

We must return to the fundamental understanding and execution of principles and practices that have their origin in sound authority and properly prioritized principles as we stretch out toward the future.

To be sure America is only a reflection of the great people groups around the world, which make up its multicultural and ethnic diversity.

That being said, such immigration has always been with the focus of a melting and blending under one constitution. A constitution and philosophy that is grounded in the idea of a Declaration of Independence which puts forth the identity of one Nation under God as read on every piece of legal tender even to this day.

At the risk of sounding simplistic, I submit the biggest part of America returning back to its prominence is simply becoming brilliant at the basics. This can be stated in a more practical way as getting back to common sense. When we were but children our parents and adult influencers taught us the value of common sense principles.

Looking both ways before you cross the street. Don’t touch the hot burner on a stove.

Eat all the food on your plate because there are starving children elsewhere that only wish they had the food on our plates.

In general the idea of slow steady and progressive progress has been abandoned for quick, fluctuating and accelerated results regardless of the longer-term consequences.

Pillars of Brilliance

Three pillars of America’s traditional brilliance over the last 60 years have been hit especially hard with the problem. These are the family, moral values and an acknowledgement of its original spiritual benchmarks.

Somehow the culture of America has become quite centered around everything that is quick, easy and counter to those types of basics and now barely recognize them much less follow through and pursue their execution.

Yes We Can

In the matter of returning to a focus of being brilliant at the basics we only need to look at history to see the validity of the point. Every major civilization that formed a great nation has faltered and come to destruction by ignoring fundamental foundations of the afore mentioned pillars – family, moral values, and spirituality.

America is a nation, which is not yet 250 years old. According to historians and scholars of sociology most great empires or societies have risen and declined in about 200 years. So far we are beating the odds but must learn the lessons of others before or suffer the same fate in some way, shape or form.

I am confident we will be smart enough to turn in a dramatic way to the common sense principles of what made us the light on a hill. We can once again be the nation that people from all over the globe find irresistible, compelling and desirous to imitate, learn from and follow while growing their own brand of greatness.


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