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Americans Weapon Because of Corona: Politics or Panic?

Updated on March 21, 2020
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"" sales have increased by 68% since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis in the United States.
"" sales have increased by 68% since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis in the United States.

The "panic" of the new spread of the "Corona" virus has dominated the actions of a large part of the citizens of the countries that the virus reached during the past weeks. From "toilet paper". However, the interests of a segment of the Americans have focused recently on supplying "arms and ammunition", for fear of "madness of others"!

It is not surprising that some people resort to arms as a means of "protection", even in an epidemic crisis, especially in countries whose president suggested, earlier, arm teachers as a solution to the problem of widespread violence in schools. During the past few days, there have been several records showing queues of Americans in front of arms stores, the most common of which was in Los Angeles.

Sales Rise

The most prominent reports that covered this phenomenon were for the Los Angeles Times, which said in a report that arms sales have witnessed a significant increase in many US states, especially in those that were severely affected by the emerging Corona virus, especially California, New York and Washington, She added that the rates increased even in areas less affected by the virus. Likewise, the newspaper pointed out that the demand has increased via the Internet, as sales of "" increased by 68% since the beginning of the "Corona" crisis in the United States.
It was remarkable that the newspaper focused in the report that the voracious buyers of the weapon were "Asian-Americans", justifying their behavior as a "fear of hostile reaction" because they held them responsible for the spread of the virus. It is a dialect that was attended in the speech of the most senior American administration official, as Donald Trump and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, have repeated several times the term "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan virus", despite the existence of an international scientific name for the virus and the disease that causes it.
Newsweek, in turn, indicated that "many Asians in the United States have been targeted in hate crimes (justified as) in response to the virus."

A Political Agenda?

The ability and desire of governments (especially in the United States) to pass political, economic and security agendas under the guise of "chaos" or "panic", as happened today with the spread of the emerging "Coronavirus", cannot be ignored. This refers to looking again at the media coverage of the demand for weapons campaign among Americans.

Most TV stations and websites have used video and photos taken by one store in front of dozens (or less) of Americans in Los Angeles, and some, such as "9NewsSydney", have included a group of supposed buyers. The crowd in front of the store itself told local media that "anti-proliferation politicians have told us for a long time that we do not need guns ... Now, many people are afraid, and they can make this decision themselves."

This coincided with a strange talk by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., early last week, in which he said that his “democratic friends” contacted him to ask him about the weapons that they should buy, before adding (about the weapons): “You will not think you need them until you are in Need it. ”
Talk of arms proliferation also took on an electoral dimension this week. The Everytown watchdog group said, coinciding with the election debate: “Millions of children and adolescents will remain in their homes for the next few weeks, and some will be at home with stuffed and insecure weapons.”
Also Sunday, President Trump asked Americans to "relax" in response to "purchases because of panic," and, according to a remarkable comment by Sky News, "It is not clear whether this includes people who buy more weapons."

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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