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An old man view of the world

Updated on January 7, 2019

This old man views

Welcome to our article (59) an old man view of the world

We old people are concerned about things, because we have seen nasty things happen during our lives, therefore, we are looking for signs that could tell us, if something bad can happen that can affect our lives in a negative way. People should understand that we old people do this, because we fear for the worse, our own lives have taught us to be alert, so that we could prevent nasty things happening to us again, therefore, there is nothing wrong for doing that.

Now, because old people are concerned for themselves, they feel concerned for other people as well, so, they believe that their role is that they have to look around at what is happening, and try to compare yesterday events to today happenings, in the hope that they are able to see, what is going to happen next, it is a sort of getting ready for the worst. This does not mean that what they see will happen, but there is a chance that it could happen, therefore, they want to warn the people around them about those concerns that they have.

As I have said, we old people worry too much, we are concerned about things. In my views as an old man, I am looking at the world today, and while I look at what is happening today, I don’t like it at all, because what I see, is uncertainty all around us, so, I think that the world is going mad these days.

For this reason, I feel that we humans, that were supposed to know how to behave these days, since we are living in the 21st century. While some of us think that we have reached the age of reason, so, we know everything that we need to know. But from what is happening in the world today, I am sure that most of us have not reached the age of reason; because the age of reason is when people don’t make mistakes any more, and they have learned how to live peacefully, with the people that happen to be around them.

So, what is wrong with humanity I would like to know? You see! Today when we look at the news, it is almost impossible to avoid seeing the violent things that are happening in the world. What hurts most is that humanity is doing this to themselves, as if they don’t know better.

One of that bad news that we don’t like to hear, it is about the terrorist news that seem to happen very often. We know that the bad and violent news, are reported more often than the normal everyday news. Because they have happened and the public needs to know. But really, we are becoming tired hearing them, because most times they are so ugly, that one wants to switch off the TV, throw away the newspaper and turn off the computer.

So, my dear readers, I have to say that as a human being my heart is crying, my heart is crying because there are many wrong things going on in the world today, so, I believe that we must try to do something positive to stop this violence; if we are not able to do anything that could help, we need at least to talk about it, in the hope of finding a way out. Who knows somebody might come up with a solution.

What we are writing about here, are things that are happening everywhere in the world, the world seems to be at war, but at the same time there is no real-world war going on, of course, there are small wars going on, but not large enough to be called world wars, so, I am concerned for the entire world, because these things can escalate. Therefore, we don’t know how we can end up one day. There are people that think that this is the beginning of the third world war, some other religious people may say that this is the beginning of the end of times, as it is written in the last book of the Bible Revelation. But I don’t see it that way, however I am concerned old man. ???++

Anyhow, I am concerned about the entire world, because of what is happening these days, I am concerned about this peaceful country of Australia, because it would not be peaceful anymore, since Australia cannot avoid to be involved, in a way or another, and I am also concerned about my native country Italy, because Italy seems to be in the front line, since there are thousands of illegal emigrants arriving to Italy continually.

I know for a fact that in Italy there have been wars in the past, so, I fear that something might be happening again soon, because, there are lots of refugees coming in, anyhow, the views of this old man that is writing this article is that: they seem to occupy the whole country and we Italians are letting them in and welcoming them, even if some of the Italian people are concerned. When I think about it, I feel as if these refugees are invading Italy and Europe.

Anyhow, I don’t see that this peaceful welcoming is going to last very long, because most regions of Italy are not rich, they will not be able to sustain these refugees, or illegal emigrants whatever you want to call them; therefore, if this refugee’s problem keeps going on, there could be another violent story that could soon unfold in the future, in these regions of Southern Italy, therefore, we wonder, if history is going to repeat itself again, and a war is going to happen again in these regions of southern Italy, so, we should be concerned what is happening.


Today refugees like old Exodus

In the Bible the Israelite leave Egypt to go to their Promised Land, this was called exodus in the Bible. It was a lot of people moving from Egypt to the Promised Land, today Palestine
In the Bible the Israelite leave Egypt to go to their Promised Land, this was called exodus in the Bible. It was a lot of people moving from Egypt to the Promised Land, today Palestine
Today exodus are refugees from Africa and the Middle East that move to Europe, to leave their land, because wars are going on. There are also people that just go in search of a better life. So, we should be concerned what could happen.
Today exodus are refugees from Africa and the Middle East that move to Europe, to leave their land, because wars are going on. There are also people that just go in search of a better life. So, we should be concerned what could happen.

Why we should be concerned

We should be concerned, because there is this movement of people that could be considered like a Biblical Exodus. You know what I mean, the Jews left Egypt to go to their Promised Land, in their way they had many problems, one of their biggest problems was that they had to fight the people that were occupying their Promised Land, so, in the process many people were killed. Now that is just one example, of what happens when a large number of people move from one place to another; of course, there are more examples, if we read our human history, but, I believe that with this example, I have explained my point of view.

Now that I have explained my point of view, we can say, that today we need to be concerned about what is happening; because what has happened in the past, can happen again easily, therefore, we have to view and treat this refugee problem with caution. Because history tells us to be concerned. Not only in some regions of Southern Italy, that happen to be in the front line, but perhaps the entire continent of Europe, as there are too many called refugees that arrive from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, therefore, as an old man I am concerned.

Some people say that today refugees is a worldwide problem, even though this looks like a worldwide problem, I want to tell my own country people that what I see coming worries me. You see, today I am viewing all these happenings from the land down-under here in Australia. Now because I am so far away, my point of view is different, from what the people of Southern Italy are seeing in their own country, but at the same time, it is good to have a different opinion.

In order to understand what I am worried about, it is necessary to know a bit more about this region of Southern Italy, and the inhabitant that have lived there and are living there. You see, this region is not rich, the only thing that it is going on there is wheat farming, for those people that own enough land to do that, there is also some mixed farming going on for their own use; there are a lot of small farms that are able to sustain the native inhabitant only. We have also to say, that there are times when these small farms do not produce enough, then people must leave the farms and go to work somewhere else, if and when they are able to find another job, even if they have to go to another country. You see, this is the main reason why I left our small family farm in Southern Italy and migrated to Australia.

We know that things might have changed since I left Italy, but if they have changed it is not a great deal, as there are very few industries of any sort beside farming, so, the way of life over there is very much the same, as it was in the fifties when I was there. As you can see from what I have said, this region of southern Italy could not support any outside people that would like to come there and stay there, and that is one of my concerns.

But as we have said, this can apply to several other regions of Italy and indeed the entire world. We really have to think about what we need to do next, so, whatever concerns I have for my native town of southern Italy and the entire country of Italy, they are also concerns for the rest of the word, and above all the western world, since that is the place where these refugees are moving to.

Now, these refugees seem to believe that they are the only people in the world that have got problems, but in Italy there are many unsolved problems, which I am going to point out here-under, just to explain my views. You see, Italy is over populated already, if we compare the resources and capacity that Italy has, and that is one of the main problems over there.

Map of Italy close to North Africa

The Italian peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea including Sicily and other small islands come very close to the African continent, that is one of the reasons why illegal emigrant use Italy to go to the continent of Europe
The Italian peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea including Sicily and other small islands come very close to the African continent, that is one of the reasons why illegal emigrant use Italy to go to the continent of Europe

Italy position and population

The Italian peninsula in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, this makes it easy for the refugees to come to Europe. We believe that this is the main reason, why so many illegal emigrants arrive in Italy every day, and sometime even thousands of them can come in just one day, other times just a few, but it is a problem that may never end, unless we of the western world can find a solution. Any solution can help, but perhaps we have to find a way how to keep these refugees in their own countries of origin, but that is not going to be easy, because if that was easy, it should have taken place by now, but I believe that we should not give up, and should continue to see, if the refugees could be kept in their own original land. We know that this is almost impossible, therefore, we should be concerned about it, since it might bring lots of other problems, some of them, we are going to mention here-under.

We have reasons to believe, that Italy cannot cope with this incoming of refugees for long, so, something will happen soon. What is happening now is this, Italy accept these illegal emigrants as refugees on humanitarian grounds, they even go to help them when they get in trouble in their boats on their way to Italy, but there are too many of them arriving every day; so, it is a never-ending problem. Most of the western world is worried about these refugees’ issues, but, has we have said, they don’t know what to do to stop them coming.

Let me point out this to you briefly, while I have written the first part of this article, there have been several terrorist attacks that involves illegal emigrants, but that is not all; for instance, today on the Italian news, we have seen the city of Rome full of uncollected rubbish in the streets. This is another problem that the refugees will produce even more, since there are more people, there will be more rubbish. Now the rubbish can be collected, but where to take this rubbish will be the problem of the future.

Today I am editing this article, so, I can add other things that have happened since last time I wrote this article. There has been an earthquake in central Italy, where near three hundred people have died. At the same time, in a few days about 15 thousand refugees have arrived in Italy. It is very worrying, therefore, I feel sad for the Italian people, since they must cope with this other disaster.


The Italian problem of today

As we have said at the beginning of this article, there are many illegal migrants in the world; they are illegal migrant because they forcefully go everywhere, even when they are not wanted; here I am afraid that I must say this, when they do this forceful migrating they could easily upset the way of life of the people, that are forced to receive them against their will. But let us see what could be the cause of this migration, and then search for what could be done about this forceful emigrants that come in unwanted, because I am worried that something nasty might happen in southern Italy soon.

The causes of this unwanted illegal migrating, it is that these refugees are in search of a better life, there are many reasons for that, but above all of them is poverty, sometimes poverty is so bad that people could even starve to death, now that is really when people are very poor, so, they are forced to find a way how they would be able to feed themselves; here the rest of the world that are better off should try to help them and there is no question about it.

But on the other hand, there are people that are not that poor and they want more because they are greedy, they believe that the rest of the world is better off than they are, therefore, they want to grab whatever the others have, and this is the problem that the entire world is facing today.

Anyhow here we want to talk about the Italian problem, mainly because I am an Italian that has emigrated from southern Italy, and therefore in this article I want to talk about Italy and my native town, and the surrounding towns and countryside. So, I start imagining what could be like in the future to live in southern Italy, in these small towns with all these new migrants coming in.

These people that are arriving as refugees in Italy and other parts of Europe, they have their own problems, but they can feed themselves well in their own country, because they all look well fed and strong. So, feeding themselves does not seem to be the problem for these people. Therefore, what other problems they might have one should ask.

Now, there is nothing wrong for people wanting to live a better life, if the better life they are looking for is hard work, and this hard work is easily available in the country they emigrate, but if they are looking for a better life, because they believe that the people in the country they have emigrated are better off, because they have heard that in their country of origin, then there will be great problems. These problems that they could cause, it is the reason why I am concerned.

We could say many other refugee’s things, but we are not going to, as we are stopping here and leave our concerns to the Italian people that are living there. I feel that at least I have said what I needed to say about my concerns.

See you, in our next article, We Italian should be concerned.



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