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And Justice for None

Updated on December 17, 2018

Brown is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Monday, December 17, 2018. Our friend, Brown, is at the stove preparing Veggie Omelets for our enjoyment. I am preparing Bloody Mary's to add to the fun. Brown has decided that Lady Justice has left the building. The bad guys seem to be getting away with murder and mayhem, and our justice system is functioning like an arm of the mob. Brown and I would love to share breakfast with you this morning. If you have the tim, and are in an "omelet" kind of mood please drop by. I'll leave the door open.


Fit to be Fried

There was a time in our nation when most Americans had faith in the justice system. We believed in the FBI, the CIA and Department of Justice. That trust has eroded over the years, and now it is extremely clear to anyone who cares that the wheels have come off the bus. There are several layers of deceit that have taken over the Department of Justice and the FBi, and the results are glaring. Hillary Clinton is in a special group of her own. She shares special status with Bill. Together they can roam about the universe, ignoring the law at will. They do so feeling quite assured that they are above it all. By all appearances they do seem to be in an exalted state. Hillary is the perfect example of what happens when those in a position to right a wrong, turn their back on the truth. Do we really need to be reminded about Benghazi, money laundering, email scandals, Uranium One and phony dossiers? Somehow she slides through the investigations with ease by pleading ignorance. She says she only set up a secret server for convenience. She bats her lashes, rolls her eyes and gets to walk away scot free. Congress does not have the power to stop her. They also don't have the will. I wonder what they are so afraid of.


It's Finger Pointing Time

A growing portion of citizens in our nation are hungry for justice. They are tired of seeing the good guys get in trouble while the bad guys walk. The Mueller investigation should be investigated. It was created under false pretenses, and it continues to hunt for any crime that can be pinned on our president. Part of my tax money is being spent on this witch hunt, and I am spitting mad. I voted for Donald Trump and it is painful to watch how far the media, some in Congress, and the ordinary "joe " on the street is willing to go to destroy him and his family. If justice were to be served, Mueller would be stopped in his tracks, his vengeful team of Trump haters would be disbanded, and the true criminals would be charged with subverting justice. Some of those criminals are in the top echelon of our justice system, and their Trump hating insanity is bringing us all down. Others are in Congress, and they need to be held accountable for their actions. Many are in the dishonest and biased media. The damage they have caused is incalculable.

The push for the truth is exemplified in the actions of a man like Trey Gowdy and a group like Judicial Watch. Their efforts need our help. I think it is time to speak up and bombard those who say they are our voice in Washington with mail, calls and visits when possible. We need to urge them to step up to the plate and do the right thing. Thus far they have just been making some noise with no results. This charade has to end. If justice is to be served, there must be consequences.


Fear For the Future

The current atmosphere in our nation is dangerous and unpredictable. There are groups like Antifa whose sole purpose in life is to disrupt our lives and wreak havoc. Illegal immigration poses another grave threat to our safety. Just check out Europe to see our future if we fail to solve the problem of illegal immigration, and unchecked dangerous hatred for a president who is working hard for all of us. The draining of the swamp must take on an urgency. Scores of people known to be a part of the Deep State have to be revealed and exposed for the trouble makers that they are. Top people at the head of the FBI and Justice Department have to be terminated. Some have to be prosecuted. Talking about it is not going to cut it. We need to demand that heads roll. We live in a great country, but it is clear that it is under attack from within. That is the greatest danger facing our nation. It's not China. It's not Russia. It's us.

Brown's Song

Don't know when I've felt so down

Bad actors all around

Don't it turn my brown eyes blue.


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