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The Blind Masses

Updated on December 22, 2015

Black Lives Matter

I have seen movements based off of fear and off of misinformation but never in my life have I seen such a powerful movement where its very foundation was built off of blatant lies. One would think that such a foundation would crumble under scrutiny and by the truth but instead it grows in numbers. Strengthening while seemingly admitting that truth doesn't matter. The group I am referring to is Black Lives Matter.

For a group to have the gall of creating a false narrative like "Hands up don't shoot" and somehow manage even after witness testimony denies that, that never took place yet it has become a rallying cry for millions of Americans baffles me. Michael Brown has not only been portrayed as a victim of the system but is slowly becoming such a powerful figure that to speak against him is the equivalent of speaking against a deity. How can someone who robbed a convenience store, assaulted the owner, resisted arrest, beat up a cop, tried to steal the cop's gun and then after all that turned right around and tried to charge at the cop with the intent to do bodily harm become a martyr? How do fair minded Americans come to the conclusion that this is a man that should be considered a victim? If he was successful in doing what he had attempted he would probably be on death row for murdering a police officer. Why does the media and the supporters of Black Lives Matter forget about that crucial fact.

Eric Garner resisted arrest, Freddy Gray resisted arrest, Michael Brown resisted arrest. What do people think will happen when you resist arrest? Whether you are white, brown, black or blue if you resist arrest you are putting yourself in a situation that could and probably will end with someone getting injured or dead. That is a fact and everyone should admit to this. People can debate whether cops in those situations used excessive force and that is fine but to somehow present it as though it is based off of racial biases is without merit. Assuming race had to be a factor is just plain wrong without evidence to back up such an accusation. Nobody should be convicted based off of public opinion. Who made us judge, jury and executioner. Only those few who sit in the courtroom and see the evidence in front of them first-hand should have a say whether that individual should walk out of that courtroom in cuffs. The media along with most of us are bias. Our politics shape our view of the world and sometimes that view is distorted and false. We are a nation of laws not of lynch mobs. The system is not always right and justice isn't always served but the alternative to our system is anarchy and if anarchy prevails the innocent will be condemned along with the guilty.

If we prefer chaos over order then the justice system will be the least of our worries. We will be at the mercy of not only other's prejudices but of our own. We will seek refuge among friends to find that everyone has already judged everyone and their opinions will be the law of the land.

Social Justice or Social Bullying

How do you take control of a country? First you present the populace with an us vs the establishment mentality. Then you find a social class or in some cases a race of people within your country that most feel hasn't been given a fair shake. This way you automatically appeal to the majority as you are fighting for a righteous cause. Then you undermine those who are the authority figures and silence all those who oppose you by labeling them as part of the evil establishment. Lastly to keep control you indoctrinate the younger generation by overwhelming the schools and colleges with propagandist material.

The uprisings have already begun against the system. A large chunk of the population fears the police and distrusts our elected officials. Public opinion has shifted in the favor of the more radical of both sides of the political spectrum, forming an unusual alliance of former enemies. The final stage is taking place as we speak as college campuses across the nation are in uproar as students demand that their schools rid itself of ideology that differs from that of the millenials. While at the same time, demanding that racial intolerance not only be admitted but dealt with by cleaning house. They don't care about the record of their professors. They only care whether you stand with them and if you don't you are the enemy and must be expelled from their campus. They seek to shun those who oppose them. They seek tolerance through intolerance. They demand a utopia that doesn't judge. One that is void of those pesky republicans or any judgmental religious groups. One that is outside the realm of reality. This is the very definition of mob rule and unfortunately places of higher education are currently being overrun by the inept and foolish millennial generation.

Suppression of free speech is not only tolerated by a large portion of the youth in America but is encouraged. In their eyes, free speech has become a dangerous practice and must be stamped out for real progress to begin. Everyone must fall-in-line or else. Truth is replaced by propaganda and radicals are now the mainstream. With the educational system firmly under the control of anarchists and the ignorant masses who follow, nothing will stand in their way of fundamentally tearing down every freedom that the Western World provides.This is how democracies turn into totalitarian states. We are now on the precipice of falling over the edge and it is only a matter of time before we take that regrettable last step.


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    • dianetrotter profile image

      G. Diane Nelson Trotter 

      2 years ago from Fontana

      I don't think the issues are that simple. I do HATE Black Lives Matter and hate hearing "Hands up! Don't shoot!" There are situations where innocent lives are taken. Many more are taken by thugs and racists that police; however, isolating cases, we can see that some officers have down wrong things. Examples include the shootings of Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Luquan ? and the guy in Target who was walking around with a gun that belonged to the store. There is work to do for everyone. As an African American educator, I'm contemplating ways to get all kids in the inner city to care and have vision. There are some kids who don't get in trouble but they live in an environment that is hard to deal with. All Americans should be able to work together to rectify the ills and love each others. As African Americans became educated, they (including me) left the inner city and took the promise of socio-economic accomplishment away. We left our older parents in neighborhoods filled with drugs and young people with no vision. This is tragic.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Follow the law and avoid contact with authorities is a good strategy for us all.


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