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Anti-Trump Protesters Distort and Distract

Updated on April 30, 2016
Bobby Shanahan profile image

Robert is a freelance writer/researcher in the Seattle, WA area. He covers current political, economic, and geopolitical news.

Child outside of CA GOP convention has a message for Trump

To California, the Liberal Utopia

The Trump train has made its final stop on its countrywide tour. Wading into arguably the most liberal state in the nation, Trump’s campaign stops in California over the past two days have been met with fierce resistance. Though these anti-Trump protesters constantly harp on the “fact” that the Republican frontrunner is a bigot/racist/homophobe (even though he is probably a Manhattan liberal), they have no valid argument to counter the fact that we are country of laws. If these laws are not enforced, we do not have a country.

Mr. Trump filled an amphitheater in Costa Mesa, Orange County on Thursday night with thousands of supporters. Meanwhile, hundreds of angry protestors showed up to voice their displeasure toward the boastful billionaire by hurling rocks at cars, blocking the road, waving Mexican and American flags, and even smashing and damaging police vehicles. How the police let this damage occur is beyond me, but about five police cars were damaged by the end of the night, according to a Los Angeles Times report on the night’s events. Seventeen were arrested.

These protestors never forget what someone says, holding the words said around one’s neck like a noose. The protests raged Thursday night because Donald had some harsh words for illegal immigrants who enter the country and kill legal citizens. He also wants to build a wall and has proposed a temporary shutdown of immigrants entering the country from war-torn areas that include members of terrorist organizations. The protesters appeared to be mostly young Mexicans with “nothing to do,” according to one Trump supporter.

Protest sign outside of Costa Mesa rally reads “Capitalism is a Crime! We need Socialism.”

Trump Sneaks In To San Francisco

The protests got violent and were apparently much larger than local police have anticipated. The reasoning behind ratcheting up the violence is to make their voice louder. If it was a peaceful protest, it would not have gotten as much media attention. That reasoning is fair, but what does not make sense is the shutting down of debate and detracting from the issues, focusing on candidates as individuals, not as future Presidents.

Trump then tried to see if Northern California would be a little more welcoming. Scheduled as the lunch speaker at the California Republican party convention in Burlingame in the Bay Area on Friday, Trump’s campaign was met with another raucous crowd, ready to voice their displeasure. Police from throughout San Mateo County were there ready for the rowdy mass of anti-Trumpsters, but that still was not enough.

Protesters from around the liberal capital of the country were even more determined to stop Mr. Trump. They formed a ring around the hotel at the San Francisco airport and even tried to rush in past police barricades shortly before noon. This prompted the police escorting the Republican frontrunner to sneak him into a back entrance to the hotel, hopping a fence like Guatemalan looking for a better life in the States to get inside to speak.

Will this be a new trend in the 2016 campaign? It sure seems to be. Everywhere Trump goes, hundreds of protesters will be there to meet him to try to shut him down. The error of these protestors and other liberal activists is that they want to silence their opponents as opposed to engaging them in worthwhile discussion. They attempt to drown out the billionaire’s sometimes controversial ideas by labeling him as a terrible human being. Let’s forget the fact that he has provided thousands of jobs to people around the country and has raised a wonderful and well-rounded family, despite being a billionaire father his whole adult life. Leftists of all stripes appear to attack the character of their opponent because they know they cannot have a debate on the merits of the issues.

As California protesters took a break from their #ResistCapitalism rants to rail against the ills of Donald Trump’s “America First” campaign, conservatives in the Republican party are wondering how we can maintain a country while it is drowning in debt and illegal immigrants. Liberals in the Democratic party shout that transgender bathrooms are the top issue Americans care about today. Today, liberals are attempting to detract from Trump’s powerful border security message. They look to change to subject to the “fact” that Mr. Trump hates women and does not respect immigrants entering the country illegally. As the GOP frontrunner has stated on many occasions, “We either have a country, or we don’t.”

Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco release illegal immigrants even after they have committed heinous crimes. Outrightly contradicting federal law, some states and cities have in a sense legalized illegal immigrants. California even gives illegal immigrants licenses to drive! According to a July 2015 report written about on Breitbart, 397,000 licenses, or 52% of all licenses issued throughout 2015, went to illegal immigrants. So, people with no documentation on who they are or where they came from are now driving killing machines on a daily basis throughout the biggest state in the country? What could possibly go wrong?

Many refute the fact that illegal immigrants are dangerous and regularly committing crimes in our country. However, one recent statistic proves that illegals are in fact dangerous. 19,723 illegal immigrants who committed crimes in the U.S. were released by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in 2015, according to a Center for Immigration Studies report. Look, I am not saying all illegals that enter the country are dangerous killers, but there are more than a handful (almost 20K) that engage in criminal acts once they cross the border and this fact cannot be ignored. And these are just the ones we have captured and know about!

Almost 20,000 Illegal Immigrants With Criminal Records Released from ICE Custody Last Year

Trump Tells Story The Other Side Does Not Want To Hear

You won’t hear these statistics on your mainstream media sites. You certainly won’t see anything other than the “violence” perpetrated in or around Trump’s rallies. On Thursday night, Donald Trump had quite a moving moment on stage. He brought out family members who have had sons or daughters killed by “undocumented” immigrants onstage with him. This was a very powerful image showing family members holding up posters with pictures of their loved ones killed at the hands of someone not legally here. This greatly helped Trump’s border security message.

Jamiel Shaw, whose son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant in 2008 said, “He’s going to do everything he says,” talking about Trump. “That’s why everybody is so scared right now because they know change is coming. Change is coming.” Though we have heard this same kind of hope and change rhetoric before in presidential elections, this one seems different somehow. With a non-politician preaching this message of putting America and Americans first, it comes across as simply much more authentic.

"They all have a very similar story to tell,” Trump spoke after Shaw delivered his short speech, “people that shouldn't have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like it’s nothing, they walk through it like it’s nothing.”

While protesters ignore these facts listed above, they continue to speak out against Trump’s “hate speech” and “misogyny.” Tell me, how is it racist when a man wants to enforce the laws that are already the laws of the land? Tell me, how is it misogynistic, when a man employs thousands of women, many of whom are employed in high positions in his company? Tell me, how is it wrong for someone to want to build a wall to defend his country when countries in Europe are building walls as fast as possible to maintain their security in the midst of their migrant crisis?

They have no answers to these questions because they don’t want a debate. They want to silence you.

Trump on the Border

Will Donald Trump make America great again?

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Jamiel Shaw Speaks at Trump Rally


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    • profile image


      8 months ago

      I love how they talk about goodies being handed out. To much conservative radio and the usual garbadge. A lot of them hide from everything these days. They hide their identity and the last thing they ever approach is some government handout. Sadly as you blindly support your racismn you support a man and a false american organization that seeks to destroy our democracy and our institutions. Its ok if he rigged the election, follows the Russian handbook on destroying demoicracy's, No crime is to big as his lap dogs in both halls of government pass nothing and allows executive orders to rule our country. He spits on Veterans of the korean war by wanting to be like North Korea and calls it a deal. He spits on our allies forged by defeating Natzi Germany and calls Natzi's good people. He condemns immigrants when his own wife is an immigrant. You people are truly blind or just stupid. I wonder what race you our and if they will one day demand that we hate you. This has gone beyond party lines and its pro-democracy in opposition to tyranny. I could careless about the immigration debate because its a side show easily fixed when we decide to recognize the real problem. instead its a want to be dictator who believes in making racismn popular will make you sell your soul and support the end of democracy.

    • mslizzee profile image


      2 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Great article. I think part of the rioting is caused by allowing people to flood into this country illegally and providing them with so many goodies while at the same time convincing them that they are entitled and deserving of all the free stuff, and that illegal entry into this country is no big deal. Why would an illegal alien who is not deported then handed food stamps, free housing, free education, and sanctuary if they commit a crime, think he as anything other than a special, entitled person? No attempt is made to assimilate, and we accommodate that also. Hence we have foreigners that don't like us very much and actually hang their own country's flag.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      if its not the people protesting then how do you ever plan on changing anything? This is Democracy and most of the time we never vote or have any voice what so ever. Protesting is just about all we have left. Its interesting to point out that there are hundreds of issues and it includes all sides. This is the grass roots movement that drives change. Also worth mentioning are the 40 to 47 percent of voters who did not like the Democrats or Republicans. When they talk about the people forgotten by the political process they forgot a lot of people and they are really fed up. You better get use to the protest and the rioters they are going to be around for a while. Think Ukraine.

    • Bobby Shanahan profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Carbery 

      2 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Ken, I wholeheartedly agree with you. This election is about the People v. the Government. Not Republicans v. Democrats. Not Liberals v. Conservatives. The ruling class that profits off of big government v. the people who pay for that government. Thank you for your service, by the way.

    • Ken Burgess profile image

      Ken Burgess 

      2 years ago from Florida

      Wanting to stop Trump is like pledging to do everything one can to continue to derail America, and continue on with the corruption and criminal activity that has so long dominated Washington and all the laws and trade agreements they have passed.

      I hope people are waking up to the truth of this election... it is the Washington elite VS the American people. Its maintaining the status-quo and steady-decline of our economy and country VS real change and real effort made on the behalf of all Americans.

      Politicians are truly the most delusional, corrupt, criminal people in our society, somehow the insane have take control of the asylum, and they are all living it up in Washington at our expense.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Things may get very, very ugly in the coming months. If anything is going to trigger Martial Law, it's going to be riots of people over Trump's campaign, and likely nod to be the Republican presidential candidate. As Election Day gets closer, I think people will become more hysterical, especially if Trump gives Hilary a run for her money during the race. I don't think he would beat her, but liberals often don't listen to the voice of reason. Do these protesters think Trump will say, "Well, everyone hates me, so I'll drop out of the race?" Do they really think he cares at all what they think? No! No one is going to get him to quit. No one is going to prevent people from voting for him. If they really don't want him, they should show up to the polls in November and vote for Hilary. I'm really surprised no one has attempted to assassinate him yet. I defiantly do not want that, but he has pissed so many people off.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Up front, let me say I'm not a Trump supporter, but I am Republican.

      As much as I dislike Trump, those protesters are not helping the situation. Immigration is not their primary focus, as we see from their signs.

      First, I don't think they are there to actually protest Trump. They are just professional protesters who hate everything.

      Second, waving the Mexican flag does not help the immigrants. I guarantee you the people waving that flag were some upper middle class white kids who think its cool.

      Expect a lot of more this silliness in the months to come.



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