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Five Ways To Discover Your Failures !!

Updated on July 27, 2010

Five ways to discover your failures!!

In my collection of neatly stored items I found my failures. I discovered the list you have been dramatizing out to everyone who lent you their ear. When I did the unimaginable you stored it deeply inside your mind, when I did the unintentional you kept it attached to a list. When I discovered goodness you it had twisted in your mind using a medical word known as amnesia. They say an elephant never forgets. If your experiencing any of these 5 ways, your quickly on your way to failure!!

1. You have people who cannot wait to manipulate your mind into creating you as a failure.

Watch them they have a one way destination of their own with you being the driving source of their happiness.

2. Your around people who love to see the failure in you!

This is what provides ammunition for others as they gain a sense of gossip companionship. They can always be supplied with something new to usher into their group discussion. If they can talk bad about you putting you down beneath them, the more the merrier they will feel in their own lives.

3. You have given up on everyone and everything around you?

You know longer feel your receiving your fair share in the center of the attention triangle. Sometimes friends do an about face and they do feel that your in it only for a grasp for their attention. Do yourself a favor and get over it, we are only favored in the limelight for a moment before that light loses its luster and dims out. You have to be prepared to share the lite.

4. You Listen To The Wrong People

We all have did it, trust in a person whom we felt would steer us in the right direction.The direction that had your footsteps headed the wrong way,along with money flowing out of your pockets. Your listening to the wrong people, who are doing nothing but making a determination for you.Get away! Stand up on your own two-feet!

5. You’re Blinded With What's Not Important In Life

Your too busy scoping them out. Way to busy working on which way they go, before you can determine your own moves. They made their money, when do you plan on making yours. Everyday you went to that club, tagging along with the person who is paying for the drinks, the food and your good time. Now that the money ran out, your stuck with no chair to sit in and no future to behold. You forgot about what was important in your own life. You didn't think of what you were going to need to propel your own self forward, once the funds were depleted.

Use this moment to reinvest in yourself while the good times roll.

Be unto your own light and never let others make plans to destabilize you from your intended goals or desires in life.


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