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Are you in the right political party?

Updated on December 1, 2011

Knowing the difference in the parties.

Most of the general public don't have a clue what they stand for, let alone what the party stands for that they are supporting. In general circles of the average person, just start talking about politics and you will hear a lot of gibberish about nothing because they don't know what they are talking about. I will attempt to give you some quick answers about what the Democratic party stands for, and what the Republican party stands for. I will try to clear up the myths of each party so you can have a clear understanding and you can choose what party to be a part of in an intelligent manor.

The Elephant

The Elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party.  It represents power, fearless, helpful, a leader of the world.
The Elephant is the symbol of the Republican Party. It represents power, fearless, helpful, a leader of the world.

The Republican Party

Let's start with the Republican Party. The Republican Party is generally a conservative party that represents the people. They believe in such things as protecting life, creating jobs, lowering taxes, smaller government, supporting Capitalism so the average person has the chance to start their own business. They believe in giving the people the power to run their own lives and keeping the government out of it. They believe in helping the middle class people, and encouraging a strong family unit. They believe in legal immigration and encourage it. They believe that our country was created by immigrants and they want that to continue. They appose illegal immigration. The reason is because when someone comes here illegally, they do not contribute to our society by paying their own way through taxes like everyone else does, therefore costing all citizens to support them out of their own pockets. Republicans believe that the immigrants should go through the system legally so they can be part of the United States as a citizen supporting themselves. Republicans believe that we should use the natural energy supplies that our own country is so enriched with so we are not dependent on other countries. They believe that by being independent it will save the American People a lot of money on the costs of energy. Republicans believe that our government should live within it's means and not keep mortgaging our country to China. They believe that we should stop raising the debt ceiling and start paying down our debt so we can be free of Communist China. Republicans believe that we should not be stealing from future generations. With the debt being so high, our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and maybe further than that will be paying off the debt and be under the control of China or some other country. The United States will not exist as we know it. Republicans are looking out for future generations by being responsible and wanting to cut spending, and pay down the debt. Republicans believe incentives should be given to companies so they stay in America to keep our jobs here for the American People. Republicans believe that if they would not have to keep fixing what the Democrats screwed up every few years that our country could progress more under the above mentioned concepts and the country will prosper once again.

The Donkey or The Ass

The Donkey or the Ass is the symbol of the Democratic Party.  It represents someone that is hard headed, stubborn, a follower, slow to get things done, not easy to work with.
The Donkey or the Ass is the symbol of the Democratic Party. It represents someone that is hard headed, stubborn, a follower, slow to get things done, not easy to work with.

The Democratic Party

Now let's review what the Democratic Party believes in. Democrats are generally Liberals and are known as the spending party. They represent HUGE GOVERNMENT. They believe by spending more money than what our country can generate will somehow get the economy moving and that jobs will be created. They believe in raising taxes on everything you do or buy so they can get your money in any way possible. They believe in letting jobs go to other countries so we can be friends and hold hands with dictators. They believe in supporting illegal immigrants taking your money to buy them a home, feed them, give them free medical care, find them a job so you lose yours. They believe in giving them welfare, even while working at the job that was taken from you. They believe that if you speak out against that, that you are a terrorist. If you are running for an office in the government while speaking out against those things, they publicly put out a hit on you to kill you. President Obama just did that to Former Governor Mitt Romney. The Democrats believe that these things are the way to run a country. The Democrats believe in government so large that they will tell you when to shit, when to wipe your ass, and how much toilet paper you can use. The Democrats believe that they can and should micro-manage every aspect of your life even if you don't want them to. The Democrats believe that they can force you to buy something that you do not want, and put you in jail if you refuse to buy it, even if you cannot afford it. The Democrats believe that it is better to have people on unemployment and food stamps forever because they believe that unemployment and food stamps creates jobs. I know it sounds so stupid that it cannot be true. WAKE UP! IT IS TRUE! The Democrats believe in killing unborn babies. They believe in letting hard core murderers go free and not face the death penalty, but out of the same breath they believe it is ok to kill an innocent unborn child that never committed any crime. Democrats believe in telling you what you can eat or what you must feed to your child. They believe that you do not have the right to choose because the Government knows best. Democrats believe in keeping you stupid and promising you so many entitlements so even if you don't know the issues or what each party stands for, you will vote for them because you are going to get "free money, a free home, a job, (but you don't have to keep it. They will still give you free money). They promise you that the economy is getting better while current numbers come out and prove the opposite."


So by keeping you stupid which is the only thing that the Democrats have succeeded at, they keep you registered as a Democrat so you will go to the polls to vote and you will vote Democrat even if you cannot even name the Presidential running mates name. That happened in the last election. People being interviewed after leaving the polls said they voted for Obama because they liked Sara Palin. They were so stupid that they wanted Sara Palin in as the vice president so they voted for Obama! Some being interviewed said they voted for Obama for the free money. I wonder how that is working out!

The point is this; many people are stupid. They are so oblivious to what is going on in our country that they just vote for the entitlements, or the promise of "free money" that they are never going to get anyway. They vote blindly without knowing the issues or what the parties stand for. Many people are registered in a party because that is the party that their parents were registered with. Most black people are registered in the Democratic Party because they are looking for the entitlements. Most are inner city people that just fall for what ever they are told. They don't listen to debates or current events. Most voted for Obama for the free money and to get a black man in the office. There should be a test prior to being able to vote. You should have to be able to list the candidates that are running, tell about what they believe in, you should have to list what your beliefs are and then be registered in the party that is closest to your beliefs.

This hub was meant to open your eyes to the basic beliefs of each party. I am not politically correct so if someone is offended by this hub, I'd like to say I am sorry but I can't. I truly believe that people should learn the issues, learn about the parties and be tested before they can vote. For those that read this and have not been following anything for as long as you can remember, I hope this opens your eyes and you start following the issues more closely. I hope you actually think about the party that your are registered with and if you are not in the party that is closest to what you believe, then re-register and support the candidates from the party that matches you. Don't just vote for the sake of voting. It is important. Our country is in very bad shape and that is because of people blindly voting for the wrong people.


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