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Ask Yourself--What If...

Updated on July 21, 2011

What If...

The words what and if are two small, insignificant words on their own, but when you join them together they become powerful and far-reaching. What if...

WHAT IF... every time we went grocery shopping, we picked up an extra loaf of bread, a package of bologna and some bottles of water. Then we made a few sandwiches and took them to the homeless people instead of waiting for the city or county to do something about them.

WHAT IF... you used your extra bedrooms in your house to house a homeless student. Check with your local schools. You will be shocked to learn how many kids have no place to go.

WHAT IF... instead of shaking your head over all the devastation with the floods and tornadoes in the south, you went door-to-door in your neighborhood and collected donations to send to those people in need.

WHAT IF... when you see someone starting a business, you patronize them rather than the big chain stores that overcharge you.

WHAT IF... as a nation, we started taking care of each other instead of depending on the government to do so.

WHAT IF... we stopped being selfish, and became a foster or adoptive parent of an older child or a child with a disability.

WHAT IF... we put a stop to our greed and got our priorities straight. We could bring our own cost of living down.

WHAT IF... we went back to making a "fair" profit, instead of gouging the people for everything we can, because we can.

WHAT IF... we actually started treating every person the way we would want to be treated.

WHAT IF... those with businesses and companies started creating jobs, even small jobs. A small paycheck is better than no paycheck.

WHAT IF... petty differences were pushed aside and we started working together to pull ourselves out of the mess we're in.

WHAT IF... we held people accountable for their actions instead of turning all manner of bad behavior into a disease or disorder.

What if... The possibilities are infinite. We are the only ones who can put limitations on what we can accomplish. We are not dependent on anyone. We have the power within ourselves. We need to dare to dream again. We need to work together. Every day we need to remind each other, What If...


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    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Wow...thank you everyone. You've left me speechless with your comments. I am humbled.

    • neeleshkulkarni profile image


      7 years ago from new delhi

      what if- more people thought like you.God bless you friend

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      7 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      A very inspiring read, by a very inspiring person. I would like to see everyone on the internet read this. It is going on my refrigerator and I am forwarding it on to family and friends. We need more hubs like this. I have rated up and pushed every single button. Amen!

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Yes, what if each one of us just did one thing?

    • Fuller-Life profile image


      7 years ago from Washington, DC

      Beautiful thought provoking questions that we constantly need to pose. If we can change our questions, we can change our lives.

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Thank you so much!

    • Jasonx816 profile image


      7 years ago from California

      Very inspiring read. Enjoyed =]

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Absolutely, and well said, fucsia!

    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      What if... we learn to live in line with the values that we declare, we have the courage of integrity, we begin to change ourselves and the small things around us, instead of wanting to change the world with words or bombs.

      Thank you!!

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      What if... indeed.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      What if,we all realized that we are the government and that those we put into office can be removed if we have the will to do it.Appointees included since we voted for those who appointed them.

    • Sylvia's Thoughts profile imageAUTHOR

      Sylvia Van Peebles 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Yes it would. So much of the time we're looking for the grandiose things. There are so many things we can do ourselves. Baby steps first.

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great ideas and food for thought Sylvia. Many of these would not even take much effort and would make the world a better place. Multiply that by millions of people and we would have a better country and world.


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