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Awakened Consciousness and Expanded Awareness will Eliminate the Control System

Updated on January 31, 2019

The Control System will Fall

We are experiencing a shift in conscious awareness on Earth; it is why the world appears to be such a mess. Any time you rearrange a room, there is sure to be a mess ... moving to a new house makes an even larger mess. If you are doing something like cleaning out the refrigerator, it is mandatory to make a mess all over the countertop or on the kitchen table. That is why the world looks so messed up at the time; it is because there is a "cleaning out" and a "rearranging" of Consciousness on Earth. We are becoming more consciously aware, therefore the world looks like a huge mess. But it's not, it is just a transition; a transition into something powerfully new and beyond our imagination.

It is almost like an alarm clock is going off all around the world, and the sleeping human race has begun to rise from a comatose state of unconsciousness and a pitiful lack of awareness. All that has been kept from us is now becoming out in the open. It was always going to be this way; eventually truth finds a way to come to the surface ... and it has. We now have easy access to all of the information, wisdom, and knowledge that we have been denied for centuries. All over the world people are thinking differently about ... everything.

The people who are not awakening are finding that more and more people around them are somehow different, strange, or peculiar. It's because they "woke up", and at some point the rest will too. When a new conscious awareness comes to Earth, it is slow at first, but it eventually becomes unavoidable and inevitable. In fact, this change is necessary.

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein.

We absolutely have a lot of problems in the world, and these problems have been created by the level of conscious awareness that we have been at for a long time. We are not going to solve the problems the world faces unless there is a change in human consciousness. It is the only way.

All your protests, and mouth running on social media, riots, petitions, letters to politicians, violence, and all of the stuff people have been doing to change things are never going to amount to much. These things are pointless wastes of time, unless they are to help facilitate bringing in a new conscious awareness to the human race. The world will not change until that happens sufficiently enough to affect the whole, in a meaningful way. So, what is going on in the world is actually good, even though, at the time it looks really bad. It has to happen this way.

It is terrible when the old car breaks down beyond repair, but what happens after that? You get a new car. A better, newer, nicer car and that is what is happening in the world. The old consciousness is broken down beyond repair; a new one is coming in -- we are getting a new one; surely it will be better than the old one.

Grow Beyond The Control System

There has become quite a divide in the world between those who have opened themselves to this new conscious awareness, and those who are refusing to do so. Those who refuse the new awareness think the others are crazy; those who accept the new awareness think the same of those who have not. If viewed from a distance, from a higher perspective, it all looks very comical indeed. If people could only relax, go with the flow, and get in tune with what life is offering us, the transition will be much smoother.

As humanity moves into a new enlightenment and as more advanced higher levels of conscious awareness become available to us all, the way the world is structured now will not persist. The Control System that has enslaved us will not remain -- it was the old consciousness that created the Control System.

The new consciousness is not going to fight the Control System, it is just going to move on from it ... and build something new. "The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Dan Millman. Without our participation, the Control System falls flat on its nasty little face -- which is exactly what is happening. Cooperation with and participation in the Control System will gradually decline and eventually disappear altogether, as humanity awakens to a more enlightened consciousness and an expanded level of awareness.

That is not to say everything is going to be roses and smooth sailing, no not at all. We have a lot of work to do and we are in store for a rough ride, but what always comes after the storm?

Do Your Part

The Control System that has oppressed us is absolutely doomed and headed toward absolute utter failure, and the start of that change began only a short time ago. We are still very much in the infancy stage of this change, but it is happening ... and it is getting more obvious. Have you looked at what is going on in the world recently? There is simply no way that the human race is going to spend the rest of history in a global version of a Nazi-style concentration camp! We are just not going to do that! The human race will not allow this to happen ... period. And that is why we are moving from one kind of world to another. We have seen what lies ahead of us on the current path, and we aren't going to tolerate it. We are not having any more of this!

It is going to be really rough at times, especially for some, but everyone has their part to play; we must each play our part. Deep inside each of us, we all know this ... and we also know what that part is. It is right there inside all of us; you know what you are here to do -- truth, do it.

Everyone Does Their Part

Sometimes it is going to seem like it is all going the wrong way, and that we have lost, but it is not so -- it will never be so. No matter how far down the road we go into tyranny, the new consciousness takes over -- no matter what; there is no stopping it.

That should call for a bit of relaxation, but that all depends on your part. If your part is to deal with the "rough stuff", that is what you will have to do; if your part is to be gentle and delicate, then that is what you will have to do. We should not look poorly on those whose part is different than our own. Their part is every bit as relevant and important as our own. If your part is to speak out about government, then you should do that to your ability -- while not criticizing or thinking poorly of those whose part is meditating on a mountaintop somewhere. We all have our part. Those who are meditating on the mountain should not think poorly of those who openly express anger about the Government ... because we all have our part.

Your part is about you, not anyone else. What lights your fire? That is your part. Play your part and let everyone play theirs. All the pieces will eventually come together, but they have to be moved around the board first.

Edward Albee: "Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly."

So, when you see things happening that you don't like and when people do things you disagree with, don't be bothered by it. We all have our journey, our walk, and no-one understands anyone else's journey better than they themselves do. We just have to do our job, play our part, and understand that as long as we have done that, then what is needed to be done is being done ... and leave it at that. What you perceive to be "wrong" might actually be what is right, or necessary.

Setting a broken bone looks horrific, but it is necessary for the bone to heal properly ... don't allow those things to concern you. Stay focused on what you are doing, and pay attention to that -- because it is the only thing that you can control. You can only do something about what you are doing -- make sure you are doing the right thing.

Some people are going to have to be nasty fierce fighters, and we have to let them; we have to free ourselves from that which threatens the life of every person on this planet -- so don't be angry with "fighters" -- we need them too. If someone was forcefully coming into your house to kill everyone inside, you would be justified to fight them or even kill them violently; you would be "right" in doing so.

Let those who have to fight, fight. Let those who have to meditate, meditate.

A New Reality

As the new awareness comes in, if you close yourself off to it you will be very confused and bewildered by the world you see unfolding before you; however, if you open yourself to the new awareness and higher consciousness, you will suddenly have access to knowledge, information, and wisdom that you never did before. You will somehow just "know" things, know what you are to do, everything will make sense, and life will take on a whole new aspect. You will go from just "tryin' to survive" to having a mission in life -- that you will spend every day for the rest of your life trying to fulfill. The meaning and purpose of your life will soar in the most fantastic and amazing ways, that your current level of conscious awareness is incapable of even imagining. We are going to get insight into things that we didn't even know existed before; we are going to understand mysteries that before were unable to be comprehended.

We are, literally, in the process of decoding into existence a whole new reality; we are pressing the door to that new reality open, ever wider as we go ... and that is changing the way we perceive the world -- everything else comes from that. Whatever we perceive, we experience ... and we are getting ready to have a whole new experience; one in which our current limited ability to perceive does not allow us to experience. As our consciousness rises, we will break-free and come out of the slavery we have become so accustomed to. It is only a matter of time.

People who seemed crazy a short time ago, now just seem "right". Think of all the stuff we know now, that only a short time ago was "nothing more than a ridiculous conspiracy theory". Think of it: our consciousness is already changing. The idea that "Big Brother" was spying on everyone was once just the ravings of a delusional madman. Now? Our consciousness is changing.

We are not the same humans we were only a few decades ago. Look at how we think now, as compared with as recently as the 1990s. Can you remember 1999? It is not the same world we live in now -- it is because consciousness is changing. Don't end up one of those people whose entire life passes by in front of a screen -- life is waiting for you.

We are coming to a time of love, harmony, compassion, cooperation, and respect. We are going to abandon our own personal slavery and the controlling oppressive structures that are held together by the old consciousness that created them; none of these things will withstand what is coming.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” - Arundhati Roy.

Let it Destroy itself

It is not like a war, or some violent expression; it is more like a game of Jenga: the more blocks you remove, the less stable the structure becomes; when enough blocks are removed the structure reaches a tipping point, then suddenly, often without warning, the whole structure violently comes crashing down with pieces of itself scattering in all directions. This is the same manner by which the Control System comes down; not by attacking it with violent hostile aggression, but by removing the pieces that hold it together.

You can tear down a building, you can blow it up, or you can weaken it at certain places and let it destroy itself -- that is how the Control System will come down. It will not come down by expressions of violence, hate, and murder; those are what help hold up the Control System. Remove violence and hate; they are pillars that the Control System stands on -- without them it is weakened ... remove more and it falls. This is how we defeat the Control System, not by attacking it. If we attack, they win.

Stop Accepting the Control System

The very first thing we can do to end the Control System is to cease being controlled by it. The Control System wants you to be upset, depressed, angry, anxious; they want you to live every single moment of your life in fear. FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! And the first thing we can do to pull support away from the Control System is to simply decide we aren't going to be afraid of it anymore.

Have a look at your life. Are you living day-to-day in a horrible situation, always angry, upset, depressed, and filled with anxiety and fear all the time? Is this your life? If so, you are living the life that the Control System wants you to live; they have created it to be this way intentionally. This is for multiple reasons, but a big one is that people who are in such states are the easiest to control. If you can get someone afraid, you can control them. Anger is the same way: IQ goes down as anger goes up; stupid people are easy to control -- how angry are you? However angry you are is directly proportional to how stupid you are.

Haven't you had enough?

NO! I'm not doing this anymore! I refuse to spend one more second of my life this way! Not one more second! I'm not having it anymore!

That is the conversation we need to be having with the mirror. Stop living that way. Stop accepting that as a possible way of living; it does not have to go on any longer. You can step out of it, the moment you choose to. It is just a choice, that the time has come to make.

When we start to take control over ourselves and our lives, the Control System's power over us is reduced quite substantially. If they cannot get you in fear, they have failed miserably ... and they know it. The happier and more fulfilled you make yourself and your life, the less control the Control System has over you and your life; it is just that simple. If enough of us take that same kind of approach in our lives and refuse to be manipulated, used, and abused by the Control System ... and cease to cooperate and participate with it, then it collapses under its own obesity and therefore is no more.

Educated Self-sufficient People cannot be Controlled

Whoever is controlling this planet knows what is happening, and they know very well that their days of control and domination are numbered. They know that we are waking up, and they are terrified; there is nothing they fear more than losing control of us. This is why we see the Control System now doing everything it can to suppress us. It is not a coincidence that they are trying to suppress us now more than ever before; it is because the masses of people are finally seeing the Control System for what it is, a system of CONTROL. But they can only influence human perception within a certain range of consciousness -- you cannot control an educated self-sufficient person who does not fear you. And that is why they do everything they can to prevent us from becoming that.

If we do not succumb to fear, then we are mentally not in a frequency range that they can influence. They cannot control people who operate out of kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, and love. No, they don't understand that kind of stuff and therefore don't know what to do with it. What they understand is hate, violence, despair, anger, anxiety, depression, and fear. They know exactly how to get you to obey when you operate from that perspective.

Expanded Conscious Awareness

The new consciousness that humanity is rising to does not need this Control System anymore; we are simply going to evolve beyond it. We are all One Consciousness, and we are all on this planet together -- this is how the new consciousness is going to operate. Expanded conscious awareness does not need Government, Police, War, Presidents, Laws, Rules, Regulations ... Masters; we certainly do not need any of those! Consciousness does not think in those terms; it is only Mind that does that.

We don't need laws against intentionally harming other people when it would never occur to anyone to do any such thing! If the only reason people don't harm other people is because "The Law" says so, there is a serious problem! Those who need laws to tell them that harming others is wrong don't care what the laws say; the rest of us do not need a law -- we will not harm other people because we know it is wrong, not because some law says so! If you only do not harm people because the law says so, then please stay far far away from other people!

Laws are to mitigate the distorted behavior that has come with the low level of consciousness that we have been part of for so long. We can't even imagine a higher level, not from the limitation that we are currently experiencing. The idea of letting people go hungry in a world of plenty should be absolutely unacceptable to us, and it will be when our consciousness rises. Consciousness does not care why people are starving to death -- Consciousness feeds people who are starving to death. Spiritual and Intellectual enlightenment does not see things the way we currently do as a species, but the time is coming...

People of the future will scoff in disbelief: "Did they really used to let people starve? To death? What? Are you serious? That's insane!" Yes it is, but we cannot see that yet. There will come a day, though, when we will not be capable of conceiving to allow something like that to happen to people on the same planet as us. We have to move beyond the type of mentality that would allow other human beings to starve; they are just other aspects of ourselves. When we let them starve, we only starve ourselves ... and this is unacceptable, especially considering that the world has the capacity to end the problem of starvation completely -- without ever inconveniencing anyone. Thousands of innocent children are starving to death on our planet, every single day -- the world looks on ... and allows it to continue. What are we doing allowing that to happen? Consciousness doesn't do that, wouldn't think of it.

People can argue about it all they want, and call it whatever they like -- but we are not going to keep on letting people starve to death, are we? No, not when we can do something about it we aren't! Not in the future we are moving into anyway ... at some point, this irresistible new consciousness will be the dominant perception of reality on Earth; it's gonna take a long time, but it will happen.

Awaken to Consciousness

Nothing is going to be able to stop this expansion of awareness; when it fully manifests, we are going to be perceiving reality in ways that currently we don't know anything about. Consequently, we will begin interacting with the world in many different ways than we do now, as vast numbers of people are already doing. We are not going to be able to fix what is wrong with the world unless we start to think and "be" in new ways. All the problems of the world have been created by the way that most people are still thinking and interacting with the world, but as this changes, we will be moving into a new way of thinking, and then we will actually start to solve the problems of the world. We are not going to solve them by thinking in the same ways we always have, and that is why it is necessary for all of us to open ourselves to new information, ideas, opinions, understandings, and ways of doing things.

We have to open ourselves to higher levels of consciousness and expanded levels of awareness -- this is how we are going to solve the problems we face. From our new level of awareness, the problems we now face will seem so simple; we will easily solve things that today seem to be unsolvable mysteries, and we will do so upon tuning our consciousness to higher levels of reality and perception. It is time to come out of the coma we have all collectively been in and start to seek out the enlightenment that is already present inside of each of us. We don't need to "become" enlightened; we just need to strip away all that prevents us from realizing that we are already enlightened. “Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” - Mooji. You do not need to seek enlightenment -- you are enlightenment. Danielle LaPorte: "Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?" Do you remember? Can you remember who you really are? Do you even know what you actually are? Remember ... REMEMBER!

What are you doing: Get up, go to work, back home, eat, TV, back to bed; now, do that again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next... Keep doing that all week until you are so tired that on your day off you are too tired to do anything; on your other day off you will need to do all the stuff necessary to prepare for the week ahead, in which you will: wake, work, home, food, TV, bed ... repeat -- for the rest of your life! Some people call that "life", but it is not life; it is limited monotonous slavery! Awaken yourself from this -- awaken to Consciousness.

© 2019 Jason Horne


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