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Who-What-When-Where We Really Are -- Welcome to the Hologram

Updated on January 29, 2019

Frequency Controls Us

Nikola Tesla: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

This means frequency is extremely important: the frequency range we can access is determined by what our brain/body can decode; what it can decode is tiny, in relation to All That Is.

Eyesight is a good example: the very best human eye can see only a tiny fraction of the full electromagnetic spectrum, which we call visible light ... and the electromagnetic spectrum is microscopic in relation to All That Is. So, why do we think this tiny little bit, that we can just barely make out, is the whole thing? We only think we can see everything, but we can't -- not even close.

Being in the brain/body focuses our attention into this reality in a way that makes us think it's All There Is, but we only ever experience the very limited amount of information the brain/body can decode. If our brain/body was capable of decoding All That Is, we would see many dimensions and realities existing simultaneously -- everywhere. If we could decode all the lifeforms that exist, we would be stunned by the vastness of variety and form that interdimensionaly interpenetrate with and coexist in the same space and time as we do.

If we could interact with reality as it really is, instead of how we have been manipulated to, we would have always maintained the ability to see beyond the tiny range of frequency that we are currently confined to. The Control System wants to keep us from ever experiencing anything other than the world of "Mind", which is the physical five-sense world of the brain; if you believe the physical five-sense world of the brain (especially the left brain) is All There Is, you will always look outside of yourself to make sense of the world ... and who controls that aspect of reality? They do! They want to isolate us in brain/body so that we believe it is "all there is"; if this can be accomplished, the brain/body (Mind) can be programmed and controlled -- for life ... and it is.

Time and Space

"Time and space" are illusions of Mind, created for us to experience -- there is no time; there is no space. What we call "time" and "space" is just information, that we decode into what appears to be time and space -- but it is just another holographic construct of the mind.

When a movie on a disc is being played, wherever the laser is currently pointing is the "present"; everything before that is the "past"; everything after that is the "future" -- but all of that exists, all at the same time, all on the one disc. It also looks like there is "space" in the movie, but all that apparent "space" is contained within that thin little disc as well. When the movie plays, "time and space" appear on the screen, but it's only an illusion -- there is no time or space, only the illusion of time and space.

In our reality time and space are also illusions, and powerful ones too -- especially time. People are obsessed with time! It's important to have a certain measure of "time" so that we can meet with other people and things like that, but "time" is actually just a construct that doesn't really exist. What "time" is it, within infinity? Is time "passing", within forever? No -- "no-time" is infinity, which is where Consciousness operates. Time is one of the ways in which we are disconnected with who we really are -- Consciousness doesn't do time; it does "no-time". If we spend our whole lives according to time, we will spend our whole life in the five-senses, disconnected from the Consciousness that we truly are.

We can travel to a different "time zone" and be in a different "time" -- if we keep going, we can eventually get to yesterday ... or tomorrow! Look, an imaginary line -- yesterday (invisible line) tomorrow ... fantastic! Time is so "real" that we move backward or forward one hour every time we "observe" daylight savings time. It's ridiculous ... and every leap year we add a whole "day"! Isn't that amazing! Seems more like someone just making some stuff up and then expecting everyone else to live by it. Well ... you don't, you don't have to observe time, or anything to do with it -- not if you don't want to. Time is irrelevant to all that is important and real, but people all over the world spend their entire lives enslaved by it -- just another mechanism imposed on us by the Control System.

We talk about the "future" and "past" as if they are real, but they simply don't exist. The past is gone, therefore no longer exists; the future is not here yet, therefore does not exist. "When" are you when you remember the past? NOW. "When" are you when you imagine the future? NOW. That is because NOW, is All There Is; "now" is our current point of observation, and therefore the only thing that actually exists: the infinite NOW. The past and future are just constructs of the brain/body that don't actually exist, but they are necessary because without them we won't be able to understand anything. The only time we can ever change anything is NOW; you cannot change the past, and the only way to change the future is by affecting things NOW. The only time you will ever have is NOW, which is "when" it always is. You will never experience any "time" -- other than NOW. If you spend your energy regretting the past and worrying about the future, you will destroy the possibility of changing your life or making a better world. When we regret the past and worry about the future, we remove ourselves from the only "time" that we can actually do anything -- NOW. When we remove ourselves from "now" we can't do anything ... and the result is being constantly "stuck in a rut". Time is only a perception, a point of observation: past/present/future -- all on the same disc; it is only the point of observation that changes.

The left side of the brain is where events are decoded and arranged into sequences that we can make sense of; if we did not have this sense of sequence (time) we could not function well in this reality, but the brain does not always arrange things at the same speed. Sometimes, time can appear to be moving more quickly or slowly than at other times: "Time flies when you're having fun" (woohoo!) ... but it crawls when things feel bad. Time moves at a different speed in an airplane or space shuttle than it does on Earth; if someone traveled for a few minutes near the speed of light in space, many years would pass by on Earth. "Everything was in slow motion," is what people sometimes say when they do amazing things that no-one else can really do; athletes sometimes experience this during sports events. Accidents and other highly stressful situations are also commonly said to have happened in "slow motion" -- these things happen because the brain/body does not always decode "time" in the same way or at the same speed. If this can happen, time can be nothing more than a perception -- it is a construct created by our brain/body as part of the mechanism that enables us to comprehend and contemplate our own existence.

Body Computer

In order to be in this reality we have to have an outer shell ... and that outer shell is an artificially intelligent biological robot -- a computer.

When computers stop working, what do we say? They died. When human bodies stop working, what do we say? They died. Computers go to sleep during times of inactivity, just like the artificially intelligent biological robot that we lovingly call a "body" does. Computers have anti-virus software to keep malicious software from negatively affecting the functionality of the machine; human bodies have an immune system that functions in an identical manner. These two anti-virus immune systems also both have to be updated on a regular basis, to deal with new and incoming threats to the body/computer.

The reason it is so easy to connect a computer to a brain is because they are not connecting a "computer" to a "brain" -- they are connecting a computer to a computer; the brain is more advanced, but they are the same thing.


Our perceptions tell us the world is "solid", but it isn't -- it can't be.

Everything is made of atoms, which have no solidity; how can something with no solidity create a "solid" world?

It certainly appears to be solid -- if you fall down a flight of stairs things will most likely seem to be pretty solid, but they're not. Something that is just "empty space" cannot make a solid reality -- it just cannot do so. It only appears to be solid, because of how the brain/body decodes the metaphysical universe -- It is "just electrical signals being interpreted by the brain".

Most people have heard that we can never actually touch anything; it's because it is only two electromagnetic fields pressing against one another. It only appears to be something solid that we are touching when the metaphysical universe is decoded into the physical universe, which our brain/body convinces us is solid -- but it is just information being read, that's why it looks, feels, and seems so solid. We cannot tell the difference, because brain/body is part of the virtual reality hologram -- your physical body is a hologram, that is a living part of the larger hologram we call the universe.

Brain/body (Mind) does not live in a hologram; it is the hologram -- "YOU" live in a hologram. "You" exist inside your body, which is part of the hologram; confusion happens when brain/body is thought to be separate from the hologram (The Matrix), no -- it is The Matrix.

Your brain and physical body is a hologram; "YOU" (Infinite Eternal Conscious Awareness) are what makes the brain/body come alive -- when you leave your body, it will be "dead", but "you" will go on forever.

Holographic Universe

A hologram is made by separating a single laser beam into two beams, one of which is focused directly onto a film plate; the other is reflected off an object before it reaches the film plate -- where the beams meet, a waveform interference pattern is created. For example: if rocks are thrown into a puddle of water, each rock makes its own individual wave; when the individual waves interact with each other, it is called a waveform interference pattern and it contains all of the information about whatever created it. When a laser is focused on the waveform interference pattern used to create a hologram, an apparently three-dimensional solid looking object is projected -- this is how our reality works, but overly simplified into its most basic form. The real thing is so much more advanced and sophisticated that we cannot even begin to comprehend or imagine the full truth of it. The holographic universe is not a stupid idea based on nothing -- there is considerable scientific evidence supporting it, and a growing number of scientists are suggesting that it is a valid way of understanding how our reality actually works. Sophisticated and real science has already demonstrated the truth of the holographic universe, but you don't have to be a scientist to understand it.

How something can be a wave and a particle at the same time seems to be an amazing complicated paradox to consider, but not when considered through the lens of the holographic universe. When a hologram is created, the waveform and the particle-form exist at the same time; the wave does not disappear -- they both exist at the same time. In quantum physics, things can be in more than one state at the same time; things can be particles and waves at once -- because reality is a hologram.

When a hologram is made, it is made in a way that every part of the hologram is a smaller version of the whole hologram. If you cut a hologram in half, you will not see only half of the image; you will still see the whole image, but reduced in size by half -- no matter how small the pieces, the whole hologram will always be there. This is why, in our holographic universe -- which our human bodies are part of, things like reflexology and acupuncture work as they do. If the body is a hologram, then every part of the body must be a smaller version of the whole body; therefore, all parts of the body can be accessed from all other parts of the body. That is why points in the feet, hands, ears, and so on, can treat the whole body -- it is because the body is a hologram and therefore must contain the whole body in all parts of the body, just like all holograms always do all of the time ... the universe and everything in it is a hologram, albeit a highly advanced and extremely sophisticated one.

Digital holograms are already convincing enough that the human eye is incapable of distinguishing them from what is perceived to be the "real" world -- there are even holograms that can be touched and felt. What could this kind of technology become, if given enough time? The Matrix? "Enough time" already happened, a very long time ago -- this is why numerology and mathematical algorithms are so effective, because they are addressing the digital level of the hologram that we call the universe -- physical reality.

Computers work on binary code: that is just ones and zeros -- yes/no, on/off ... odd that the very "fabric" of our reality is based on this same exact system. What are 1s and 0s doing at the base of our reality? Why is binary code the fabric of our reality? Because -- it's a hologram! The operating system of the universe works on the exact same system as the one operating whatever you are using to read this article with! The human brain is a bit more complicated; It works on a trinary system, which means something can be a 1, 0, or both at the same time.

A trinary system is the foundation of quantum computers, which are going to be the environment and circumstances that allow artificial intelligence to become "aware". The kind of consciousness that makes the biologically based artificially intelligent human body come alive requires a trinary system to function; what kind of consciousness might function through a computer-based artificially intelligent quantum trinary system ... what kind of "consciousness" will be operating those systems?

You are ALL

Part of the way we are kept in servitude is by keeping us focused on left-brained information and activities. Left Brain is where numbers, language, sequence, structure, and everything we need to function well within the Control System comes from; Right Brain thinks abstractly, connects seemingly unconnected things, creates, and imagines, which is exactly what the Control System does not want us doing. They want us to only be able to perceive the world through Left Brain because that is the part of the brain that is most easily controlled.

We get shoved into Left Brain from the moment we enter into the Control System's version of education (indoctrination) -- you only need half a brain to memorize and regurgitate, which is everything you need to be considered a "success" by the Control System and all of those poor people who are brainwashed and controlled by it.

The Control System puts all these walls up around us, so we do not stray from Left Brain: science, media, politics, entertainment, education -- even religious activities have become Left Brain, which is quite a contradiction to say the very least. All these things focus our attention into Left Brain, and because everyone we know: friends, family, parents, doctors, teachers, preachers, lawyers, co-workers, bankers, the lady at the store, babysitters ... it doesn't matter -- they have all been through the same "machine". Unless they themselves become aware of what is actually going on, they will do everything in their power to manipulate you back into Left Brain -- where you belong! At least according to the Control System -- and those who are programmed, manipulated, and controlled by it.

The reason they want us to stay in Left Brain is because of how it limits us, instead of freeing us; part of that limitation imposed by Left Brain is acquiescence to authority. Right Brain doesn't do that; it has no concept of "authority" and therefore doesn't recognize it. The Control System does not want us in Right Brain, because Right Brain would transform the "Control" System into a "Freedom" System ... and, obviously, we are not going to be allowed to have that. Yes indeed, we have all these different kinds of "systems" on our planet; you know, like the political system, the education system, the legal system, the monetary system, the healthcare system, the justice system and so on -- why do we not have a "Freedom System"?

We think very highly of Left Brain, don't we? If someone has graduated from college and is considered to be "well educated", that somehow qualifies them to understand life and reality better than everyone else -- but it actually doesn't. People who have been all the way through the education (indoctrination) system have often been brainwashed so severely that they are operating from a very low level of consciousness. If college graduates have been isolated into Left Brain, which is typical, they will no doubt be operating at a very low level of consciousness; Left Brain intellect is a level of consciousness incapable of accessing different aspects of reality ... and this is why the Control System is desperate to keep us there.

Robin Sharma: “The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

Mind becomes our master when we can only perceive the world of isolated Left Brain intellect; if we can free ourselves from Left Brain prison and begin to equally access all parts of the brain, we can access much wider aspects of reality. When we are free of mind prisons, such as the ones that keep us confined in Left Brain, we can access Heart -- the connection to our greater self.

You can feel it ... "YOU" are not located in your head; that is where the central processing unit of the artificially intelligent biological robot is located -- don't get that confused with who you really are. There is also "the gut", but that isn't who you really are either -- the gut is just emotion, which can be powerful and compelling, even controlling, but emotions are not "you". Below the gut are the sexual and reproductive areas ... and you can very powerfully feel "where" that comes from and is located in the body, but it is still not "you". When we can understand these things, we can understand where in the body that "we" actually are; most people think they are in their head, but what connects your body to "you" is called "Heart" and it is located in the center of your chest -- this is the connection to your true self. The actual location of "you" inside your body is not the brain; it is the heart ... and if you always truly follow it, you will always be the authentic expression of what you really are.

If we can open our Minds to our Hearts, and open our Hearts to the truth of Infinite Love and All Possibility, it will change our lives forever; when enough people have this same experience, it will change the world.

When we get out of mind prison, just like physical prison, we can start to see, experience, and interact with the world in a new way; we can access levels of reality that have been denied us so far. ALL, that has ever been, is, or can be, has been manipulated into a vast conspiracy to keep us from ever accessing the wider reality -- so that a tiny few can control the rest of us; without the knowledge of who-what-when-where we really are, we have no hope of ever understanding The Conspiracy.

"You" are ALL -- ALL that is, ALL that was, ALL that will -- what are you doing allowing yourself to be manipulated into believing you are less than you really are?

© 2019 Jason Horne


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