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Learn with Guidance from Higher Dimensions Part 1

Updated on October 8, 2018
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Linda is the author of Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth, a channelled book published by Gateway books in 1995

"Book of Secrets subtitle One & All"

"One and All" Channelled from Higher Beings

CHANNELLED BOOK "Book of Secrets subtitle One & All" by LINDA JOSLIN - this is a sequel to "Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth" published by Gateway Books in 1995 which predicted much of the changes which have occurred on our planet. "One and All" continues this information and prepares us for the changes.....

The Operating of the Universal Energy System incorporating Planet Earth


Firstly, we will be addressing much of the known information that has been within the sphere of your planet Earth. This information will have been a part of the history of your planet Earth. Much of the information was given before this century to those who were then connected to us. Much of this information was given in order to prepare the way for this time approaching now.

We begin with the idea that the cosmos is not the only galactic space that has been occupied. The idea that there are other different species of beings that occupy certain areas of the space continuum has been with you for some time. Much of the information on this subject has been given through the creative ideology. It has been necessary that the ideas were given so that the idea of man being alone within this universal space was not completely 'accepted' If accepted is the right word then we will now be able to give you the answers to many of the questions that have been asked during the last centur

The words that are used during your enquiring sessions are very much lacking in understanding. You will never understand the universal energy system if you do not first understand that when we speak of time and energy we are speaking of a system that does not align with your present understanding. This energy continuum is vast. It does not fit into any box. There is no box that could ever contain such a system. Therefore the energy system will never be fully understood by the logical side of your brain system. We must first introduce you to an understanding of different dimensional states of being. There was first an understanding of oneness. This oneness allowed the mind to become fully cognisant of different energies and time divisions. The divisions of which we speak are vastly different to the divisions that are now spoken of in connection with time frames.

For some time now there have been energy beings that have become a part of the planet Earth and her energy entities. These beings will be with you until the planet earth ascends. If we do not give you these extra beings then you will not be able to tap into the higher dimensions of thought. Each being that has been assigned to the earth plane will be present with a particular type of energy. In this way we are able to clear the energy fields of the planet and the human beings that reside with her. Each being will be contactable. If you are desirous of a particular energy to assist any of the work that you are doing, then you can call upon these beings to help you. They will respond when you ask of your Higher Self; if your Higher Self is sufficiently attuned then you will receive the help that you require. These states of Grace exist for each and every one of you, please call upon these energies to assist you. You cannot now approach the change-over of the planet Earth to a fifth dimensional field without the help of these beings.

Every time that our energy is being brought consciously to the earth plane by a human being then we are one step nearer to the completion of the divine plan. It is consciousness in action that is required in order to make the pathway secure and less treacherous for those that will follow. There have been many different ideologies put forward through the channelled information that is being given to your planet but we must add that there has also been much adulteration when this information has been passed from one mouth to another. Each person upon your earth plane has what we call 'hard of hearing' syndrome. Which will ultimately cause much chaos and intrusion of misconceived ideas and plans. If we are to continue with this sort of discord then we will begin to throw away our gentle approach and begin to use much more upsetting ways to wake up the mass of society. There must be a certain obedience to suggestion. We are not clear ourselves on why so much undivulged information still lies sealed within the chambers. The information of which we speak has been given countless times and in countless different ways but does not seem to have been given the limelight that it deserves, but other information which was not so much for the mass of society has made the headlines in the New Age. We are agasp still at the misunderstandings. You have been given only another couple of years to allow this information into the mainstream. Many more star seeded ones must take up their positioning before it is too late.

The ultimate course of action is one of complete surrender. Do we make ourselves clear? You are not surrendering to another entity, you will be surrendering to the soul, your soul. We do not require your souls to surrender to us. When you surrender to your soul then we are all connected.

During this time ahead there will be many different energy forms that will become known to you. These different energy forms are in various dimensional states. Some of these states will be so different to those of which you are presently aware that we will begin to give you warnings of these times ahead so that each stage can be approached gently and without shock. For some this will be a time when every dream of which they have ever dreamt will come true with a true manifestation of other beings and other energy forms. We speak now of those dreams of which true dreams are made. We do not encourage you to dream of monsters, these are your own fears; we encourage you to dream of those things of which your soul is made - of light and love and angel dust.

During this time when the energy of the earth will become entrapped into the universal energy system, then you will see that entrapment is the only thing that you have ever desired. Entrapment into the land of light and love in its purest sense. You have become entrapped into many things my dear friends, but never before into the land of light and love. Does it not sound like another new Hobbit story - but this time you will not meet with the ring of power, you will be the ring of power! We have not given you the creative inspiration just for your amusement, many of the great authors that have brought forth these wonderful stories have completed their missions well. This time we have no authors of stories, we have only authors of the truth. There is no time left to learn through the 'fairy-tale', we are beginning to teach you direct through the understanding of the higher principles of the universal energy system. There will be no myth in what we present, only one hundred percent holy truth. We will not deal in fiction, although from time to time we may jest with you as part of our interplay. We are aware that some of this information will indeed shock your systems but we will be adding our healing energy, sometimes in the way of light humour, in order to assist your passage.

You are all students now, who must sharpen your pencils, adjust your hearing and allow only the truth to come from your lips. You will feel as if the universe has opened up and swallowed you if you carry on adulterating what you hear and changing what you really wish to say.

You must adjust your hearing to the sound of the vibrations that are really calling you. You will become aware of when you need to listen and when you do not. If you become more aware of the higher frequencies then you will begin to understand which sounds are resonating with the information that you require and which sounds are just resonating for the sake of resonation. Conversations are not only useless when they are meaningless but are wasting valuable time of which you have very little left. We are quickly approaching the 'time' when 'time' will be no more. There are many dimensions of time and very few areas of which you are adept. We are here to retrain those of you who are willing to learn. You do not need to learn how to be human beings, you are well aware of the pitfalls, you must now learn to become beings of light.

When you become students, first you will need to attend school. This school does not have opening hours, we will be available for you anytime, anyplace. We do not give restrictions. This will be the first school that you attend where we do not restrict you. The perfect studentship will be given to you. All you need to do is surrender. Every piece of knowledge that has ever crossed past your mind will be presented to you. If you are with us, when we give this knowledge, in the true sense of the word 'with', then you will receive the information. We do not need you to pay us lip service, we require you to desire this knowledge for your 'self'. It is very simple: when you have been interested in any particular subject then the information has been truly received; when you have only attended lectures in order to be seen to be present then you will not have found it easy to receive the information. Be present with us.

When we first approached your planet Earth there were very few people who could sense our presence, now we are acceptable to many more. We will be adjusting our vibrations to all of you who ask for our presence. We are multi-dimensional energy forms and can adjust to many different frequencies. It will become easier as 'time' goes by to reach many, many more. The presence of the time frame concept has prevented us from being freely available to the masses. It has been when a person has penetrated through this notion of 'time' barriers that we have become available and in contact with them. On many occasion this has happened without the conscious action of the participator, now we have many more consciously in contact with us. This must now accelerate even further so that the energies coming into the planet Earth are heightened.

When we have reached a percentage of the population that represents an even sixth of the estimated survival level at the point of ascension then we can go ahead and revitalise the energies of those connected to us. What we speak of here is the convoluting energies within their energy systems, it is difficult to speak of when we do not have words that explain within your language. Our energy systems are not convoluted, that is they do not turn in on themselves. We activate within an energy system but this cannot work negatively against us, whereas the system known as the energy system within your planet can be used negatively. At the point of revitalisation then no energy can be used negatively. It is the point of no-return. No-return to an energy entity that can in itself be destructive. It is what you require in order to be non-destructive. We can not teach you this lesson, this lesson will be learnt as you surrender back to the light. It is only through the light that you will discover your true identities. As you become truer light beings you will begin to recognise just how destructive you have become as human beings. It is true that whilst you sleep, you do not realise you are sleeping, it is only when you awaken that you realise you have been asleep. So my sleepy heads let us say a prayer together in order to become more at peace and awake to the responsibilities that lie ahead.

We sleep in order to forget,

We forget in order to sleep,

Let us no longer sleep nor forget who we are.

We are Approaching the Next Phase of the Divine Plan ...

For some time now we have been able to communicate much more information through to the denser planes of the Earth. It is because of the extreme energy frequency quickening that this has become possible. We are approaching the next phase of the Divine Plan. This phase is one that holds much hope; it is one that will bring about the more cataclysmic changes within the areas of the physical realm within the planet Earth.

This part of the plan is required in order for the deathly earth throes to be given out for those who do not require the choice of ascension at this time in their soul journey.

We are not at liberty, here, to judge or in any way condemn those of you who do not wish, at this time, to proceed along this route. We do not have any judgements. Our position in this plan is one of take those who ask as far as you can along the path of enlightenment. If we were to spend time trying to convert we would be wasting 'time' and energy. It is not now appropriate. We will assist all who come to us and begin to engage in the efforts that are required to proceed back to the light. This light will be your guide. If you are only able to glimpse the tiniest flame in the far off distance, you are beginning to encounter light. We will be your guides as you follow the flame, the eternal flame from whence you came.

From small beginnings you will begin to experience great happenings. It is now very important that you begin to follow every instinctual murmuring that you feel. These instincts of which we speak are the higher instinctual feelings. We do not wish you to respond to any instincts which are governed by greed, avarice or personal desires. If these are still your goals then we will not be able to assist your pathway within the spiritual realms.

We speak of nothing that you do not already have coded within your spiritual blueprints. All of this information has been given to you. Our purpose in exposing ourselves in the form of words is only to enable you to decode your own cellular structure and begin to activate each of the codings which have lain buried deep within your beings. We will be giving you much assistance now for we are deeply honoured to have been given the task of re-activating our long lost soul families. We do not wish to seem condescending. We are all part of the same soul families. Some of us began the descent into matter much sooner and therefore our journeys will not be identical. We do not wish you to become despondent that you have not already reached the real goal. Each soul will return home when they are willing and ready to do so. Some will ponder over this return much more than others. It is very much dependant upon whether you are willing to relinquish the control that you have within the material and emotional planes of thought. If you were to experience what it is like to be without these realms, there would be no hesitation.

Because of the preponderance of attitude then our task will be as long and arduous as it is needed to be. Very soon the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will become your siren. When you are experiencing a great fire, then your sirens sound in order to tell you that help is on the way. We will be your firemen and ambulance personnel. It is through your connection with us that you will be able to escape the great fire. The great fire will be the great cleansing of the Earth plane. We cannot cleanse without the assistance of some of the other elements. These elements, fire, water and air are complicated systems within which the Earth plane operates. If we are to give you assistance then we will be able to use any of these elements to cleanse the main subsistance which is the Earth. Each element carries its own generator. Each element will help to cleanse the Earth plane. Very soon the energy of the Earth will be brought back to its original design. Each hologramic frame will be perfect again. After this balancing, then we will be assisting those who wish to assist the planet.

During the time of the great escape - we do not wish to frighten or scaremonger but as always we will not adulterate - there will be much anger among your people. This anger will require great understanding from those who have called this plan into action. Each and everyone of you who have asked for salvation will be responsible for the changes that will occur. You must also be ready to receive the anger and condemnation from those who were not calling for salvation. We do not wish to raise fears but we will always try to give an accurate account of the times ahead of you. It would be childish to consider that every stage will be without threat or treachery. Each stage will call upon great courage and fortitude from those who support the divine intervention. Each individual will be called upon to relinquish the rights to personal freedom. This so called personal freedom has not been your ally but has been your enemy. Personal freedom will become the freedom of light which, my friends, is indeed freedom. We do not also wish you to become immersed within the phrases that we are choosing to use and then become blocked for the sake of wording. We will choose certain phrases which will shock your systems and break the bondage in which you are still held. We cannot give you comfort and spread cream compounds to suppress your wounds. These wounds which you will receive will be your touchstones for future progress. Each wound is a lie unravelled, each heartache a key to your future success. Each break in a bone will prove to you that you are indestructable. Every time you touch a hot iron you will burn, but you will first feel the pain and then heal, you will not touch the hot iron again. Do we not teach you as children? Children learn through the truth and the pain, they cannot learn if you will not allow them the pain. for the next 8 pages of this manuscript channelled by Linda Joslin

Linda talking here about the Books she was given to Channel

Gregg Braden talks about scientific facts of 2012


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